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TVM Dialog List 1349
17401 - 17450

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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US Politics
Andrew Yang and Basic Income

Do Andrew Yang’s Basic Income Ideas Make Sense? ... I’m an economist. Let’s look at what Mr. Yang says.
Open file 17401
Measuring Social Impact

The Problem With The Impact Genome Project ... Would the Impact Genome Project have predicted the impact of Martin Luther King?
Open file 17402

Ørsted, formerly Danish Oil and Natural Gas Energy, is one of few energy companies to transition primarily to renewable energy from fossil fuels.
Open file 17403
Columbia University
Columbia Institute for Sustainabile Investments (CCSI)

Five-Pillar Framework for Sustainable International Investment
Open file 17404
TED Talk
Michael Green

Michael Green is part of the team that has created the Social Progress Index, a standard to rank societies based on how they meet the needs of citizens.
Open file 17405
2019 Social Progress Index

Announcing the 2019 Social Progress Index ... an initiative to have a metric that is more meaningful than GDP
Open file 17406
TEDSalon Berlin 2014
Simon Anholt

Which country does the most good for the world? Talkng about the Good Country Index.
Open file 17407
Simon Anholt

Simon Anholt unveils the Global Vote ...
Open file 17408
Company: Goldman Sachs
Website that is pretty more than useful!

Goldman Sachs released a 34-page analysis of the impact of climate change. And the results are terrifying.
Open file 17409
The Trump Presidency
Is this the last straw?

White House restricted access to Trump's calls with Putin and Saudi crown prince
Open file 17410
People in the Global Advisory Council of Cornerstone Capital

© Cornerstone Capital Inc - Global Advisory Council ... Who we are / GAC ... Our Global Advisory Council (GAC) comprises professionals from a variety of disciplines across the capital markets, academia, and civil society.
Open file 17411
Investment and the SDGs

Time for a New Normal in Global Capital Markets: Advancing Investment in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Open file 17412
GIIN Investor Forum

Open file 17413
Country: China / Country USA

Why doesn't the US do more to contain and defeat China? Why does the USA have so little geopolitical success?
Open file 17414
The Trump Presidency
Who is to blame?

Shaky ground under that bus: Mick Mulvaney is in trouble
Open file 17415
Climate Crisis
An Opposing View

There is no climate emergency. ... Letter to the UNSG from a group of scientists who are climate deniers
Open file 17416
Sustainable System
Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Net-zero not possible without circular economy, Ellen MacArthur Foundation finds
Open file 17417

We need to confront the people who poison the air, water, and land for profit.
Open file 17418
Roots Action

The Military-Industrial-Surveillance Complex
Open file 17419
Climate crisis
Another little piece of evidence

Dramatic pictures of Scotland's disappearing snow fields
Open file 17420
Country: Austria

The party of former Chancellor Sebastian Kurz won Austria's snap election Sunday, paving the way for his return as the country's leader.
Open file 17421
Andrew Yang

Automation Will Dramatically Change The Workforce. Andrew Yang Has A Plan To Bridge The Gap
Open file 17422
Country: China
Social Credit System

CKGSB Knowledge .... Getting ahead: the effect of the emerging social credit system
Open file 17423
JP Initiative

Explore What's Next in Neighborhood Scale Sustainability
Open file 17424
Climate Crisis
Role of Food

Food Was Missing Ingredient at UN Climate Action Summit
Open file 17425
JP Initiative

Introduction re opportunity in Philadelphia
Open file 17426
JP Initiative

Friends! The Baltimore-Phoenix Victory March has begun!
Open file 17427
JP Initiative

Ethiopian Project
Open file 17428
JP Initiative

Project Radius - Meeting Summary ... 190926
Open file 17429
JP Initiative

Alliance Partnership Structual Model - DRAFT
Open file 17430
JP initative

IntraFish Newsletter ... Norwegian brothers eye Saudi desert for new land-based salmon farm
Open file 17431
JP Initiative

How nanotechnology saved a contaminated lake in Peru | Tea After Twelve
Open file 17432
JP Initiative

Managing Partner, The Alliiance Partnership ... Camden /Coopers Ferry
Open file 17433
JP Initiative

The Alliance Partnership - 'Enterprise in Service to Humanity.'
Open file 17434
JP Initiative

Baltimore Transit Equity Coalition
Open file 17435
JP Initiative

Aquaponikus Ethiopia ... (The Ethiopian Sustainable Economic Initiative)
Open file 17436
Massive amount of data

Companies Collect a Lot of Data, But How Much Do They Actually Use?
Open file 17437
Reporting / Management

Matter over money: sustainable companies
Open file 17438
Climate Crisis
USA ... By State Preformance

ACEEE ... 50-State US Scorecard Reveals States Are Ramping Up Clean Energy
Open file 17439
Climate Crisis
Who pays for the remediation

Make Big Polluters pay to fix the climate catastrophe they’ve caused.
Open file 17440
The Trump Presidency
Ukraine Scandal

Inspector General Atkinson Defends Whistleblower
Open file 17441
University Responsibility
Arizona State University (ASU)

What ASU is doing related to energy and environment
Open file 17442
The Trump Presidency
The emerging case for impeachment

Robert Reich: Here’s the real lesson of Trump’s Ukraine scandal
Open file 17443
US Politics
Paul Krugman

Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman explains why Elizabeth Warren terrifies Wall Street billionaires: They ‘expect to be treated like kings’
Open file 17444
BBC News Daily

BBC News Daily ... a summary of the day's news ... 191002
Open file 17445
UK ... The Royals
Meghan and Harry

Meghan sues Mail on Sunday over private letter ... The Duchess of Sussex has begun legal action against the Mail on Sunday over a claim that it unlawfully published one of her private letters.
Open file 17446
Middle East Leadership
Mohammed bin Salman (MBS)

Mohammed bin Salman ... How Saudi Arabia's crown prince rose to power
Open file 17447
International OOrganizations
The Japan Society

Dr. Joshua W. Walker Named Japan Society President and CEO
Open file 17448
US Diplomacy
Another dimension of embarrassment

Pompeo, Durham and Gorka travelling to Italy and Greece
Open file 17449
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Ocasio-Cortez takes aim at Joe Kennedy over Senate challenge to Green New Deal champion Ed Markey
Open file 17450
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