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TVM Dialog List 1211
10501 - 10550

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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FairPay System

Information about the FairPay system ... developed by Richard Reisman
Open file 10501
Illegal Fishing

One of the World’s Most Notorious Illegal Fishing Crews Is Fined $17 Million
Open file 10502
PanAm 103 ... Lockerbie

The Downing of PanAm103 over Lockerbie, Scotland ... Links to FRONTLINE
Open file 10503
Angus Deaton

Weak States, Poor Countries ... This commentary was originally published in September 2013.
Open file 10504

China is Not Collapsing ... Anatole Kaletsky
Open file 10505
Green Capital ... A New Perspective on Growth

Green Capital ... A New Perspective on Growth by Christian de Perthuis and Pierre-André Jouvet. Translated by Michael Westlake
Open file 10506
Potential for Agrticulture

The African Breadbasket ... Paul Kagame and K.Y. Amoako
Open file 10507
Peter Burgess
Some Internet archive

Some Internet archive from 2015 ... associated with the Sustainable Leadership Forum in New Jersey
Open file 10508
Assessing the state of the Europe project

Paul Mason ... Europe is becoming an undemocratic continent where force matters more than law ... Only banks, global corporations and the superrich have any power against this faceless semi-supe
Open file 10509
Whistle Blowers

Jerry Ashton ... The Sad Fate Of America’s Whistleblowers
Open file 10510
Company ... Dow
Valuing Natural Capital

Dow Discovers the Value of a Swamp ... The Nature Conservancy and The Dow Chemical Company Collaborate to Estimate Nature’s Value to Business Around the World
Open file 10511
Company ... Dow
Initiative ... The Nature Conservancy

THE ECONOMICS OF ECOSYSTEMS ... In 2011, Dow and The Nature Conservancy established an important collaboration to study how Dow’s operations rely on and affect nature. .... Update
Open file 10512
Company ... Segovia
About Segovia ... and the team

About Segovia ... and the team ... Pathways for better information
Open file 10513
Companies ... Volkswagen
Emissions scandal

VW Emissions Scandal Costs Climb Upwards of $40bn
Open file 10514
Palm Oil and Deforestation
Example of Liberia

Palm oil: Managing expectations in Africa’s forests
Open file 10515
South Sudan ... Yei
Agriculture ... Coffee

Social value in practice: Nespresso helps build and enrich the lives of South Sudanese farmers
Open file 10516
Circular Economy
Excess Inventory

As companies embrace the circular economy, are they missing a trick?
Open file 10517
Carbon Reporting

Five learnings and five challenges from five years of carbon reporting research
Open file 10518
Natural Capital

Innovation Forum ... Eleven business trends related to zero deforestation (full version)
Open file 10519
Technology ... Electric Buses
Companies ... Alexander Dennis and BYD

Scottish bus builder in potential £2bn alliance with Chinese company
Open file 10520
eRevalue / Datamaran

Interview: Ernst Ligteringen, Independent Advisor, former CE GRI, Member of eRevalue’s Advisory Board
Open file 10521
Middle East

ISIS is the Product of Muslim Humiliation and the New Geopolitics of the Middle East
Open file 10522
Climate Change
Storm in South Carolina

By Anders Lorenzen ... US state ignores recommended action on climate change and is hit by deadly flooding
Open file 10523
Climate Change
Floods in Texas

By Anders Lorenzen ... Unprecedented floods ravage US’s most climate skeptic state
Open file 10524
Angus Deaton

‘Correct and brilliant’: Angus Deaton’s work is a model of applied economics
Open file 10525
Africa .. Sustainable Development
Community focus development

An integrated, sustainable fix is key to solving Africa’s energy woes
Open file 10526
China ... UK
President Xi's. State Visit

Kate's Red Dress Wins China Warmth in Boost for Ties With U.K.
Open file 10527
Company ... Volkswagen
Cheating, misrepresentation

Volkswagen Drops 23% After Admitting Diesel Emissions Cheat
Open file 10528
Company ... Volkswagen
Emissions Scandal

Open file 10529
Healthcare ... USA
Martin Schrell ... Big Pharma

Martin's Schrell was too greedy ... Pharmaceutical company may yank the rug out from greedy CEO with low-cost generic drug
Open file 10530
Burgess Connections
Founder Dating

Some Burgess Contacts already on Founder Dataing ... October 2015
Open file 10531
Capital Market Risks
Stranded Assets

Investors Finally Focusing On Risk Of Stranded Assets, Says Ernst & Young
Open file 10532
Climate Change
Latest attitude analysis

Winston Blog: The Arguments Against Climate Action Are Crumbling Fast
Open file 10533
Cyber security

Cyber attacks could be bigger threat to our banking system than bad debts
Open file 10534
Catholic Church
Pope Francis and Progress of Reform

It’s a victory for the status quo but all is not yet lost for Francis ... Pope Francis may have lost this battle for reform – but at least he has changed the conversation
Open file 10535
Climate Change will impact water situations

Water Remains Largely Marginalized in Climate Talks
Open file 10536
US Rural Energy

Whiplash: Shift in federal coal policies stokes fear in rural areas
Open file 10537
Brazil ... Petrobas
Corporate Corruption

Brazil Gives SBM Ultimatum in $250M Bribery Settlement
Open file 10538

Daewoo Shipbuilding May Post Loss of Over US$4.6 Bln
Open file 10539
Punishing Fraud

Iceland, Where Bankers Actually Go to Jail for Committing White-Collar Crimes
Open file 10540
Turing Pharmaceuticals’ CEO Martin Shkreli

Greedy Pharma CEO Furious After Competitor Offers Alternative $1 AIDS Pill
Open file 10541
Country ... Indonesia
Economic development and trade

Jokowi and the Hopes for a More Dynamic Indonesia ... Indonesia’s Troubled Trade Relationship with the United States.
Open file 10542
Better ideas winning over old ideas

Troubles at Walmart, IBM and the New American Century ... America’s 20th century business icons are in trouble — but that’s no reason to worry.
Open file 10543
Company ... Maersk
Profit Projections

Maersk profits tumble, Middle East rotation cancelled
Open file 10544
Company ... Maersk
New ship order

Maersk Line orders 11 20,000-teu ships from South Korea
Open file 10545
Country ... Senegal
Company ... DP World

DP World to build free zone in Senegal
Open file 10546
Income inequality

Les Leopold ... As Bad as You Think Inequality Is, It's Worse! ... How much do you think the CEO of a large corporation makes in a year, on average?
Open file 10547
People ... Naom Chomsky
How almost everything in modern politics is wrong

Noam Chomsky & Abby Martin: Electing The President of an Empire ... Noam Chomsky Nails Why the GOP Has Fallen Off the Deep End ... The renowned commentator also bashed today's Democrats.
Open file 10548
People ... Dennis Halliday
Long time UN career

Iraqi Holocaust, Iraqi Genocide ... HALLIDAY, Denis. Former top UN official on genocidal Sanctions, 'intent to kill' & Iraqi Genocide
Open file 10549
Sustainability and Business Goals

Cheryl Baldwin ... Sustainability Goals That Boost Program Integration: Business-Relevant Goals
Open file 10550
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