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Meaningful Metrics for a Smart Society
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The TrueValueMetrics (TVM) Website

Meaningful Metrics for a Smart Society
Multi Dimension Impact Accounting
Navigation to resource material used in developing TrueValueMetrics and Multi Dimension Impact Accounting (MDIA).
Resources: Misc. Views and Opinions ... Navigate by file number.
There are more than 7,000 files in near chronological sequence ... newest first ... about many aspects of society and the economy around the world. This is what justifies TrueValueMetrics and the MDIA iniitative
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Resources: Misc. Views and Opinions ... Navigate by file number. Same as above ... but oldest first
The series was discontinued after there were around 3000 files
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Navigation in a variety of ways
About Multi Dimension Impact Accounting (MDIA)
Some of the material that describes Multi Dimension Impact Accounting (MDIA) ... mostly prepared in the 1st quarter of 2014
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Navigate by ISSUES
This is navigation into the background material sorted by issues in alphabetical order. [This is incomplete ... but already useful] There are hundreds of issues to be considered. See also the BOOK 'Thousands of Issues' referenced below.
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Definitions for TrueValueMetrics (TVM)
The definititions needed for the development of the TrueValueMetrics framework were developed during 2011/2012. One characteristic of TVM is that it is a single system of metrics that addresses all aspects of state, progress and performance for people, place, planet and profit.
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Interesting IDEAS
Innovation at the level of 'IDEAS' is active ... these are some that seem to be interesting ... mainly organized by idea originator or author
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Potentially important INITIATIVES
Some IDEAS become INITIATIVES with modest organization and funding ... mainly organized by name of the initiative
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SNIPPETS ... big print briefs
Collection of one page big print descriptions of different aspects of TrueValueMetrics
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ordered by first author
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ordered by theme
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PEOPLE - Peter Burgess LinkedIn Connections
Unorganized listing
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SAME - family name alphabetical
Unorganized listing
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Navigate by COUNTRIES
in alphabetical order by COUNTRY
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Navigate by AUTHOR
in alphabetical order by AUTHOR
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Navigate by PEOPLE
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Navigate by SECTORS
Sector is a useful orientation because it enables a focus on technology, but it also results in excessive 'silo' thinking ... These files organize information and enable navigation via sector
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TWEETS from @truevaluemetric
There are well over a thousands tweets since October 2010
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BRIEFS ... Master List by Subject
Navigation using master list of subjects in alphabetical order
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BOOKS in the Burgess Library
... in random order ... essentially by date of acquisition
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... by author list
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... sorted by subject matter
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BOOK length material ... old and new
BOOK draft ... TrueValueMetrics
Working drafts of a book about TrueValueMetrics, meaningful metrics for a smart society. This is a WORK-IN-PROGRESS for discussion. There are about 20 chapters in development.
Contents txt20090003
BOOK draft ... Turning Development Upside Down
This book was drafted around 2001 and updated several times over the years. It is about the Essential Reforms Needed for Peace and Socio-Economic Progress in the field of international socio-economic development. This set has been recently updated and is being merged with other material into the bigger book TrueValueMetrics. This material was also the basis for a book published under the title 'REVOLUTIONARY CHANGE for Relief and Development' in 2006 and another book published under the title 'IRAQ, A NEW DIRECTION, A Strategy for Peace'. Both these books were published through
Contents txt20010001
BOOK draft ... TVM Value Accountancy
TVM Value Accountancy has been drafted over the past four years to be the foundation for massive reform of the core metrics used for investment decisions. This material is being merged with other material into a bigger book TrueValueMetrics
Contents txt20030001
BOOK draft ... Introduction to TrueValueMetrics
'Introduction to TrueValueMetrics' is another approach to the development of a book about TrueValueMetrics. This material is being merged with other material into a bigger book TrueValueMetrics
Contents txt20060001
Burgess BOOK ... Thousands of Issues
This is the text from a book authored by Peter Burgess in 2007 ... 'A single silver bullet' will never be a successful policy option ... many things are wrong and systemic solutions are needed. Available on
Contents txt20050000
Turning Development Upside Down (SUPERCEDED by new version)
Written by Peter Burgess from 1996 to 2006 ... Essential Reforms Needed for Peace and Socio-Economic Progress
Contents txt20010000
Community Accountancy (SUPERCEDED by TVM Value Accountancy)
A manuscript prepared in 2007/2008 ... Community Accountancy was an early version of the TrueValueMetrics concept
Contents txt20030000
Basic Concepts of TrueValueMetrics (SUPERCEDED by Introduction to TrueValueMetrics)
This is navigation to an early version of the book draft 'Basic Concepts of TrueValueMetrics
Contents txt20060000
Selection of materials about Community Accountancy
Some of the material prepared in connection with the concept of community accountancy, and subsequently incorporated into MDIA
Open list 2010
A manuscript prepared in 2007/2008
Open list 0300
TrueValueMetrics (TVM) Concepts
in sequence established in the Burgess Press book
These files organize the information by Chapter and Section
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Webpage archive
This is a collection of the superceded web pages
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Peter Burgess, Founder
Who is Peter Burgess
This is some background material about Peter Burgess. He has been concerned about socio-economic performance since the 1970s. The potential for global progress has been many times greater than what has been achieved. This is a management issue that can be solved. He has significant corporate CFO experience prior to getting interested in the problems of society and the broader economy.
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How to contact Peter Burgess and TrueValueMetrics
An important role of this website is to encourage feedback, get constructive criticism of the ideas and collect ways to make the system better.
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CAVEAT. The information on this website may only be used for socio-economic performance analysis, personal information, education and limited low profit purposes
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