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TVM Dialog List 1063
3101 - 3150
A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Country ... China
Is China’s $6 trillion economy on a bubble?

AJStream in November 2011 ... The world’s second-largest economy could be slowing after decades of record growth.
Open file 3101
Millennium Development Goals
Health ... Malaria

UNDP Report for 2012 on the progress towards the Millennium Development Goals ... Malaria
Open file 3102
Health ... Malaria
Dialog about malaria is a website with a focus on malaria
Open file 3103
Country ... USA
Freedom and terrorism

Due process under duress: Detaining citizens under NDAA ... Activists retaliate against the US government by suing them for signing a bill they say goes against the Constitution.
Open file 3104
A world of hillbilly heroin

AJE Opinion ... Chris Hedges ... The hollowing out of America, up close and personal.
Open file 3105
Organizations ... GFATM
How GFATM should be managed

From 2002 ... Global Fund for AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria ... Peter Burgess to listserve about GFATM ... One of Feachem's challenges
Open file 3106
Country ... UK
Greek lessons

Dan Hind asks whether political radicals in Britain learn a few lessons from how Syriza created a diverse coalition in Greece?
Open file 3107
Monetary Crisis
Will the euro be destroyed by ideologues?

Dean Baker ... An end to the Eurozone would mean a wave of bank collapses and a recession that would affect the world for a decade.
Open file 3108
How good is the audit function? Article from 2003: U.S. Charges Ernst & Young Ex-Partner in Audit Case  
Open file 3109
Official Development Assistance (ODA)
Transparency and Accountability

Dialog profitinafrica with fulcrumecosystems in 2003
Open file 3110
Initiatives ... CIPE
Center for International Private Enterprise

From 2002 ... The Role of Business Associations, Civil Society And Media In Addressing Corruption
Open file 3111
Development Performance
Dialog ... AfroNets Listserve

From 2002 ... the way in which development analysis is done is part of the problem, and the solution is to introduce analysis that results in better answers.
Open file 3112
The Accountability Project

Accountability Program For Government
Open file 3113
Financial and Economic Reporting
A complex incoherent framework ... duplicate of 3120

Standards & Codes ... overview outline of the many different initiatives for financial and economic reporting
Open file 3114
Pollution and profit in the mining industry

Behind a mining monopoly ... Beneath Canada’s mines in Latin America lies an unregulated industry.
Open file 3115
Country ... UK
Archbishop Tutu refuses platform with Blair

Nobel Peace laureate pulls out of leadership conference in protest against ex-UK PM's role in US-led Iraq invasion.
Open file 3116
Country ... Niger
Yellow cake ... the USA and Iraq

Plame's Lame Game ... What Ambassador Joseph Wilson and his wife forgot to tell us about the yellow-cake scandal.
Open file 3117
People ... Archbishop Tutu
In UK ... Tutu urges UK, US Iraq apology

US President George Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair ought to say sorry for waging 'an immoral war' against Iraq, says Archbishop Desmond Tutu.
Open file 3118
Country ... USA
Women's Health

AJE Fault Lines ... The abortion war ... Fault Lines investigates the forces behind the so-called war on women in the US.
Open file 3119
Financial Reporting
Standards and Codes

Following the financial crises that engulfed the world in the mid-to-late 90s, the World Bank, IMF and others developed standards and codes
Open file 3120
Initiative ... FATF
Financial Action Task Force

2012 Report on Recommendations of the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering
Open file 3121
Transparency and Accountability
Rethinking Accountability

2004 ... Social Edge members discuss the challenges of civil society accountability and governance
Open file 3122
The Accountability Project

Overview ... Background
Open file 3123
The Accountability Project

Need for objective and independent and meaningful and universal information on the use and effectiveness of scarce material and financial resources.
Open file 3124
The Accountability Project

Project for Universal Accountability ... Need for objective and independent and meaningful and universal information on the use and effectiveness of scarce material and financial resources.
Open file 3125
The Accountability Project

Open file 3126
The Accountability Project

A letter to UNDP Administrator Malloch-Brown proposing to assist in implementing transparency and accountability
Open file 3127
The Accountability Project

Independent Accountability by ATCnet for the Public
Open file 3128
The Accountability Project

Project for Universal Accountability Health and HIV-AIDS Projects
Open file 3129
The Accountability Project

Project for Universal Accountability Health and HIV-AIDS Projects
Open file 3130
The Accountability Project

Project for Universal Accountability E-List Conversations ... Subj: DotForce Objective Universal Accountability
Open file 3131
The Accountability Project

Universal Accountability for Government ... Conceptual Overview
Open file 3132
The Accountability Program

Overview ... ATCnet Program of Accountability for Government
Open file 3133
The Accountability Project

Overview ... ATCnet Accountability Program for Government
Open file 3134
Intellectual Property

American law is patent nonsense ... but it is really good for the IP owners and the investors, so the conventional wisdom would have you believe
Open file 3135
Country ... USA
AJStream takes on the US and foreign policy

AJStream ... Why is foreign policy not a part of the US political dialog
Open file 3136
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Republican Convention

C-Span ... Mitt Romney's acceptance speach at the Republican Convention
Open file 3137
Country ... Angola
The governance construct makes no sense

Angola ... The oil-rich African state goes to the polls on August 31. President Dos Santos has been in power for 32 years. Very few rich ... many poor
Open file 3138
Country ... Angola
Angola elections today

Polls open for Angola parliamentary elections ... Second election since end of 27-year civil war likely to keep Eduardo dos Santos in power despite strong opposition.
Open file 3139
Country ... Angola
Presidential elections comming this August

Good times fail to help ordinary Angolans ... Poverty widespread amid signs of prosperity in a rapidly expanding capital, in the run-up to elections.
Open file 3140
Country ... Angola
Dos Santos in charge for decades

Angola rides the oil boom - 14 Sept 2008 ... creating very rich and very poor
Open file 3141
Morgan Stanley

August 2012 ... Exclusive: Morgan Stanley Smith Barney rainmakers consider exit
Open file 3142
Country ... UK
People with disabilities

ATOS has a huge government contract ... for doing something that seems to be quite inadequate.
Open file 3143
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... The GOP convention week

Rachel Maddow ... overview of all sorts of data about the Romney campaign and the Republican Convention in Tampa. Recorded Monday of the 4 day convention.
Open file 3144
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Romney budget

Ezra Klein shows why Mitt Romney's budget plan is 'not viable'
Open file 3145
Mew Metrics of Sustainable Business

Full program for the 2012 New Metrics of Sustainable Business Conference
Open file 3146
New Metrics of Sustainable Business

Speakers for the 2012 New Metrics of Sustainable Business Conference.
Open file 3147
Human Impact and Profit (HIP)

Some of the presentations from the 2011 Conference at Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania
Open file 3148
Gaia Metrics ... An organizations

About Gaia Metrics
Open file 3149
Gaia Metrics ... Applications

Applications from Gaia Metrics for Organizations
Open file 3150
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