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TVM Dialog List 1095
4701 - 4750
A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Edward Jackson

Edward Jackson ... at Carleton University ... Ottawa, Canada Area ... Education Management
Open file 4701
Promoting Carbon Neutral

Ecostrategic Carbon-Neutral Leisure and Food Security Leaders ... Multiplying Carbon Neutral Neighborhood Action for Mitigating Climate Change
Open file 4702
Toxic Trespass

By Bill Moyers, Moyers & Company - Interview ... Sandra Steingraber's War on Toxic Trespassers
Open file 4703
US Military Contracting

Pentagon Claims $757 Million Overbilling by Contractor in Afghanistan
Open file 4704

HBR Blog Network ... Want to Help People? Just Give Them Money ... no strings attached.'
Open file 4705
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Jim Wells

Prepaid Card Pioneer Struggling to Stop the use of the Term Unbanked When Referring to Transaction-Based Consumers ... Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area ... Financial Services
Open file 4706
Making the corporate organization more efficient

HBR ... Why the Lean Start-Up Changes Everything
Open file 4707
Address by Ireland's President

Address by President Michael D. Higgins ‘Towards a European Union of the Citizens’ European Parliament, Strasbourg, Wednesday, 17th April, 2013
Open file 4708
Health and Environment

Concentrated animal feeding operations, or CAFOs ... Their Environmental Impact
Open file 4709
Big Print Brief
TVM Value Accounting in the Organization

... powerful management tool to address the performance of an organization with respect to impact on People, Place and Planet, the impact on society
Open file 4710
Big Print Brief
TVM Value Accounting in the Community

... powerful management tool to account for and report on the state, progress and performance of a place ... of a community.
Open file 4711
Sustainability of Banks

Workshop on the Financial Sustainability of Banks ... Professor Roger McCormick (LSE)
Open file 4712
Social Impact

Private equity firms increasingly investing in social impact ... is this based on anecdote or data?
Open file 4713
Peter Burgess Connections

An attempt to get a meeting on May 2, 2013 ... did not succeed!
Open file 4714
Social Metrics

Learning Social Metrics from International Development' written by Paul Veldman
Open file 4715
Peter Burgess Dialog

A discussion about system thinking that results in need for more meaningful metrics
Open file 4716
A natural process that sequestrates carbon

Bio-what? ... An ancient practice with modern promise to boost agriculture, tackle climate change, and promote new businesses is gaining ground.
Open file 4717
Sustainable Investing

Sustainable Investing and the Next Economy ... Speech in 2010 in Boston
Open file 4718
Big Print Brief
TrueValueMetrics ... from Idea to Application

TVM ... a powerful management tool to account for and report on the state, progress and performance of both organization AND society.
Open file 4719
Standards for Social Performance Metrics ... CGAP

Series on the Universal Standards for Social Performance Management ... from the CGAP MicroFinanceGateway
Open file 4720
Peter Burgess Connections ... PwC/C&L
Peter Benson

Alumnus Details ... Mr Peter Benson ... (PwC, C&L 1962-2001)
Open file 4721
Country ... Haiti
Initiative ... Chosen Ministry

The AgroHaiti initiative of June 2013
Open file 4722
Ralph Bunche Forum

Ralph Bunche Forum ... May 9 2013 ... Gian Gentile
Open file 4723
Business Strategy
Bain Company Brief

The Focused Company ... Unnecessary complexity cripples companies. But some have learned to root it out wherever it crops up.
Open file 4724
Measuring Impact

IBM’s success in the “Community Partnerships” scoring dimension and Citi’s success with “Measurement and Strategy.”
Open file 4725
A Brookings Report

The Final Countdown: Prospects for Ending Extreme Poverty by 2030
Open file 4726
Impact Investing

Amit Bouri of GIIN writes about Five Key Trends In Impact Investing
Open file 4727
Financial Inclusion

Investing In Inclusion: How To Deliver Financial Services To The World's Poor ... Accion and the idea of for profit microfinance
Open file 4728
Stock Prices

Charts, Cliffs and Cavemen ... the perspective of Steve Saenz
Open file 4729
Tech Innovation
Anything is possible

The next big thing ... is it the eWatch or the eWallet
Open file 4730
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Tim Dunn

Director of Strategic Planning at Piedmont Environmental Council ... Washington DC ... Nonprofit Organization Management
Open file 4731
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Ian Magee

Vice President, Finance and Operations at The F. B. Heron Foundation ... New York ... Philanthropy
Open file 4732
Peter Burgess Connections
Tobias Eigen

Some dialog from April 2013
Open file 4733
Complementary Currency

Beyond The Bubble: Can Bitcoin Enter The Mainstream E-Commerce Space?
Open file 4734
Medium of Exchange

M-Payments In The Peer-To-Peer Sharing Economy
Open file 4735
Country ... DCR
Conflict Minerals

Congo's Tin Idea ... Proposed programme by Dutch diplomat aims to end the violence that 'conflict minerals' have caused in South Kivu.
Open file 4736
For profit big pharma

How Big Pharma Is Killing Americans ... with comment from Nairobi, Kenya
Open file 4737
In a complex world

How to quantify the gains that the internet has brought to consumers
Open file 4738
Distributed electricity

Rogier van Vlissingen ... Off the Grid in Five Easy Lessons #1 - 5
Open file 4739
LH Forum ... September 2013

LH Forum ... an initiative of Planet Finance
Open file 4740
Peter Burgess Dialog
Dialog on e-drug list serve

Burgess comment about 'How Big Pharma is Killing Americans' (and others)
Open file 4741
Peter Burgess Dialog ... LinkedIn
Sustainable Finance

A new take on what we mean by sustainable finance? The LSE project referred to is now under way and we are always looking for new researchers/input ... Workshop on Financial Sustainability of Banks
Open file 4742
Peter Burgess Dialog ... LinkedIn
Business Model Generation

How to make your organization sustainably competitive
Open file 4743
Peter Burgess Connection ... LinkedIn
Christelle Jerome

Senior Account Executive at DraftFcb Healthcare ... Greater NYC ... Marketing and Advertising
Open file 4744
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Keith Wright

Chief of Party at Carter Center, Liberia ... Liberia ... Legal Services
Open file 4745
Reform ideas

How to 'green' our financial system
Open file 4746
JPMorgan Chase

May 2013 ... JPMorgan Caught in Swirl of Regulatory Woes
Open file 4747
Academics in trouble

Reinhart, Rogoff Backing Furiously Away From Austerity Movement
Open file 4748
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Peter Tromans

Peter Tromans Chairman, Ocean Wave Engineering Italy
Open file 4749
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Roger Warnock

Project Management - Foresight Programme at Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment ... United Kingdom ... Program Development ...
Open file 4750
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