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19051 - 19100

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Real Estate

Open file 19051
Essential for efficient supply chains

Video ... What is logistics? Warehouse systems from design to service
Open file 19052
Country: Russia
The people, not the politics

The Russians – an intimate journey through Russia (1/2) | DW Documentary
Open file 19053
The Trump Saga
More retribution

Push to oust Manhattan attorney sparks fresh crisis for DOJ
Open file 19054
The Trump Saga
Friday evening fiasco

Barr says US attorney who refused to resign is now fired — but this is all far from over
Open file 19055
Election 2020
Trump -v- Biden

Trump’s sparsely-attended Tulsa rally exposes his greatest weakness: conservative
Open file 19056
Transport History
British Rail Diesel Locomotives

Video ... The Often Forgotten Tale of the Peaks
Open file 19057
Transport History
Cars ... The Ford Edsel

Video ... The Short-Lived and Expensive Tale of Ford's Edsel
Open file 19058
Transport History
Cars ... The Ford Edsel

Video ... A film about the Ford Motor company ... Ford's Dagenham Dream
Open file 19059
Transport History
Cars ... Ford's Dagenham Dream

Video ... Ford's Dagenham Dream ... from the Ford cars of the 1950s to the end of car production in 2002
Open file 19060
Transport History
About Pontiac

The Life and Death of Pontiac: RCR Car Stories
Open file 19061
The Black Experience
Tafadzwa Muguwe

A Dual Degree From Oxford. A Medical Degree From Harvard. Neither Protected Me From Racism
Open file 19062
CKGSB webinar

Webinar: The Future of Sustainable Business – June 22. 2020
Open file 19063
Business Education

Juliet Zhu, professor of marketing at CKGSB on What Do You Learn About Sustainability & Leadership At Business School?
Open file 19064
TPB Draft Material
June 23, 2020

Something about the Water, Energy, Food Nexus idea
Open file 19065
TPB Draft Material
June 23, 2020

Some of the material about Camden
Open file 19066
Media / News
Jacobin news ... June 25, 2020

Noam Chomsky: “Trump is the worst criminal in history, undeniably.” and other stories
Open file 19067
Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College

July 1 Webinar with David Birdsell, Yildiray Yildirim, and Larry Zicklin (BBA, '57)
Open file 19068
Thought Leaders

Noam Chomsky: Trump’s Inaction on Climate Change Makes Him “the Worst Criminal in History, Undeniably”
Open file 19069
The Modern Economy
Systemic Dysfunction

UNITED STATES ... POLICING AND REPRESSION INEQUALITY RACE ... Don’t Let Blackwashing Save the Investor Class
Open file 19070
TPB Draft Material
June 23, 2020

Chat notes from the weekly Alliance Partnership meeting
Open file 19071
US Regional Development
New Jersey Offshore Wind

New Jersey Announces $400 Million Offshore Wind Port ... This is New Jersey's plan to become 'the Houston of American offshore wind'
Open file 19072
Media / News
Washington Post / Energy

PowerPost Analysis ... The Energy 202: June 17, 2020
Open file 19073
The Trump Saga
Massive Mess in the Family

Trump Brother Was in ICU Just Before Filing Suit Over Tell-All ... FAMILY COURT ... Robert Trump, Donald’s younger brother, spent at least 10 days in a neuro intensive care unit just before launching legal action to stop the publication of his niece’s book.
Open file 19074
The Trump Saga
The Bolton Book

NEED TO KNOW ... If you can be prosecuted for keeping a classified document in your garage, you can be prosecuted for giving it to your lawyer.
Open file 19075
Corporate Behavior

Stop Seizing Paychecks, Senators Write to Capital One and Other Debt Collectors ... Wage garnishments ordered before the pandemic started have continued for many workers ...
Open file 19076
Thought Leader
Robert Reich

Video: Robert Reich: Dismantling the Rigged Economic System
Open file 19077
Agricultural Chemicals
What are the true costs?

In one of the largest civil settlements in U.S. history, Bayer agreed Wednesday to pay more than $10 billion to resolve around 95,000 cases claiming its glyphosate-based weedkiller Roundup causes cancer.
Open file 19078
US Coronavirus Response

Florida reports nearly 9,000 new coronavirus cases, shattering record for single-day jump
Open file 19079
Thought Leader
Robert Reich

Video: Robert Reich: Who Rigged The System—And How To Fix It | Town Hall Seattle
Open file 19080
Corporate Social Responsibility

Unilever pauses Facebook and Twitter advertising for rest of 2020 due to ‘polarized atmosphere’ in U.S.
Open file 19081
Investment Trends

CEO of ‘The Starbucks of Weed’: If “You Don’t Get a Piece of Cannabis, Cannabis is Going to Take a Piece of You”
Open file 19082
US Coronavirus Response

HEALTH AND SCIENCE ... Texas rolls back its reopening a day after pausing plans as coronavirus cases rise
Open file 19083
Media News / Washington Post
June 25th 2020

Washington Post ... June 25th 2020
Open file 19084
The Trump Saga
Trump's Border Wall

Trump's use of Pentagon funds for US-Mexico border wall illegal, court rules
Open file 19085
The Trump Saga
The Good News in the Family

Mary Trump once stood up to her uncle Donald. Now her book describes a ‘nightmare’ of family dysfunction.
Open file 19086
Social Media
Corporate Avertising via Social Media

Coca-Cola pauses advertising on all social media platforms globally
Open file 19087
US Politics
Democratic Primaries

Open file 19088
The Trump Saga
Bad moment for VP Pence

Video ... Reporter calls out Pence for irresponsible rallies
Open file 19089
US Politics
Susan Rice for Biden's VP

Why Susan Rice, the former U.S. National Security Advisor, might be a good Vice President for Biden and good enough for his voter base.
Open file 19090
The Trump Saga
Loose Lips

Trump Suggests Navy Sent $5 Billion to Wisconsin Firm to Help Him Win Election
Open file 19091
US Politics, Economy and Society
All of these in decline

The Decline of the American World ... Other countries are used to loathing America, admiring America, and fearing America (sometimes all at once). But pitying America? That one is new.
Open file 19092

Video (2 hours) ... Africa Blood and Guts 1966 (Africa Addio)
Open file 19093
Health ... Coronavirus Pandemic
The Dismal US Responce

How Bad is America’s Coronavirus Explosion? Much Worse Than You Think.... America Has More New Coronavirus Cases than Europe, China, and India — Combined
Open file 19094
Burgess Connection Dialog
Angelica Lips da Cruz

200628 ... About Management that is Fit For Purpose in the 21st Century
Open file 19095
US Economy
A total disaster

Professor Richard Wolff: The coming economic crash will be like NOTHING in history
Open file 19096
Linkedin Connection
Bert Ward / Financing from the Middle East

Bert Ward a 1st degree connection ... Independent Consultant at Moody's Investors Service
Open file 19097
Thought Leader
Robert Reich

Robert Reich: The Common Good | Town Hall Seattle in March 2018
Open file 19098
TPB Connection Dialog
About Quantum Physics

Wolfram / Kiehl / Scully
Open file 19099
SPARE Open file 19100
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