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Family Fish Farms Network

The Family Fish Farms Network Inc. ... A Profitable, Green, Socially Responsible Business Model for XX


Peter Burgess

The Family Fish Farms Network Inc. ... A Profitable, Green, Socially Responsible Business Model for XX

A Profitable, Green, Socially Responsible Business

A NEW Green Industry for America! Who We Are … Smart Solutions for Hard Problems! Aquaponics Food Production


  • A Closed Loop Secure System
  • Intensive Aquaculture
  • Recirculating Hydroponics
HIGH EFFICIENCY – 145K Lbs. of Protein (seafood)in a 15,000 Sq.ft Vertical Growing Accelerated vegetable production 5:1 crop seafood ratio Only Natural Feed – No animal protein is ever used ... All organic vegetable feed ... . Bio secure facility Our CGO, VP, CGO “Key elements in our sustainability plan are: Inert material for plant growth that is either recycled or used as fuel Vertical growing per Cubic meter, not Square meter Local food creating local jobs and making use of redundant urban buildings. Growing in a clean room Full traceability on all products produced Potential Products Market Pricing Anticipated Product Mix Supply Cannot Presently Meet Consumer Demand Marketing Approach Headquarters Operations Center Phase One National Headquarters XX, Cleveland Headquarters Operations Center Phase Two Cleveland Headquarters Operations Center Network Development Plan Deployment Plan Key Information PLANNING STUDY – XX Detailed Site Specific Information PESTE SWAT OPERATIONS PLAN – GANTT Chart of all Operational Tasks for start up Includes: Staffing and Initial training SITE SELECTION – Engineering and Construction Drawings Licensure Zoning BUILD OUT – Site Preparation Construction management Interior design Equipment installation (Next) Not Just Jobs … A NEW Green Industry! Jobs for the 22nd Century FRESH, LOCALLY GROWN FOOD 200 Green XX Jobs Urban Aquaponic Micro Farms A Culture of Ownership The Just Management Model Every Worker an Owner Participative Management Common Goals & Objectives Shared Vision of The Future Our Policy: Veteran First Preference Hiring Active Partnership with the XX VA Priority hiring and pro active recruitment of veterans
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