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Business Model Generation

How to make your organization sustainably competitive


Peter Burgess

Business Model Generation Aleš How to make your organization sustainably competitive Organizations are not only required to design strategies or search for their own hidden lagoon in the “blue ocean” of business, but also realize the importance of repeated and faster reactions to the changes in the business environment.

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Hi Aleš and Friends:

Let me share with you '12 Sources of Sustainable Competitive Advantage in Business or Organizations':

  1. 1. Strong Research and Development Capabilities
  2. 2. Access to Intellectual Properties
  3. 3. Exclusive Re-Selling or Distribution rights
  4. 4. Ownership of Capital Equipment
  5. 5. Superior Product or Customer Support
  6. 6. Low Cost or high Volume Production
  7. 7. Economic Factors
  8. 8. Superior Database Management and Data Processing Capabilities
  9. 9. Strong Marketing Strategy
  10. 10. Access to Working Capital
  11. 11. Excellent Management Team and Operations
  12. 12. Barriers to Entry or Monopoly
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Peter Burgess • The amount of effort that goes into making for-profit organizations competitive and efficient is impressive. However, I would like to see some effort going into understanding what it is that makes profit possible and how wealth is created. The bubble and bust economic model does not seem to get to grips with these critical questions. The growth of huge wealth for some and the rather disappointing progress for many does not get addressed by better corporate competitiveness, which in fact probably aggravates this critical issue. There is a way forward ... but I don't sense it is on the agenda in high places in big banks and corporate board rooms. 2 days ago1
Follow Don Don Buckingham Sr • Of course, classic platforms for competitive advantage include innovation, customer intimacy, and operations excellence. Of the three, I see operations excellence as the 'sustaining' dynamic through intentional design of enterprise organizational structure, systems and processes. Add constancy of purpose and talent! 1 day ago• Like
Follow Bernard Bernard Lacroix • @Aleš: you seem very close to Jack Welch's viewpoint: 'An organization's ability to learn and translate that learning into action rapidly is the ultimate competitive advantage.' 2 hours ago• Like
Follow Andreas Andreas Wettstein • Sadly, many companies suffer from learning disabilities 2 hours ago• Like1
Peter Burgess • And also, sadly, good corporate performance that results in money profit and stock price increases also has big impact on the economy and society that is not accounted for with anything like the same rigor that money flows are accounted for insider the organization. There are systemic problems for society that need to be addressed, and the proponents of corporate efficiency at the expense of everything else are making the systemic problems worse and not better. Adam Smith carefully studied the economy of his day before writing his famous book (published in 1776) ... but a lot has changed since then, and it is my guess that he would be writing a very different book based on what is going on in the early years of the 21st century. 45 minutes ago• Delete
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