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Green Chemistry

How One Doctor Fought a Giant Pesticide Company And Won ... It takes more than driving a hybrid, carrying around a reusable coffee cup, and hoping for the best to save our planet.
Open file 10351
Coal Companies

Fossil-Fuel Executives Are Making Obscene Amounts of Money for Wrecking the Planet—and Their Own Companies ... The kings of Big Coal are making off with millions, while their industry collapses.
Open file 10352
Circular Economy

Circular Economy is one of the integral ways to make sustainable business happen. ... 7 key players needed to take us over the circular economy finish line
Open file 10353
Circular Economy

Circular economy 101: What separates the circular economy from other approaches for minimizing waste?
Open file 10354
Bjørn Lomborg

Bjørn Lomborg ... Next Generation Development
Open file 10355
Ideas ... Michael Linton
Money ... Alternative Currency Initiative

Open Money ... links to many resources furnished by Michael Linton
Open file 10356
Donald Trump

Trump’s Bankruptcies In Perspective ... Trump’s business practices merely demonstrate a different set of rules for the rich.
Open file 10357
Issue ... Corruption
Initiative ... Transparency Interenational

The Fight Against Corruption: On the Home Stretch? ... Why September 2015 matters much in the global battle on routing out corruption.
Open file 10358
Capital Markets
Market turmoil ... August 2015

Correction of What?
Open file 10359
BOOK by John C. Mutter
Disaster Profiteers: How Natural Disasters Make the Rich Richer and the Poor Poorer

Why the Rich Cash in on Our Suffering from Natural Disasters ... New Orleans is a painful example, but it's an ongoing trend.
Open file 10360
USA ... Politics
Gotcha questions

Part of me hates ‘gotcha’ questions – even when the person being got is Donald Trump ... and more ... what they tell us about President Bush II
Open file 10361
A New Way American Cities Can Free Themselves of Wall Street’s Control

Arbitrary financial fees are sucking cities and states dry. But they can change the terms if they band together.
Open file 10362
Medical drugs

Donald W. Light Jr. ... [e-drug] WHO Pharmacovigilance Indicators: practical manual for assessment of PV systems
Open file 10363

PDF: McKinsey ... Shifting-tides-Global-economic-scenarios-for-2015-2025
Open file 10364
Paul Krugman

Paul Krugman - New York Times Columnist ... Economist ... Moving to The Graduate Center at CUNY
Open file 10365
Health... TB
People ... Shelly Batra

TEDx Talks ... Can we conquer tuberculosis? | Shelly Batra | TEDxWBG
Open file 10366
MOOC ... IFLAS ... Money and Society
Lesson 3

MOOC ... IFLAS ... Money and Society ... Lesson 3 ... Supporting materials
Open file 10367
Teaching the Dismal Science

Universities to revamp economics courses
Open file 10368
Capital Markets
Finance, Investment, Profit and Value

The Guardian's Chakrabortty Is Outraged At Where The Twitter IPO Money Went
Open file 10369
Beyond GDP
Observations by Michael Porter

Better measuring a country ... GDP is not the best way to quantify national success
Open file 10370
Palin's Travels

A BBC initiative ... but the webpage is very good about many important but remote places.
Open file 10371

September 2015 ... Configuring the World: A Critical Political Economy Approach ... Part of the Challenges in Global Affairs Specialization »
Open file 10372
Country ... Greece
National Finance

WORLD ... How the IMF Has Helped to Crush Greece ... The Eurozone has become another economic dead zone.
Open file 10373
Country ... USA
Dysfunctional Systems

ECONOMY ... New Research Reveals Hidden Growth of Extreme Poverty in America ... Things are not a rosy as we've been told.
Open file 10374
You are what you eat

FOOD ... Forget the Supplements: Focus on a Healthy Diet Instead ... The food industry says nutraceuticals are the key to transforming our health – but the truth is far murkier.
Open file 10375
USA ... Homelessness
A Program that Works

New Program treats Homeless People Like Human Beings—And It Works ... A new program moves homeless encampments into a safe, clean space with food, laundry, showers and case workers who care.
Open file 10376
Ideas ... Robert Reich
Economic Dysfunction

MEDIA ... Robert Reich: America's Immoral Economy ... The social contract has become entirely one-sided.
Open file 10377
Gary Miller
SDR Ventures

Gary Miller ... SDR Ventures
Open file 10378
The People Dimension

Paul Buchheit | NationofChange | Why We Need a Guaranteed Income. Soon.
Open file 10379
Energy ... Coal
Coal on Fderal Lands in the USA

Tell the Obama administration: Shut down the federal coal leasing program
Open file 10380
True Cost ... TEEBAgFood Project

True Cost ... TEEBAgFood Project ... What’s the True Cost of Food?
Open file 10381
Money and Banking

Open file 10382
Air Travel
Air safety

British Airways Plane on Fire at McCarran Airport, Las Vegas ... September 2015
Open file 10383
Country China
Changing Culture

China's Sexual Revolution Documentary 720p Channel 5 Extraordinary People Discovery & Documentary
Open file 10384
Danielle Nierenberg

Danielle Nierenberg ... President, Food Tank: The Food Think Tank
Open file 10385
Data Architecture
Analysis Framework

A listing of the subjects of interest from ???
Open file 10386
Burgess Contacts
Misc list

Misc list of Burgess Contacts
Open file 10387
Stuart Williams

Remarkable Gathering at A Remarkable Venue ... 'The Next Evolution in Family Governance - Ensuring A Sustainable Future From Conscious to Common Sense' being held at the Willow School in October 2015
Open file 10388

How Instagram Became A Cash Cow ... Instagram’s ad business is growing faster than the speed of light.
Open file 10389
Politics ... USA
Obama on Republicans

Obama says Republicans hurt working people ... Obama Punk-Slaps the Entire GOP Field!
Open file 10390

Scaling innovation
Open file 10391
Country ... China
Changing Culture

China's Sexual Revolution Documentary 720p Channel 5 Extraordinary People Discovery & Documentary
Open file 10392
Business Value
Social Impact Contribution

Social Footprint
Open file 10393
Clean energy

Why the Green Energy movement is very much about jobs
Open file 10394
RMI and the Institute of Real Estate Management

Teaching the Arithmetic of Deep Retrofit Value ... RMI and the Institute of Real Estate Management partner with new online courses
Open file 10395
Banking and Finance
Banking's contribution to society

The Quiet Crisis in Banks' Shareholder Value
Open file 10396
Humanitarian Assistance
Inventory Control

Open file 10397
International Rescue Committee

75 Years From Harm to Home ... Donate Now. Support our work ... Take Action. Advocate for change ... Refugee crisis: the IRC's response from Syria and Afghanistan to Europe and the United States
Open file 10398
Units of Measure
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

The meter, and other key measures
Open file 10399
Money and Banking
Jem Bendell

Jem Bendell ... The Future of Finance, Rebuild21 ... 2012
Open file 10400
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