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Peter Burgess

I am in the process of documenting over 50 years of post university real world learning to enable substantial reform of the conventional accounting and metrics of finance and economics that completely fail to embrace the issues of society (quality of life) and the multiple issues that impact the environment. Without metrics we cannot manage ...and the idea that money profit will function as a proxy for good is insane!

The slideset was about MONEY. There are around 100 slidesets that have been uploaded about various aspects of my TrueValueMetrics initiative ( ... something that has been called MULTI DIMENSION IMPACT ACCOUNTING (MDIA). All of the slidesets are work-in-progress and are being updated and re-uploaded quite frequently. In order for my users to find the relevant slideset for them I have had to provide my own navigation webpage on my website. All my recent uploads to slideshare have been about various aspects of socio-enviro-economic system metrics ... in my view a root cause of modern dysfunction and malaise.

The website is an important part of my 'sharing' agenda ... complemented in a very important way by easy navigation links to slideshare.

Old fashioned physical meetings and person to person conversation are an ongoing essential part of the process of idea development. Being near New York is very valuable since New York is one of the greatest global crossroads, and I am able to share my ideas on a person to person basis more easily in this location than perhaps any other place on the planet ... but also Internet, website, SlideShare slidesets and LinkedIn connections are part of the truevaluemetrics communications ecosystem.

I would observe that there is one aspect of the modern social media environment that bothers me ... it is the transactional nature of modern communications ... meaning that a post has buzz for a very short time before becoming ignored. This gives little time for any idea to mature and more and more ideas and communications are short, superficial and increasingly meaningless and irrelevant. Hence my 'workaround' which is to have my own navigation to the relevant slideset on slideshare which would otherwise have essentially disappeared!

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