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IIRC announces new Chair of Council to drive consensus towards a global reporting system

Conor Kehoe, former McKinsey & Company senior partner, has been appointed Chair of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC)
Open file 18901
Impact on the Economy

As another 2.4 million file new jobless benefit claims, economists project years-long impacts
Open file 18902
The US Congress

After A Week of Opposing Any More Corona Virus Economic Relief Legislation, McConnell Waves the White Flag and Admits Another Aid Bill is Needed! Who Knew?
Open file 18903
Activism ... Avaaz
Ricken Patel - Avaaz Unsubscribe

Trump is furious ... Twitter just posted fact-checks on one of his tweets, and now Trump's threatening to shut them down!
Open file 18904
Media / News
Washington Post / Finance 202

PowerPost Analysis ... The Finance 202: The Fed has bracing news for anyone expecting a sharp economic rebound
Open file 18905
TPB Chat

Raising the question about ESG
Open file 18906
The Trump Saga

About James Enstrom ... How a Contrarian Scientist Helped Trump’s EPA Defy Mainstream Science
Open file 18907
Politics 2020
The Biden Agenda

Biden’s Testing Strategy Sets Up a Clear Contrast With Trump on the Coronavirus
Open file 18908
Politics 2020
The Biden Agenda

Statement by Vice President Joe Biden and the Biden for President Public Health Advisory Committee on Testing
Open file 18909
Event ... June 10th, 2020
ACAUS Webinar ... Future of the Workforce

ACAUS Webinar ... Future of the Workforce
Open file 18910
Business Fights Poverty

Business Fights Poverty week long virtual summit
Open file 18911
Event ... June 10, 2020
Wagner Office of International Programs and Wagner Action for Social Justice, Equity, and Democracy

Rural America in the Age of COVID: Myths, Realities, and a Way Forward in 2020
Open file 18912
Media News
NGO Pulse Newsletter

NGO Pulse Newsletter ... Issue 706 ... Friday, 29 May, 2020
Open file 18913
Media News
The Economist Newspaper

Deteriorating ties in the supply chain and all the other Covid-19 impacts
Open file 18914
Webinar ... Thursday 4 June
Integrated Reporting

Business Network - made up of over 80 leading businesses internationally
Open file 18915
Metrics / IIRC

A message from our CEO, Charles Tilley: ... also webinar on Thursday 4 June, 9.00-10.30BST
Open file 18916
Covid-19 Emergency Response
Rudy Arredondo ... National Latino Farmers & Ranchers Trade Association

Millions of people are hungry ... volunteer organizations are helping out
Open file 18917
Media / News
The Daily Beast

The Daily Beast
Open file 18918
Health / Economics
Covid-19 Emergency Response Group

Covid-19 Emergency Response Group National Town Hall Meeting ... “Covid-19 & Minority Health Disparities: Challenges And Solutions”
Open file 18919
The people in the COVID-19 initiative

Voting Rights in the Time of COVID-19
Open file 18920

Raising money
Open file 18921
Activist Organization

Board of Diectors
Open file 18922
Activist Organization

People involved with climate activism
Open file 18923
TPB Communications
About the Socio-Enviro-Economic System

About the Socio-Enviro-Economic System
Open file 18924
Investment Trends The Canary In The Coal Mine's downward guidance can have implications for the entire sector. ... The guidance itself is worse than it seems.
Open file 18925
The Economics of Retirement Years

Retirement ... The Arrival Of The 'Unavoidable Pension Crisis'
Open file 18926
The Trump Presidency
It ought to be over ... Robert Reich

Opinion ... Donald Trump ... Fire, pestilence and a country at war with itself: the Trump presidency is over ... A pandemic unabated, an economy in meltdown, cities in chaos over police killings. All our supposed leader does is tweet
Open file 18927
Common Myths

Two Fictions of Mainstream Economics ... Wage cuts don’t result in real investment and growth.
Open file 18928
TPB Dialog
Watts Rising

Watts Rising ... May 31 2020
Open file 18929
Media / News

CNBC POLITICS ... all sorts of stories about Trump, but far less substance
Open file 18930
Law and Order
US Police Violence

These 4 charts describe police violence in America
Open file 18931
Lost shipment dialog
Ink-Jets lost product

Lost shipment dialog ... Ink-Jets lost product ... Eventually replaced at no cost
Open file 18932
User Agreement
Mauldin Economics

User Agreement for Mauldin Economics
Open file 18933
Stock market gambles

Reality Check - The COVID Vaccine Side Effect Only One Company Knows How to Prevent
Open file 18934
Extinction Rebellian (XR)

It’s Not as Simple as Rebellion ... The ability to hold paradoxes is one of the key demands for climate leadership.
Open file 18935
Connection Dialog
From Yes Magazine

From Yes Magazine
Open file 18936
The Trump Saga / Daily 202 WP
Presidential Photo Ops

Church photo ops show how differently Trump and Biden approach the protests ... President Trump and Joe Biden both went to churches on Monday, and they each posed for photos. That’s where the similarities stop.
Open file 18937
Corporate Sustainability
NatWest Group with EcoAct

How NatWest Group turned energy management into a climate commitment
Open file 18938
Cloud Computing

Applications and Data Patterns in the Multi-cloud Era
Open file 18939

Demand Progress Police Reform Team ... Sign the petition and tell Congress: Stop giving weapons of war to local police!
Open file 18940
Time Jun 4, 2020 01:30 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Economy LIVE: Saru Jayaraman (One Fair Wage) in conversation with Jeffrey Hollender (American Sustainable Business Council)
Open file 18941
Food and Nutrition
Driven by simplistic profit maximization

What’s in a Social Justice Diet? ... You can make whatever diet you’re currently eating even healthier.
Open file 18942
Analysis from Rida Norwa

Underpriced High-Yield Baby Bonds And Preferreds - Investor Misunderstanding Creates Bargains: ECC And OXLC
Open file 18943
Media / News

ProPublica ... The Daily Digest ... June 4th, 2020
Open file 18944
From Weiss

COLLAPSE OF 2020: Escape the Dangers and Build Wealth Swiftly ... from the Weiss Organization
Open file 18945
US Politics
What impact will protests have?

POLITICS ... Barack Obama says protests across the country aren’t like the 1968 riots, which some think helped elect Nixon
Open file 18946

Boeing Product Line ... The 747-8 Isn't Selling. Boeing was Smart to Build It.
Open file 18947
Technology / Railways
British Rail

The last day of the High Speed Train – Plymouth to London Paddington ... passing by Dawlish Warren.
Open file 18948
The Trump Saga

Generals say hell no to Trump ... Our democracy faces grave times. Donald Trump used our U.S. military to gas and attack peaceful protesters this week, and then lied about it.
Open file 18949
The Alliance Partnership

TEXT of a PROPOSAL for The Anacostia Veterans Project ... Presented by: The National Association of Concerned Veterans (a 501c3 non-profit Corporation)
Open file 18950
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