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Multi Dimension Impact Accounting (MDIA) ... Accounting for the 21st Century
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AMAZING POSSIBILITIES The potential for the world to be an amazing place is huge. There is amazing technology ... and the progress in technology continues at a very rapid pace. Young people are better educated than ever. Consider ...
Aircraft technology

Oil and gas technology

Medical technology
GOOD PEOPLE ... There are some people who are amazingly good. Nelson Mandella, Bishop Desmond Tutu and Pope Francis are examples. Good people do amazing things against all odds, and we are all better for it. But everyone should be empowered to be agents for GOOD.
Nelson Mandella

Desmond Tutu

Pope Francis
None of these things should have happened
Starving children

Pol-Pot regime in Cambodia

Rwanda genocide

Liberia (just outside my old office in Monrovia)
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'Why? What? How?' of MDIA


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SO HOW TO MAKE BETTER DECISIONS ... A starting point for decision making reform is the design and development of a comprehensive data architecture that enables rigorous accounting of progress and performance of everything that matters to have a flourishing sustainable society.
Corporate management information systems work exceptionally well to improve profit performance in the corporate setting. Nothing like it exists for decision making in the broad enviro-socio-economic system. This has to be changed.
This is a large website about the exceedingly complex socio-enviro-economic system that supports the quality of life we all have ... for some it is amazingly good, for others it is a disaster.
Navigation is structured to reflect an analytical framework and data architecture that will support the development of effective metrics for the 21st century

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