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TVM Dialog List 1381
19001 - 19050

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Media / News
The Washington Post ... The Post Most

The Washington Post ... June 12, 2020
Open file 19001
The Trump Saga
Melania Trump

Melania Trump was in no rush to move into the White House. That’s when she renegotiated her prenup, a new book says.
Open file 19002
Election 2020
Where Trump stands?

As Trump shows more signs of deteriorating, GOP candidates are tied to his fate
Open file 19003
Societal Reform
Rarely works

Video ... Unbreaking America - Divided We Fall ... (TPB ... This problem is real, but it is not the only problem.
Open file 19004
Color of Change

Brandi Collins-Dexter, Color Of Change
Open file 19005
Engineering / Trains
British Railways

West Coast Main Line Driver's Eye View: Glasgow Central to Manchester Airport
Open file 19006
Event: Ethical Corporation – by Reuters Events
Ethical Corporaton ... Virtual Responsible Business Week ... June 2020

Ethical Corporaton ... Virtual Responsible Business Week
Open file 19007
Gloster Javelin

Quora ... What were the failures of the Gloster Javelin, a lovely looking aircraft, but never heard much about its service record, accidents, or records broken?
Open file 19008
Media / News
Politico ... June 13, 2020

POLITICO EU Confidential: VP Věra Jourová on disinformation — US troop pullout — China strategy
Open file 19009
Media / News
Fareed’s Global Briefing June 13, 2020

Fareed: If Cities Don’t Bounce Back, Blame Bad Government // Global Governance
Open file 19010
Nuclear Power
Massive Failed Project in South Carolina

Ex-SCE&G executive to plead guilty for defrauding customers over failed $9B nuclear project
Open file 19011
Decoupling finance from reality

Why the stock market surges even as the world falls apart
Open file 19012
The Trump Saga
Essentially ... abject failure

‘Spinning his wheels’ and ‘bewildered’: New report exposes Trump’s complete lack of leadership ability
Open file 19013
Glibal Infrastructure Anti-Corruption Centre (GIACC)

Why Corruption Occurs ... This section examines why corruption occurs in the infrastructure sector.
Open file 19014
Investment / Capital Markets
Impact of health emergency, US police brutality and racial inequality

Jun. 13, 2020 ... What Sparked The Recent Market Selloff?
Open file 19015
Food Production

Coronavirus: Betting on aeroponics to increase food security
Open file 19016
Food Production

Vertical farms of the future require genetically edited plants, says scientist
Open file 19017
Capitalism in Crisis
Dr. Richard D. Wolff

As Ithaca cancels rent, we are seeing the economic system break down in unprecedented ways ... Ithaca’s move is a victory for everyday people over the ruling class, but Wolff isn’t optimistic just yet.
Open file 19018
Media / News
Fareed’s Global Briefing

Fareed’s Global Briefing ... June 14, 2020 Cable News Network, Inc. A WarnerMedia Company.
Open file 19019
TPB Recollections
60 years ago

1960 Jacksonville Riot … Remembering 60 Years Ago
Open file 19020
TPB Connections ... Metrics Dialog
Richard Betts

Follow up ... I hope Integrated Reporting (IR) is going to be effective.
Open file 19021
Less is More
The Last Traffic Jam

The Last Traffic Jam ... Too many cars, too little oil. An argument for the proposition that 'less is more'
Open file 19022
New York Capital Market

CNBC MARKETS ... Dow closes 100 points higher as Fed announcement sparks big comeback from massive losses
Open file 19023
Covid-19 Election 2020
Dr. Paul Zeiss et al

Covid-19 Election 2020 ... Dr. Paul Zeiss et al ... dynamic chat
Open file 19024
Seeking Alpha ... June 14 2020

Today's Market | Market Outlook ... 'Mixed Signals' - Is Another Stock Market Crash Beginning?
Open file 19025
The Top Stocks To Buy On A Crash

Limelight Alpha Management Partners ... Top Stocks For Tomorrow ... Dividend and growth stock picks, plus sector and industry rankings weekly
Open file 19026
Sustainable Leadership

Unilever unveils €1bn climate and nature fund ... Unilever is aiming for a deforestation-free supply chain by 2023.
Open file 19027
Corporate Management
Missing management of sustainability

Study: Sustainability experience required in tiny fraction of top executive hires ... The report points to 'significant opportunity' for boardrooms to place sustainability at the centre of corporate purpose and strategy
Open file 19028
ZOOM Meeting ... June 23 2020
The Alliance Partnership

Chat Notes
Open file 19029
Webinar July 1, 2020

Topic ... Outcome Management of Health Equity Program Before and After COVID-19
Open file 19030
Media News
Devex Newswire

'A real kick in the teeth': DFID staffers speak out on merger and other development news
Open file 19031
International Development Assistance
UK ... DfID

Inside Development ... The Future of DFID ... Breaking: DFID merged with FCO
Open file 19032
International Development Assistance
The Future of DFID

Clare Short ... Global Views ... The Future of DFID ... Opinion: On the abolition of DFID
Open file 19033
Media / News
Medium Daily Digest

Medium Daily Digest June 18 2020
Open file 19034
US Politics
Presidential Election 2020

Why Joe Biden Won’t Be President ... Joe Biden’s problem isn’t Joe Biden. The Charlamagne Tha God interview revealed Biden’s biggest weakness is his team.
Open file 19035
Where to put all that cash

This Is What Happens to Markets When You Print Trillions of Dollars ... Everyone’s buying bankrupt companies and frauds. God help us.
Open file 19036
Event / webinar / June 19, 2020
Catherine Griffin, Founder & CEO of Impactable.

NEXT Economy LIVE: Social Impact Quantification & Analysis: A Model for Practical Application
Open file 19037
Event ... by Betaworks Studios
Betaworks Studios ... June 18, 12:00PM to 2:45PM EDT

Next Wave: Listen & Respond - How Business Must Be Part Of The Solution
Open file 19038
Media / News
The Conversation.

The Conversation. ... Global Edition | 18 June 2020
Open file 19039
Some of the dialog ... Betaworks Studios ... June 18, 12:00PM to 2:45PM EDT

Next Wave: How Business Must Be Part of the Solution
Open file 19040
Webinar Event // June 22, 2020
Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB)

Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) on The Future of Sustainable Business.
Open file 19041
Contemporary Situation
So much to fix

Video Song ... Battle Hymn of the Republic - Modified for Relevance | Don Caron
Open file 19042
Media News

Open file 19043
The Trump Saga
Deadly Crowd Addiction

Donald Trump’s Deadly Crowd Addiction ... Why the renewal of campaign mass rallies may get the U.S. President sued, despite waivers being signed.
Open file 19044
US Politics
Protests in 2020

Change Is Coming to America ... Nearly four years after Barack Obama’s two-term presidency, the political promise he represented might finally be fulfilled.
Open file 19045
Ethical Corporation / Reuters Events

Transform: Sustainable Procurement & Circularity (7-8th July 2020
Open file 19046
Ethical Corporation – by Reuters Events

European Commission on Putting Climate Action at the Heart of the EU Recovery
Open file 19047
Event ...Shareholders of a better world.
How To Measure Impact? (TBLI Webinar, June 24th)

In our next episode, we will be discussing Impact Measurement with Angelica Lips da Cruz, CEO and Founder, INNORBIS and Jed Emerson, Founder of Blended Value Group.
Open file 19048
US Reform Agenda
Dr. Paul Zeiss

Has the Moment for a New America Arrived? ... Has the time for a new America—America 2.0—arrived?
Open file 19049
Path to Positive Blog ... Jennifer Roberts

Jennifer Roberts ... I Can’t Breathe: Racial Justice and Climate
Open file 19050
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