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Start up strategy

What are some good ways to make money as a teenager? ... Mike Mccallen, Founder @,Ruby on Rails developer.


Peter Burgess

What are some good ways to make money as a teenager? Mike Mccallen Mike Mccallen, Founder @,Ruby on Rails developer. 79.3k Views Originally Answered: I'm 16. How can I make money online? I am 17 years old.And i can make more than $1000 a month from Get everything you need starting at $5 I do websites there...which i learned how to do from youtube in less than a i charge $220 for a website. So here is a list Get everything you need starting at $5(you can anything there) Start teaching yourself to code,make a cool website(it must be unique),than you can make profit from it or sell on Flippa #1 for Buying and Selling Websites, Domains, and Apps ,if it is made from zero,you get good chances to sell it for over $80,000+ Invent a product,and post it in Kickstarter Or Indiegogo: Global Crowdfunding Engine to Fundraise Online Ebay selling,Etsy selling(get things from Find Quality Wholesalers, Suppliers, Manufacturers, Buyers and Products from Our Award-Winning International Trade Site. Wholesale Products from China Wholesalers at for less) and sell for more there. Just think that there are people with money,and they are willing to give it to you,but they need something back. I taught myself how to code in Ruby on Rails and here is the result ShareBoxy, now I try to add content myself(visitor don't like empty websites),and i really hope that i created something worth people's time,now the question is how to make them add their own content,so that's another way of making money. Good Luck!) Updated 26 Aug • View Upvotes

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