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TVM Dialog List 1094
4651 - 4700
A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Mobile Money
Summary ... 2013

Mobile money is a piece of the emerging new infrastructure
Open file 4651
Alternative Currency

April 2013 ... Bitcoin Volatility Continues, Value Drops Over $100
Open file 4652
Mobile Money
Master Card Competition

What Is The Impact of MasterCard's New Digital Wallet Fee? ... and discussion on LinkedIn ... Digital Wallets Move Offline - Can They Save Brick-And-Mortar Retailers?
Open file 4653
Country ... Bangladesh
Social Business Yunus Center

A slideshow about the Yunus Center Social Business in Dhaka
Open file 4654
Media MoJo

A slideshow about the media market in the United States
Open file 4655
How to Never Give Up

A graphic
Open file 4656
Banking and Finance

Hedge Fund Titans’ Pay Stretching to 10 Figures
Open file 4657
Popular Management
Collective Impact

An initiative of FSG ... Collective Impact: Embracing Emergence
Open file 4658
Collective Impact

An initiative of FSG ... Embracing Emergence: How Collective Impact Addresses Complexity
Open file 4659
CrowdCube Financing

An infograph about CrowdCube
Open file 4660
Shared Measurement

An initiative of FSG ... Shared Measurement in the framework of Collective Impact
Open file 4661
Economic Dysfunction
Another view of the problem

Paul Buchheit ... How Capitalism is Dismembering America
Open file 4662
Understanding the modern economy

An essay that moves towards Economic Reform
Open file 4663
FSG Initiative

Three Phases to Developing a Shared Measurement System
Open file 4664
Five Fund Forum XI

Five Fund Forum XI Registration Form
Open file 4665
Data at the Center

This is an attractive 'map' of the Altimeter organization's view of society ...
Open file 4666
TVM has data at the center

Data is at the center, and all the planning, implementation and evaluation makes use of the data.
Open file 4667
TVM has data at the center

TVM looks at progress as being the difference between the value balance sheet at the beginning and end of the period>
Open file 4668
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Andreas Widmer

Andreas Widmer ... Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker ... Greater Boston Area ... Investment Management
Open file 4669
Peter Burgess

Some details of Peter Burgess experience ... how TVM became a basis for social reform
Open file 4670
Source code

Institute for Sustainability at Fairleigh Dickinson University
Open file 4671
World Malaria Day 2013

The Financial Times published a Special Report on Combating Malaria for World Malaria Dat 2013 ... in which the US position on the role of the private sector and the Affordable Medicines Facility for malaria (AMFm) is criticized.
Open file 4672
Energy ... Renewables

Eric Wesoff ... Solar Summit Slideshow: The PV Module Market
Open file 4673
Country ... Bangladesh
Factory Conditions

NYT EDITORIAL ... Another Preventable Tragedy in Bangladesh
Open file 4674
Health ... Malaria
Media stories ... World Malaria Day 2013

CRENSHAW AND DAVIS: Ending the scourge of malaria ... A world safe for people, menacing for mosquitoes
Open file 4675
Hazel Henderson and Fritz Schumacher

Hazel Henderson ... What might Schumacher have thought about the current economic situation and how to get out of it ... Fritz Schumacher is the author of the 1973 book 'Small Is Beautiful'
Open file 4676
Sustainability Metrics Dialog

What sustainability metrics can learn from school reform
Open file 4677
Sustainability Metrics Dialog

Questioning Assumptions ... 3 measurement pitfalls the sustainability world should avoid
Open file 4678
Sustainability Metrics Dialog

What international development can teach businesses about metrics
Open file 4679
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Joel Makower

Chairman and Executive Editor at GreenBiz Group ... San Francisco Bay Area ... Online Media
Open file 4680
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Stefan Kukula

Stefan Kukula ... Technical Director at The Engineering Equipment and Materials Users' Association ... London, United Kingdom ... Mechanical or Industrial Engineering
Open file 4681
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Mathis Wackernage

Mathis Wackernage ... President, Global Footprint Network ... San Francisco Bay Area ... Public Policy
Open file 4682
Tech Meetup in New York

New York Tech Day ... People comments ... April 25th 2013
Open file 4683
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Patrick Meier

Co-Founder at Digital Humanitarian Network ... Washington, District Of Columbia ... Information Services
Open file 4684
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Robert Lubell

Robert Lubell ... Professor-Director Dare to Dream at TCI College ... Greater New York City Area ... Education Management
Open file 4685
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Edward Clarke

Applications Architect at HP Enterprise Services ... Bristol, UK ... Information Technology and Services
Open file 4686
Peter Burgess Dialog
Dialog connection with Chris Macrae

to support yunus -please join this conversation now
Open file 4687
Health ... Malaria
GFATM and Zambezi Region

Subject: News release: Zambezi Region Launches Effort to Eliminate Malaria ... GFATM
Open file 4688

6th Annual Microfinance Conference ... Friday, May 3, 2013 - 9:00am - 4:30pm ... Columbia University Morningside Campus Faculty House
Open file 4689
Microcredit Summit Campaign

I completed a Microcredit Summit Campaign survey ... the contact info is: Contact Jesse Marsden at or +1 (202) 637-9600
Open file 4690
Left Forum 2013

Information about the panels
Open file 4691
Peter Burgess

Peter Burgess at the MicroFinance Club of New York
Open file 4692
Global Partnership Forum Summary of recent activities of the Global Partnerships Forum (GPF) ... access to PDF
Open file 4693
Events ... ISE/CHRMS
The Flourishing Enterprise

Chris Lazlo on the flourishing enterprise ... connecting spirituality and sustainability
Open file 4694
Microfinance Club of New York

Funding Microfinancial Institutions ... a meeting of the Microfinance Club of New York in April 2013
Open file 4695
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Jody Rasch

Senior Vice Pesident at Moody's Corporation ... Greater New York City Area ... Financial Services
Open file 4696
Education Dialog
Business Education

LinkedIn Discussion ... Which schools are using Business Model Generation as a text book?
Open file 4697
Banking and Finance
Public Banking

Return to Prosperity Initiative on the subject of Public Banking by the Public Banking Institute
Open file 4698
The Triple Bottom Line

The Triple Bottom Line Goal of Sustainable Businesses ... a post by Grant Davis
Open file 4699
Data at the Center

This is an attractive 'map' of the Altimeter organization's view of society ...
Open file 4700
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