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TVM Dialog List 1380
18951 - 19000

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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NGO / Activism
Global Peace Foundation

Global Peace Foundation via Newsletter JUNE 2020
Open file 18951
George Floyd Protest Reporting
Dominated by Photo Ops

Daily Beast and all the others ... little deep perspective ... New York Cops Beat Protesters for Crime of Being There
Open file 18952
Most Commitment is mere talk

By DeSmog ... UK Doubled Its Support for Fossil Fuels Since Signing Paris Agreement
Open file 18953
Activism / Accountability
Transparency International

Newsletter for June 5th 2020
Open file 18954
Critical Connections
Gilmore Associates

LOS ANGELES DEVELOPMENT / LOS ANGELES GENTRIFICATION ... Developer who launched Downtown loft bonanza now buying in Chinatown
Open file 18955
Opinion / Seeking Alpha

Today's Market | Market Outlook ... Investors Can Learn From History, If Diligent
Open file 18956
Congessional Leadership
Ilhan Omar

[Sign on] Criminalize police violence against protesters ... Team Ilhan Omar via
Open file 18957
Visual Capitalist Infographics

Ranked: The Most Valuable Brands in the WorldPublished 4 months ago on January 30, 2020By Katie Jones
Open file 18958
Regeneration ... Cleantech Group

Cleantech Group ... Carbon Removal and Nature-Based Solutions
Open file 18959
Clean Tech Investment

Jules Besnainou
Open file 18960
Media / Newsletter
YES newsletter
Open file 18961
Public Citizen

Protests and marches took place across the nation’s capital — and in literally hundreds of cities and towns all over the country — today.
Open file 18962
Media / Newsletter
Daily Kos

Daily Kos Staff Picks ... June 6th, 2020
Open file 18963
US Race Relations
Appalling Lack of Progress

“systemic racism” ... symptomatic of a deeper societal dysfunction
Open file 18964
The Covid-19 Emergency
Economic Impact

Video ... Harvard Business School / Boston Consultng Group explain what migh happen
Open file 18965
Media / News
The Washington Post ... The Finance 202

The Washington Post ... The Finance 202 ... Tue, Jun 30, 8:04 AM
Open file 18966
Engineering and Technology
Aircraft Boeing 707

Video ... The history of BOEING 707 | Boeing 707 Documentary: the plane that change the way we fly
Open file 18967
Alliance Partners Team Meeting
Team Meeting for June 9

Alliance Partners ... Team Meeting ... 06/09 ... Tomorrow's Meeting Objectives/Agenda
Open file 18968
Peggy Noonan in the WSJ

On Some Things, Americans Can Agree ... George Floyd’s killing was brutal. Good cops are needed. And Trump hurt himself badly this week.
Open file 18969
US Healthcare
An appalling system

Where Coronavirus bailout money went in the US Healthcare Industry
Open file 18970
US Healthcare
An appalling system

Wealthiest Hospitals Got Billions in Bailout for Struggling Health Providers ... Twenty large chains received more than $5 billion in federal grants even while sitting on more than $100 billion in cash.
Open file 18971
US Socio-Enviro-Economic Performance
US Racism and Food

Renowned chef Marcus Samuelsson, who has pivoted to help his community, speaks about the current state of the food industry and the status of African Americans. ... 'Food Apartheid In This Country Didn’t Just Happen. It Happened By Design.' ...
Open file 18972
#BlackLivesMatter UK

Video ... The #BlackLivesMatter UK Protests Were Violent
Open file 18973
Media News
The Washington Post ... The Finance 202

The Washington Post ... The Finance 202 ... Jun 30, 2020
Open file 18974
Energy / Environment
Impact of Biofuel Production and Use

Burning biofuels may be worse than coal and oil, say experts
Open file 18975

This Plastic Mega-Factory Is a $10 Billion Bet on a Single-Use Future ... A world leader in virgin resins comes to Louisiana’s Cancer Alley with an unlimited vision for its products.
Open file 18976
Management Metrics

Building a Global Carbon Reporting System With Microsoft Office 365 ... Karthik Suresh, Management Consultant, Ameresco; IPL Plastics Plc
Open file 18977
Corporate Environmental Sustainability

How NatWest Group turned energy management into a climate commitment
Open file 18978
Media / Webinars

BrightTALK ... The latest recommendations from your network ... June 5th 2020
Open file 18979
Event ... Jun 08, 2020
Wharton, University of PennsylvaniaThe K@W Network

How the Pandemic Can Lead to a More Sustainable Future
Open file 18980
Integrated Reporting U.S. Community

Revision of the International Integrated Reporting Framework – Regional focus group, 24 Jun 2020
Open file 18981
The Trump Saga
Mobilizing Misinformation

'Antifa buses!' Panicked armed men hit small-town streets across America to fend off imagined hordes
Open file 18982
Media / News
Daily Kos ... June 9th 2020

Daily Kos Recommended
Open file 18983
US Race Relations
Systemic Failure

‘The game is fixed’: Activist explains why people loot, and historical erasure of Black wealth
Open file 18984
Late Night Media
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert ... Jun 6, 2020

America's Citizens Will Not Be Silenced By Government Intimidation
Open file 18985
Event ... June 15th to 19th 2020
Responsible Investor Digital Festival

Agenda and Program ... Responsible Investor Digital Festival: Summer 2020 (RI DigiFest).
Open file 18986
The Circular Economy
About the Netherlands

The Circularity Gap Reporting Initiative is an initiative of Circle Economy, an impact organisation dedicated to accelerating the transition to the circular economy.
Open file 18987
Event ... Webinar

Knowledge@Wharton Interview with Milind Pant ... dialog and questions
Open file 18988
Late Night Media
Late Night with Seth Meyers ... Jun 10, 2020

Late Night with Seth Meyers ... Trump Sinks in Polls, Protesters Call to Defund the Police: A Closer Look
Open file 18989
The Late Show
Stephen Colbert ...Jun 9, 2020

Calls To Defund The Police Intensify While Trump Attacks Buffalo Man Assaulted By The Cops
Open file 18990
Late Night Media
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Sen. Cory Booker Talks Race, Empathy, And His Legislation To Stop Abuses Of Power By Law Enforcem…
Open file 18991
Medias / News
The Washington Post

The Washington Post ... The Daily 202 ... Intelligence for leaders.
Open file 18992
US Race Relations
From 1960 to 2020

Florida Frontiers “Ax Handle Saturday'
Open file 18993
Activism / Shared Value (FSG)
Shared Value Initiative via

ZOOM ... Reimagining Capitalism in a World on Fire ... Rebecca Henderson, Harvard Business School // Mark Kramer, Co-founder and Managing Director of FSG // Angela Glover Blackwell, Founder in Residence of PolicyLink
Open file 18994
The Trump Saga
Going down but not out

Trump is going down swinging
Open file 18995
Impact of Covid-19

Dow plunges more than 1,800 points as rising COVID-19 cases roil Wall Street
Open file 18996
Impact of Coronavirus

CNBC ... Stocks suffer their worst day since March, with the Dow plunging more than 1,800 points
Open file 18997
World War Two
Naval Warfare

Video ... Operation Rheinübung - First and Last Voyage of the Bismarck
Open file 18998
Management Training
An AI based training initiative

Video ... about EverythingDiSC by Wiley
Open file 18999
SPARE Open file 19000
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