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Meaningful Metrics for a Smart Society ... Multi Dimension Impact Accounting (MDIA)
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MDIA encourages GOOD, highlights BAD and changes everything!

ABOUT ... This website is about the exceedingly complex enviro-socio-economic system that supports the quality of life we all have ... for some it is amazingly good, for others it is a disaster.
This is a large website ... navigation is structured to reflect an analytical framework and data architecture that will support the development of effective metrics for the 21st century
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There are some people who are amazingly good. Nelson Mandella,Bishop Desmond Tutu and Pope Francis are examples. Good people do amazing things against all odds, and we are all better for it.

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There is amazing technology ... and the progress in technology continues at a very rapid pace. Consider air travel, oil drilling and computer technology

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Extreme hunger has not been eliminated ... drought and civil war cause starvation and death. We must do better.

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In my lifetime there have been some awfully bad happenings. The holocaust in Nazi Germany, the PolPot regime in Cambodia, the Rwanda genocide and the civil war in Liberia.

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SO HOW TO MAKE BETTER DECISIONS ... Corporate management information systems work exceptionally well to improve profit performance in the corporate setting. Nothing like it exists for decision making in the broad enviro-socio-economic system.

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METRICS and DATA are are the foundation for modern science and are at the core of effective management systems in the corporate business world. The system of metrics used to measure the state, progress and performance of the broader modern global enviro-socio-economic system are, however, dysfuntional and do not operate to inform policy making and decision making as they need to. It is a reality that you manage what you measure. There is also the concept, that if you change the way the game is scored, you change the way the game is played.

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The CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK of a system of metrics that will be effective is based in large part on the concepts of conventional accounting with double entry, accruals and the idea of that 'state' can be represented by balance sheet accounts and 'flow' by the profit and loss accounts, that is revenues and costs. Change in 'state' from the beginning to the end of a reporting period is progress (profit) and the net of revenues and costs is also profit. Progress is change in state from the beginning of the period to the end of the period. Performance is the relationship between use of resources and progress achieved. The framework puts data at the center, where data are a way to represent a reality. The aim is to put data and analysis where they are needed for everyone to make better decisions.

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MDIA starts with conventional financial accounting, but extends the accounting, analysis and reporting to reach all the entities that make up the modern global enviro-socio-economic system. Where conventional accounting has a focus on a business entity and it profit performance and financial value, MDIA adds a broader value dimension to the performance of the organization and the impact on every other part of the overall system. MDIA uses the same data architecture to account for not only how an organization performs, but also how people, place, resources, environment, products, process figure into the overall scheme of things. The MDIA data architecture starts with the same framing that is used so powerfully in conventional accounting but for everything that is the modern enviro-socio-economic system.

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Conventional accounting has a focus on the business organization and only does the reporting from the perspective of the organization and its owners. MDIA enables accounting and reporting in many dimensions and from many very perspectives especially :
...... Profit (the Organization);
...... People;
...... Place (Planet);
...... Product; and
...... Process.
The analysis of every discreet economic entity may be summarized to enable easy reporting from any of these perspectives. The performance of the organization is the sum of many discreet economic activities. The performance of place is a summation of different set of economic activities. Planet is logically a place. Product flows through many economic activities, through many places, impacts many people and affects the environment ... the product life cycle embracing supply chain, use and post use waste chain. Process is how input products are transformed into output products and determine to a great extent the performance of the enviro-socio-economic system in all its dimensions.

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