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Youtube Videos from MOOC lesson 2

A collection of YouTube videos concerned with various aspects of money


Peter Burgess Keiser Report: Behind the CNN Curtain! (E594) RT RT Subscribe1,558,723 Add to Share More 37,527 558 27 ShareEmbedEmail SHOW MORE Published on Apr 29, 2014 In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss living behind the 'CNN Curtain' where the dollar is still mighty and America has just landed on the moon. Meanwhile, on the other side of the CNN Curtain, the American worker is earning less than his or her counterparts around the world. In the second half, Max interviews Chris Cook about a gas coin, tally sticks, compound interest, national debt versus national credit, 'T to T' = Treasury to Taxpayer, trade wars and obsolescent central banks. WATCH all Keiser Report shows here: (E1-E200) (E201-E400) (E401-current) RT LIVE Subscribe to RT! Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Instagram Follow us on Google+ RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.

A History Of The Knights Templar 2/4 Corporations pt 1/2 illuminatisos illuminatisos Subscribe2,393 Add to Share More 4,194 17 1 Uploaded on Mar 20, 2011 The history & origins of the Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon ie: Knights Templars Category Education License Standard YouTube License

Four Horsemen - Feature Documentary - Official Version Renegade Inc. Renegade Inc. Subscribe46,384 Add to Share More 3,431,028 27,157 1,266 Published on Sep 13, 2013 FOUR HORSEMEN is an award winning independent feature documentary which lifts the lid on how the world really works. As we will never return to 'business as usual' 23 international thinkers, government advisors and Wall Street money-men break their silence and explain how to establish a moral and just society.

FOUR HORSEMEN is free from mainstream media propaganda -- the film doesn't bash bankers, criticise politicians or get involved in conspiracy theories. It ignites the debate about how to usher a new economic paradigm into the world which would dramatically improve the quality of life for billions. 'It's Inside Job with bells on, and a frequently compelling thesis thanks to Ashcroft's crack team of talking heads -- economists, whistleblowers and Noam Chomsky, all talking with candour and clarity.' - Total Film 'Four Horsemen is a breathtakingly composed jeremiad against the folly of Neo-classical economics and the threats it represents to all we should hold dear.' - Harold Crooks, The Corporation (Co-Director) Surviving Progress (Co-Director/Co-Writer) Follow us on on or visit our website Support us by subscribing here Category News & Politics License Standard YouTube License SHOW LESS ALL COMMENTS (6,484) Peter Burgess Add a public comment...

Web 2.0 Expo NY 09: Douglas Rushkoff, 'Radical Abundance: How We Get Past 'Free'... O'Reilly O'Reilly Subscribe101,985 Add to Share More 28,469 217 7 Uploaded on Nov 19, 2009 Douglas Rushkoff (Author, 'Life Inc.'), 'Radical Abundance: How We Get Past 'Free' and Learn to Exchange Value Again' English and Dutch captions by Martien van Steenbergen. Category Science & Technology License Standard YouTube License

The Essence of Money Paul Grignon Paul Grignon Subscribe1,047 Add to Share More 11,501 73 3 Uploaded on Oct 12, 2011

A Medieval Tale that illustrates the principle of 'market money' used in medieval trade fairs. Market money was nothing more complicated than dependable promises of merchandise or services direct from the suppliers of that merchandise or service. This simple invention freed the markets from the tyranny of the 'quantity of and ownership of money' and overcame both the limitations of barter and the scarcity of money, which at the time, was gold and silver coins that were often hoarded. The Essence of Money is the short that precedes Money as Debt III - Evolution Beyond Money, a detailed proposal of how the same principle could be applied today to create a truly liberated global money system. Category Education License Standard YouTube License

The Money Masters Radio Illuminati Radio Illuminati Subscribe1,092 Add to Share More 10,726 65 2 Published on May 9, 2012

'The powers of financial capitalism had a far-reaching plan, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private ... all » hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole...Their secret is that they have annexed from governments, monarchies, and republics the power to create the world's money...'

THE MONEY MASTERS is a 3 1/2 hour non-fiction, historical documentary that traces the origins of the political power structure that rules our nation and the world today. The modern political power structure has its roots in the hidden manipulation and accumulation of gold and other forms of money. The development of fractional reserve banking practices in the 17th century brought to a cunning sophistication the secret techniques initially used by goldsmiths fraudulently to accumulate wealth. With the formation of the privately-owned Bank of England in 1694, the yoke of economic slavery to a privately-owned 'central' bank was first forced upon the backs of an entire nation, not removed but only made heavier with the passing of the three centuries to our day. Nation after nation, including America, has fallen prey to this cabal of international central bankers.

Segments: The Problem; The Money Changers; Roman Empire; The Goldsmiths of Medieval England; Tally Sticks; The Bank of England; The Rise of the Rothschilds; The American Revolution; The Bank of North America; The Constitutional Convention; First Bank of the U.S.; Napoleon's Rise to Power; Death of the First Bank of the U.S. / War of 1812; Waterloo; Second Bank of the U.S.; Andrew Jackson; Fort Knox; World Central Bank; Loose Change 911 truth police state globalists NWO New World Order Federal Reserve Alex Jones Aaron Russo America From Freedom To Fascism zionist IMF BIS John Perkins 911 911 Globalism bilderberg Rothschild Rockefeller Schiff Warburg illuminati bohemian grove idi amin freemason Category Education License Standard YouTube License

Assignment •Can you detect any recurring themes in monetary history? •Develop your own theory on the main factor influencing monetary history, and turn this into a “law”enabling you to make predictions relevant to our current situation. •Provide examples from monetary history, using examples from this lesson, other sources if required, and Glyn Davies book: •When you have formulated your law, and justified it from examples, write it up in no more than 500 words and post it in the forum, then comment on and vote up and down the laws of the other students.
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