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TVM Dialog List 1096
4751 - 4800
A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Andrew Miller

Andrew Miller ... Social Media Expert & Author ... Zapata, Texas ... Marketing and Advertising
Open file 4751
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Robert Bourgoing

Robert Bourgoing ... Global Communications & New Media Specialist ... Geneva Area, Switzerland ... Public Relations and Communications
Open file 4752
Transparency of the GFATM

Patrick Wamukulu ... The Global Fund Should Take Transparency to Another Level
Open file 4753
Big Print Briefs
Value Accounting

... management tool to address the performance of the economy with respect to impact on People, Place and Planet, the impact on society ...
Open file 4754
Sharing knowledge

PDF to DOC converters ... an example of using list-serves to find information one needs
Open file 4755
Church of the Heavenly Rest

Church of the Heavenly Rest ... Party for Bishop Michael ... May 2013
Open file 4756
Saw Creek Men's Club

Some information about the membership
Open file 4757
Country ... Nigeria
Ancient Kingdoms ... nesty pollution

George Osodi: Kings of Nigeria ... Having captured the oil devastation, he now photographs Nigeria's traditional monarchs, to offer a positive way forward.
Open file 4758
Africa House, NYU

Africa’s Booming Billion: Perspectives on Growth from African Economists ... Africa House Event: A Discussion of African Economic Trends by African Economists
Open file 4759
Tax Havens

ActionAid ... Addicted to tax havens: The secret life of the FTSE 100
Open file 4760
Country ... USA
Economic Reform

Opting Out of Wall Street and Building Sustainable, Resilient Communities: Remaking Finance, Part III
Open file 4761
Country ... USA
Economic Reform

Creating a Finance System That Serves the People, Part II - Remaking the Federal Reserve, Building Public Banks and Opting Out of Wall Street
Open file 4762
Country ... USA
Economic Reform

Opting Out of Wall Street and Building Sustainable, Resilient Communities: Remaking Finance, Part III
Open file 4763
Prices out of control

One Hospital Charges $8,000 ... Another Charges $38,000?
Open file 4764
How important wrong data?

Pollin Responds to Reinhart and Rogoff; Cuts Deepen and Stock Market Soars
Open file 4765
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Elizabeth Israel

Elizabeth Israel ... Founder and Prinicpal, GreenMicrofinance™ ... Other ... Financial Services
Open file 4766
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Nick Hart-Williams

Nick Hart-Williams ... Executive Director, Schumacher Society ... Bath, United Kingdom ... Nonprofit Organization Management
Open file 4767
Mobile Payments

May 2013 ... Federal Reserve Bank of Boston paper ... U.S. MOBILE PAYMENTS LANDSCAPE – TWO YEARS LATER
Open file 4768
Groups ... LinkedIn
Family Fish Farms Network

The Family Fish Farms Network Inc. ... A Profitable, Green, Socially Responsible Business Model for XX
Open file 4769
Big Print Briefs
Measuring Progress in Africa

What do we really know about socio-economic progress in Africa?
Open file 4770
SIAA Initiative

Social Impact Analysts Association .... SIAA Working Group Principles
Open file 4771
An IIRC initative

Proposed International Integrated Reporting Framework
Open file 4772
Development Issues

TED Talk ... Paul Collier talking about what needs to be done so that the bottom billion can move out of poverty ... part history, part action plan
Open file 4773
A report by WWF

Green Game Changers ... transforming business for the future
Open file 4774
Confused data
Work in Progress

Database of Technical Assistance Providers in Responsible Finance
Open file 4775
Urban Agriculture
Big City Farms

Big City Farms Holdings - Baltimore's Farming Network
Open file 4776
Big Print Briefs
Accountancy Central to Metrics Reform

The core concepts of accountancy are 400 years old! It is time to rethink the purpose of accountancy in the 21st century.
Open file 4777
The situation in Europe

Five Questions to Save the Euro
Open file 4778
Peter Burgess Contacts
Damion Wongsang
Open file 4779
Keeping bad news private

Exxon's Pegasus Oil Spill — and the Myth of U.S. 'Energy Independence'
Open file 4780

Open file 4781
Integrated Reporting

Consultation Draft for Integrated Reporting ... June 2013
Open file 4782
Social Performance Task Force

Social Performance Task Force ... FAQ
Open file 4783
SPARE Open file 4784
A Ken Robinson perspective

Ken Robinson on how to escape education's death valley ... a TED talk together with transcript
Open file 4785

54% Of Spain’s Electricity Generation In April From Renewables
Open file 4786
Muhammad Yunus

On April 17th, Professor Muhammad Yunus was presented with the Congressional Gold Medal for his efforts to combat global poverty.
Open file 4787
ICT and Agriculture

Using ICT tools to cut carbon emissions and improve agriculture ... Information and communication technologies for climate change and agriculture are developing fast, but how do they fit into the big picture?
Open file 4788

Impact Evaluation Databases: Can You Find EVERYTHING You’re Looking For? 3ie's Platform
Open file 4789
Impact evaluations

Which way forward? ... Impact evaluation can be an expensive, complicated business. Our panel offers 15 suggestions to demystify the process, and ensure it supports accountability and learning
Open file 4790
Ideas ... Clay Shirky
Cognitive Surplus

TED talk ... The launching of Ushahidi ... Witness ... Social Contracts
Open file 4791
Social Enterprise and Capital

Event in Sheffield ... Working Capital, a conference organised by Social Enterprise Yorkshire and the Humber
Open file 4792
Region ... Africa

Kofi Annan: Africa Plundered By Secret Mining Deals-BBC
Open file 4793
Peter Burgess Contacts

Contacts for Peter Burgess at Church of the Heavenly Rest
Open file 4794
Economic Trends
Major disruption

Jaron Lanier: The Internet destroyed the middle class ... Kodak employed 140,000 people. Instagram, 13. A digital visionary says the Web kills jobs, wealth -- even democracy
Open file 4795
Social Finance
Impact investing

The “Original Sin”: Why Impact Investing is Getting Stuck, and How We Can Fix It
Open file 4796
The Reason for War

War ... Who is it good for? A poster that gives the answer ... Halliburton, Raytheon, Boeing and so on. Great for the hero CEOs!
Open file 4797
Social Enterprise

Feedback from the Young Foundation ... ... social innovation investment ... money-matters
Open file 4798
Big Print Briefs
On Government Financial Management

It is in politics and governance that one finds the largest part of global corruption. Corruption is, however, only the tip of the iceburg.
Open file 4799
Enterprise Rethink
The Flourishing Enterprise

Chris Lazlo ... the Flourishing Enterprise
Open file 4800
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