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TVM Dialog List 1207
10301 - 10350

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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The (ridiculous) Prosperity Gospel

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Televangelists (HBO) ... August 2015
Open file 10301
Region ... Middle East
Saudi Arabia

Who's the Real Troublemaker in the Middle East? ... Iran’s no democratic paradise. But on many counts, Washington’s Saudi allies are even worse.
Open file 10302
Military ... USA
70 Years of Military Mediocrity

NEWS & POLITICS ... 70 Years of Military Mediocrity: The Shared Failings of America’s Military Academies and Senior Officers ... By failing to hold military boots to the fire, we've largely avoided unpleasantness between the military and its civilian leadership.
Open file 10303
Country ... Burundi
IRIN ... Burundi diary - inauguration day

In his latest missive from Bujumbura, IRIN contributor Désiré Nimubona ​explains how his schedule for the day is disrupted first by the discovery of yet another dead body and then by the inauguration, held a week earlier than planned, of President Pierre Nkurunziza.
Open file 10304
Impact of toxic chemicals

Open file 10305
Impact of toxic chemicals

Neonicotinoids linked to recent fall in farmland bird numbers ... Research demonstrates for the first time the knock-on effects to other species of class of insecticides known to harm bees
Open file 10306
Climate Change

Without Context, Environmental Images Obscure Who's Responsible for Climate Change
Open file 10307
Region ... Middle East
Nuclear Disarmament Policy

Noam Chomsky ... There’s a clear way to ensure a nuclear-free Middle East, but Washington is not interested.
Open file 10308
Doug McDavid

Coming to life!
Open file 10309
Doug McDavid

All services, all the time
Open file 10310
Economics and Finance
Emerging Markets

Bill Emmott ... BUSINESS & FINANCE ... The Great Emerging-Market Bubble
Open file 10311
Performance of Capitalism

ECONOMICS ... Ricardo Hausmann ... Does Capitalism Cause Poverty?
Open file 10312
Country ... Russia
Putin ... Geopolitics

Paul R. Gregory ... Putin in the Dock ... Putin has overplayed his hand.
Open file 10313
Country ... Iran
Middle East

Britain Reopens Embassy in Iran ... August 2015
Open file 10314
Country ... China

Gene Frieda ... China’s Debt Termites
Open file 10315
Money and Banking

THEY Are Going To Confiscate YOUR Silver!!!
Open file 10316
Product Design
Business Model

How to Solve the True Cost of 'Cheap'
Open file 10317
Guardian / UNICEF

UNICEF ... Morning seminar: Development without equality? How to create the world we need post-2015
Open file 10318
Banking and Finance
Sustainability and Impact

How climate change and natural capital are changing banking
Open file 10319
Managing for EHS performance

Webinar ... The New EHS Performance-Based Paradigm: Enabling Operational Excellence with a Holistic Technology Framework
Open file 10320
Circular Economy
Corporate actors

Best Buy, Grainger and the secrets to take-back success
Open file 10321
The Circular Economy
More than just waste

GreenBiz 101 ... Defining the circular economy
Open file 10322
GreenBiz reports on progress

Environment as economic threat: How sustainability redefines risk
Open file 10323
Occupy Wall Street

Lawrence Lessig Occupy Wall Street Could Bridge Left And Right
Open file 10324
Health ... Malaria
Reorganizing WHO and the RBM Partnership

WHO commends the Roll Back Malaria Partnership’s contribution to global progress as governing board disbands secretariat
Open file 10325
Energy ... Coal
Financial performance

Roster of US coal companies turning to bankruptcy continues to swell
Open file 10326
Coal Country ... Appalachia
Mountain top removal

In Appalachia, the Coal Industry Is in Collapse, But the Mountains Aren’t Coming Back ... The industry has already mined out the majority of all economically recoverable coal.
Open file 10327
Impact Hub ... September 18, 2015

Ben Bingham event ... Making Money Matter…Impact Investing to Change the World
Open file 10328
Impact Hub

Making Money Matter…Impact Investing to Change the World
Open file 10329
Waste Control
Initiative ... Clara Salina

Barcode v/s Plastic Waste: put future trash into barcodes
Open file 10330
Banking and Finance
The Federal Reserve

Some Federal Reserve History ... Glenn Beck Exposes the Private Fed; Gets Fired by Fox
Open file 10331
Banking and Finance
New Technologies and Alternative Currencies

The Summit on New Finance 2015 at Bloomberg ... Finance at a Crossroads - Outcomes from Liquidity
Open file 10332
Region ... The Korean Peninsular
Korea’s Ongoing Divide

We wonder: How big is South Korea’s economy compared to that of its northern rival?
Open file 10333
Country ... Saudi Arabia
Treatment of Women

Saudi Arabia: From the Eyes of an Insider ... “Segregation” is the only way to describe the situation for women in Saudi Arabia.
Open file 10334
Climate Change
COP21 in Paris

COP21 and decoding the economics of climate change
Open file 10335
Money and Society
IFLAS MOOC ... August 2015

Money and Society Lesson 1: The Nature of Money
Open file 10336
The Socio Enviro Economic System
System Dysfunction

Paul Buchheit ... How Capitalism Is Dismembering America ... If there's any way capitalism can work, it has to be regulated. Otherwise greed takes over.
Open file 10337
Corporate Irresponsibility
Iowa Pacific Holdings

Petitioning Governor Andrew Cuomo and 2 others ... Just say no to Iowa Pacific Holdings using Adirondack Park as a junk yard.
Open file 10338
Microfinance Reporting Standards

Microfinance Reporting Standards
Open file 10339
Michel Bawens

Proposed Strategy for the Commons Movement in 2015
Open file 10340
by Jane Gleeson-White (Author)

Six Capitals, or Can Accountants Save the Planet?: Rethinking Capitalism for the Twenty-First Century 1st Edition
Open file 10341
Mark W. McElroy, Ph.D.

At Last, a Business Case for CSR That Even Milton Friedman Could Love: The Sustainability Effect!
Open file 10342
by Mark W. McElroy, Ph.D.

At Last, a Business Case for CSR That Even Milton Friedman Could Love: The Sustainability Effect!
Open file 10343
Mark W. McElroy

Sustainability and Multicapitalism — Together at Last! ... 2014
Open file 10344
Working code
No link

Working code ... No link
Open file 10345
Youtube Videos from MOOC lesson 2

A collection of YouTube videos concerned with various aspects of money
Open file 10346
Nixon, Gold and Oil

Nixon, Gold and Oil by Richard (Rick) Mills ... the events of the 1970s better understood now than at the time
Open file 10347
Draft text

Some draft text concerning MONEY
Open file 10348

Matthew Hall, William Press and Fairclough construction groups combinme together with Foster Wheeler Corporation ... the timeline
Open file 10349
Circular Economy
US Chamber of Commerce

Webinar ... US Chamber of Commerce on the Circular Economy
Open file 10350
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