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TVM Dialog List 1212
10551 - 10600

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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List methodology

CR Magazine ... The methodology used for Corporate Citizenship Lists
Open file 10551
Idea ... Riane Eisler
Caring Economics

Riane Eisler: Caring Economics
Open file 10552
People ... Mathis Wackernagel
Idea ... The Ecological Footprint

Mathis Wackernagel: The Ecological Footprint
Open file 10553
Natural-Resource-Governance-Institute (NRGI)

A message from Daniel Kaufmann, president & CEO of the Natural Resource Governance Institute
Open file 10554
Country ... Nigeria

Africa ... Can Nigeria's president defeat oil industry corruption?
Open file 10555
USA ... Politics
Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio - Hillary Clinton's worst nightmare?
Open file 10556
Climate Change
Sea Level Rise

Science & Environment ... Bikini islanders seek US refuge as sea levels threaten homes
Open file 10557
Company ... Unilever
Impact on Human Rights

Unilever releases first-of-its-kind Human Rights Report ... Unilever has today published its inaugural Human Rights Report.
Open file 10558
Biggest ships 2015

Youtube ... Some of the biggest SHIPs in the world 2015
Open file 10559
Burgess Contacts
Some lists

Some lists of Burgess contacts circa 151030
Open file 10560
Idea ... Riane Eisler
Caring Economics

Youtube ... Riane Eisler: Caring Economics
Open file 10561
Responsible Management
Principles for Responsible Management Education [PRME]

United Nations Principles for Responsible Management Education [PRME]
Open file 10562
South China Sea

Neither China nor the US will give way in this South China Sea showdown
Open file 10563
World Bank

YouTube playlist for World Bank series of Youtubes
Open file 10564
Configuring the World

Configuring the World ... Coursera ... a program produced by the University of Leiden, Netherlands
Open file 10565
Impact of Dodd-Frank

Why Community Banks Are Dropping Like Flies Across America ... The Dodd-Frank regulations are so lethal to community banks that some say the intent was to force them to sell out to the megabanks.
Open file 10566
Its not just about money

EDUCATION ... How a $100M Facebook Donation for Neoliberal School Reform Sparked a Grassroots Uprising in Newark ... What happened after the donation emerges as a cautionary tale.
Open file 10567
About GDP

GDP: A Brief but Affectionate History Hardcover by Diane Coyle (Author) 2014
Open file 10568
Start up strategy

What are some good ways to make money as a teenager? ... Mike Mccallen, Founder @,Ruby on Rails developer.
Open file 10569
Airline Safety
Malaysia MH17

Russian manufacturer refutes Dutch crash report of MH17
Open file 10570
United Arab Emirates

Etihad awaits nod to start full commercial rail ops
Open file 10571
Company ... Mercedes Benz
Middle East

Daimler opens HQ for MENA truck business in Dubai
Open file 10572
Monetary and Fiscal Policy

The Tragedy of Ben Bernanke
Open file 10573
Impact of Climate Change
Sea level rise

Drowning ... the need to highlight impact of sea level rise at the Paris climate change summit
Open file 10574
Company ... DP World
DP World Initiatives in London, UK

DP World Initiatives in London, UK ... several articles
Open file 10575
USA ... Politics
CNBC Republican Debate ... October 28, 2015

Video of the CNBC Republican Debate ... October 28, 2015
Open file 10576
Burgess Connections
Attendees at Cambridge in America Event

Attendees at Cambridge in America Event ... Lord Rowan Williams ... November 5, 2015
Open file 10577

As US shutters aging nuclear plants, cutting emissions will become more costly
Open file 10578
Sector ... Telecom
Company ... MTN

MTN licence extended in Nigeria
Open file 10579
Paul Singer ... Vulture Investor

Down with Tyranny ... Greg Palast ... Billionaire Vulture Paul Singer Has Been Bribing Rubio To Help His Corrupt Business For Quite Some Time
Open file 10580
Politics ... New York, Albany
Incredibley Corrupt

The Stink Of Corruption In New York This Month Is Very Much Bipartisan
Open file 10581
USA ...Politics
Marco Rubio, Candidate and Paul Singer, Financier

Why Has Vulture Fund King Paul Singer, Picked Rubio To Be President?
Open file 10582
The importance of education

Why Africa Has a Rare Chance to Reverse Its Major Brain Drain of Skilled and Talented Workers Who Left for Rich Countries
Open file 10583
The Syrian Refugee Crisis

David Miliband ... Cities are at the centre of the Syrian refugee crisis – so why are they being ignored?
Open file 10584
About Muslims

American Muslim Voice Convention 2015 in Sacramento California
Open file 10585

Urban Conversion ... About ... Our Reason for Being
Open file 10586
Climate Change
The trends are in a dangerous direction

From 2013 ... Warning: 100-year climate disasters every 100 days ... Commentary: 6 reasons destructive storms, fires are accelerating
Open file 10587
USA ... Justice Dysfunction
Sentencing rules

Larry Wilmore Slams America's Racist Drug Laws ... Obama's releasing 6,000 non-violent drug offenders and that's a very, very good thing.
Open file 10588

Forbes ... 2 Reasons Ohio Voters Overwhelmingly Rejected Marijuana Legalization
Open file 10589
Paul Theroux
Brutal Poverty in the US South Is Caused by Globalization

Author Paul Theroux caused controversy with his indictment of corporate executives who abandon American communities for cheaper labor.
Open file 10590
Company ... Wealthfront
Sector ... Investment Advisory

Automated Investment Services Company Wealthfront Now Manages Over $538M In Assets, Up 450 Percent Over The Past Year
Open file 10591
Energy Storage

New design points a path to the ‘ultimate’ battery
Open file 10592
People ... Peter Augsten
A Sustainable Society

'Our global economy is treating the planet as if it were a business in a liquidation sale.'
Open file 10593
Peter Augsten

Peter Augsten ... Operational Excellence vs. Societal Excellence
Open file 10594
Ideas ... Marshall W. Meyer
The Performance Paradox

The performance paradox is a theory set forth by Marshall W. Meyer and Vipin Gupta in 1994
Open file 10595
Ronald Coase

Ronald Coase is dead. Here are five of his papers you need to read. Ronald Coase died at 102. He won a Nobel Prize in 1991
Open file 10596
Development Activities

USAID AWARDS $14.1 MILLION FOR BREAKTHROUGH INNOVATIONS TO FIGHT POVERTY ... Development Innovation Ventures Program Sources New Ways to End Extreme Poverty
Open file 10597
Peter Burgess Contacts
From Founder Dating

Listing of contacts from Founder Dating / LinkedIn ... 151105
Open file 10598
Metrojet crash in Sinai

New Fears That ISIS Bomb Brought Down Russian Jet
Open file 10599
Ronald Coase

Wikipedia about Ronald Coase ... an emmminent economist 1910-2013
Open file 10600
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