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TVM Dialog List 1389
19401 - 19450

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Shared Value
Blogpost July 2020

Corporate Purpose and the Great Reset
Open file 19401
Shared Value
Blogpost July 2020

Cultivating a Purposeful Culture for Creating Shared Value
Open file 19402

Measuring Social Impact is a Contact Sport.
Open file 19403
Election 2020
Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama speaking at the Democratic virtual convention 2020
Open file 19404
Food Production

The Vikings are coming ... One Scandinavian firm’s plans to build ‘Fish City’ in the Middle East
Open file 19405
Common Dreams Fund Raising

Please read this email. Our democracy depends on it ... the U.S. Postal Service is being gamed to win the election for Trump
Open file 19406
Media / News

AlterNet headlines August 20th 2020
Open file 19407
US Politics / Election 2020
3rd Day of the )Virtual) Democratic Convetion

Democratic stars unleash fury of assaults on trump
Open file 19408
Media / News
The Hill's Morning Report

The Hill's Morning Report for August 20th, 2020
Open file 19409
GRI webinar

Dialog from the GRO webinar on the Oil and Gas Sector Standards
Open file 19410
The Trump Saga
Update on Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon charged in connection with defrauding donors over border wall funding
Open file 19411
Physicians for Human Rights

Far too many issues are impacting the good work that physicians are called to do ... August 20th, 2020
Open file 19412
Media / News
Reuters Events

Reuters Events plans for the balance of 2020
Open file 19413
Impact Weighted Accountancy

From invisible hand to invisible heart: Ronald Cohen’s plan to rewire capitalism
Open file 19414
Responsible Business USA 2020

Responsible Business USA 2020 ... Virtual Conference ... 27-28 October. 2020
Open file 19415
US Politics
The Democrats' Platform

Democrats Fiddle While California Burns ... Democratic Party Platform Fails to Deliver on Climate Emergency
Open file 19416
Staff Changes

CNBC TECH ... Jeff Wilke, Amazon’s consumer boss and a top lieutenant to Bezos, will step down in 2021
Open file 19417
The Trump Saga
The US Postal Service

‘Complete bombshell’: Former top USPS official reveals ‘disturbing’ new details of DeJoy selection and Mnuchin sabotage of mail service
Open file 19418
US Unemployment
Still very bad ... more than 29 million unemployed

The U.S. economy is still in crisis as jobless claims surge — and GOP myths about unemployment fall apart
Open file 19419
The Trump Saga
Dumb and dumber

Donald Trump reviews Michelle Obama's speech and delivers a deadly self-own
Open file 19420
Essential for Global Understanding

These Fascinating Maps were Drawn Based on Country Populations ... Introducing: The Cartogram
Open file 19421
Media / News
Daily Kos Recommended

Headlines ... Daily Kos Recommended ... Saturday August 22nd, 2020
Open file 19422
The Trump Saga
Election 2020

And we are here as on a darkling plain … where ignorant armies clash by night
Open file 19423
The Trump Saga
Disrupting the USPS

Elizabeth Warren and Bob Casey investigate USPS just as plant allegedly tries to dupe Joaquin Castro
Open file 19424
Election 2020
Joe Biden's character

Democratic Virtual Convention: Brayden Harrington: a 13 year old boy with a stutter delivers emotional speech after getting help from Joe Biden
Open file 19425
The Obama - Biden Era
Being proud of America

Obama surprises VP, Joe Biden with Presidential Medal of Freedom ... Jan 13, 2017
Open file 19426
Media / News

HOT TAKE ... Aug 23 2020
Open file 19427
Media / News
Medium Daily Digest

Medium Daily Digest ... August 23rd 2020
Open file 19428
Stock Pices Up

Stock Pices Up ... Russel-3000-Trend ... What does this really mean?
Open file 19429
The Trump Saga
The Voice of Joyce

The Voice of Joyce ... on the Trump approach to helping 'people' during the Covid-19 pandemic
Open file 19430
Measuring stock market value

What's the Difference between the S&P 500 and the Russell 1000:
Open file 19431
National Expenditures
Healthcare -v- Military

How Much Do Countries Spend on Healthcare Compared to the Military? ... Country Health versus Miitary Spending
Open file 19432
Media / News
Daily Kos Recommended

Daily Kos Recommended ... August 23rd 2020
Open file 19433
Nature / Natural Capital
What is its value?

How much is nature worth? $125 trillion, according to this WEF report (prepared in 2018)
Open file 19434
Covid-19 Emergency
Impact on The Tourism Sector

COVID-19 IMPACT ON TOURISM ... Global Tourism to Suffer Crushing Blow in 2020
Open file 19435

Palantir, the data analytics company co-founded by Peter Thiel is going public after 16 years. It lost about $580 million last year
Open file 19436
Social Metrics
Social Value International

Social Value International partners with online learning platform Efiko to expand its reach ... Join the movement.” - Ben Carpenter, CEO of Social Value International
Open file 19437
Event: Social Value Matters 2020
Join us September 28 – October 2

Social Value Matters 2020 ... Ideas and leadership for a truly sustainable future
Open file 19438
African Intellectual Leadership
Liberian Economist, Dr. Byron Tarr

‘Renowned Liberian Economist, Dr. Byron Tarr, is dead’, in: Daily Observer, October 9, 2017.
Open file 19439
Sustainability Leadership

BrewDog Is Officially The First Carbon Negative Beer Business ... BrewDog is going to create 1,500 acres of broadleaf native woodlands.
Open file 19440
Burgess Note
Trend of US Earnings

Burgess Note ... Trend of US Earnings over 40 years
Open file 19441
Circularity 20

Circularity 20 ... Hosted byGreenBiz Group ... The chat stream
Open file 19442
Out of touch ... or brilliant?

How the ‘Useful Idiots’ of Liberal New York Fueled Income Inequality ... Kurt Andersen, founder of Spy magazine and the author of “Evil Geniuses,” on how affluent lefties slept through the escalating inequality crisis. Including him.
Open file 19443
US Election 2020
Republican Convention

NYT ... The Epic Shamelessness of the Republican Convention ... Norms are for chumps, not for Trumps.
Open file 19444
Media / News

Truthout ... THURSDAY, AUGUST 27, 2020
Open file 19445
The Trump Saga
The Republican National Convention

The Special Hypocrisy of Melania Trump’s Speech at the Republican National Convention
Open file 19446
Needs to be fit-for-purpose

NYT Opinion ... The profit maximizing corporate model must evolve
Open file 19447
Corporate Purpose
The Friedman View 1970

A Friedman doctrine‐- The Social Responsibility Of Business Is to Increase Its Profits
Open file 19448
The Trump Saga
Fast and Loose with Facts

Trump Says Crime Is Rampant in N.Y.C. Here Are the Facts.
Open file 19449
Media / News
The Washington Post

The Washington Post ... Augst 30th 2020
Open file 19450
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