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A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Richard D. Wolff, Founder Democracy at Work

Richard D. Wolff, Founder Democracy at Work // Capitalism: All tricks, no treats
Open file 15801
The problem of greenwashing

The problem of greenwashing ... presentation at the London Business School
Open file 15802
Global Witness
Call for transparency

Extractive Industries ... About disclosure of revenues from natural resource companies (from 2002)
Open file 15803
The Trump Presidency
Climate Change Mitigation Rollback

SCIENCE ... The Trump Administration Flunked Its Math Homework ... The administration’s clean-cars rollback is riddled with errors. In one case, it forgot to divide by four. In another, it accidentally deleted 700 billion miles of driving.
Open file 15804
Technology / Fintech
Start up innovation

Meet the new bank ... Walgreens and New York-based fintech company Stash
Open file 15805
Activism ... Single Use Plastic

Urge Albertsons to eliminate single-use plastics in its stores.Turn up the heat on Albertsons! Tell them to end throwaway plastic!
Open file 15806
Activism ... Oil and Gas Pollution
Environmental Defense Fund

Don't Let Trump Gut Limits on Oil and Gas Pollution ... Don't Let Trump's EPA Gut Limits on Oil and Gas Pollution
Open file 15807
Company: Rubicon

Rubicon Pilots Driving Customers of All Sizes Toward Zero Waste
Open file 15808
History / WWII
About USS Yorktown

Aircraft Carriers ... What was the best aircraft carrier in World War 2? ... USS Yorktown: relatively short war service in the Pacific but key ship in multiple encounters with the Imperial Japan
Open file 15809
Corporate Reputation
Support from / of the NRA

Brands Taking Stands: FedEx Fills a Leadership Void, Intentionally or Not
Open file 15810
Companies: Shell
Corporate Responsibility

Document Shows Shell Aimed to Profit from a Melting Arctic ... Shell Oil's Arctic drilling drew massive protests in Seattle in 2015
Open file 15811
The Trump Presidency
What reason for change

The Vanishing Witch Hunt: Trump's Been Scared Off Tweeting About Mueller's Russia Probe. Here's Why!
Open file 15812
Investment in Human Capital
One of EALgreen's inspirational stories

Trumpet Blows Inspiration & Impact ... the story of Eganam (Ego) Segbefia and EALgreen
Open file 15813
Middle East

The Collapse of Authoritarianism in the Middle East ... By Marwan Muasher
Open file 15814
Initiative: iPAR
Impact Metrics

About the iPAR impact metrics and money management platform
Open file 15815
Is Impact Banking in the Future?

Impact banking: Can this generation of leaders change banking for good?
Open file 15816
Technology / Cloud Computing
Companies: IBM, RedHat and others

RedHat bought by IBM for $34 billion, making it the largest software acquisition in history.
Open file 15817
Corporate Reporting
ESG Reporting Requirements

Dialog about SEC-on-new-ESG-reporting-initiative-15818
Open file 15818
Energy / Solar
Floating Solar

Global operational floating PV capacity tops 1.1 GW
Open file 15819
Energy: Renewables / Solar
SUN Newsletter 181105

Floating solar crosses 1GW threshold; German FiT cuts; SunPower's tough spot; China installation figures
Open file 15820
Energy / Renewables / Solar
GTM Solar Newsletter | November 05, 2018

Solar Newsletter | Report: US on Track for Record Coal Retirements in 2018, With More on the Way
Open file 15821
Electricity Generation USA

Report: US on Track for Record Coal Retirements in 2018, With More on the Way ... Research suggests 36.7 gigawatts of coal-fired capacity could retire through 2024—even with a repeal of the Clean Power Plan.
Open file 15822
Keeping Warm in Winter

Climate change can bring colder winters. It’s counterintuitive but it’s true, according to a recent study in the journal Nature Communications.
Open file 15823
The track record during Obama and Trump administrations

Pourquoi le chômage aux États-Unis est-il si bas sous la présidence de Donald Trump ?
Open file 15824
Events / Impact Investing / Skyptop Strategies
The 21st Century Company ... How It Creates Value — And for Whom
Open file 15825
Banking in Nigeria

Why Did HSBC, UBS Quit Nigeria? And What Might Their Exits Portend?
Open file 15826
Event / Webinar
Marketing Rules / Regulations / Guidelines

New influencer marketing guidelines: the rules marketers need to play by | 22nd November, 3:00pm GMT
Open file 15827
November 11, 1918 ... Armistice Day

“The Living Legacy of the First World War”: Carnegie Council Marks the 100th Anniversary of Armistice Day
Open file 15828
Technology Finance
Huge Valuations ... Why?

Andreessen Horowitz Leads $154M Investment In TripActions, Valuing Corporate Travel Startup At $1B
Open file 15829
Linkedin Dialog
Text Copy

Peter Burgess Linkedin Dialog Text Copy from November 9, 2018
Open file 15830

Some TPB COMMENT on Linkedin feeds
Open file 15831
Financing for Development

Financing Outbreak Preparedness: Where Are We and What Next?
Open file 15832
Most People are OK
Generalities are divisive

I Live in Dumbf*ckistan, and It's a Pretty Nice Place
Open file 15833
Managing for Sustainability
A long way to go

HBR article ... How to Tie Executive Compensation to Sustainability
Open file 15834
Battle of the e-Commerce Titans

Alibaba fires the first Salvo in the online retail battle royale!!!
Open file 15835
European Commission Conference on Promoting Sustainable Finance ... January 8-9, 2019

Call for Papers: European Commission Conference on Promoting Sustainable Finance
Open file 15836
Natural Capital / Biodiversity
Mass Extinction?

Humans Could Face Extinction if We Don't Protect Biodiversity: UN “By the time you feel what is happening, it may be too late.” Why Global Citizens Should Care
Open file 15837
Corporate Bribery
Amazon comes to Queens

'Corporate bribery' lands Amazon HQ2 in Queens as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says New York community is in 'outrage'
Open file 15838
Opportunity Zones

Don't rob 'Opportunity Zones' of their full potential
Open file 15839
The Trump Presidency
Freedom of the Press

Regarding Jim Acosta of CNN ... Woodward on CNN: Remedy isn't a lawsuit, 'it's more serious reporting'
Open file 15840
Impact Investing
Role of younger people

How millennials are changing the way we invest ... Millennials aren’t just putting socially responsible investing on the map — they’re changing the playing field for all investors and demanding more from corporate America.
Open file 15841
Linkedin Messages
Good thoughts

A number of good thoughts from November 2018
Open file 15842
Transparency and Accountability
Some writing related to the Tsunami diaster in South Asia in 20??

Tsunami Disaster Accounting and Accountability / Dialog about the problems / UN Tsunami Sham Exposed by Auditor-General
Open file 15843
US Business Schools

Harvard & Wharton In A Draw For First In P&Q’s 2018 MBA Ranking
Open file 15844
Business Schools ... 10 Business Schools To Watch In 2018
Open file 15845
Banking and Finance
Credit Bubble 2018 ???

Paul Tudor Jones Warn Of Storm Clouds On The Horizon Largest “Credit Bubble Ever” – Full Speech At The Greenwich Economic Forum
Open file 15846
Value Investing / The Oracle of Omaha

Warren Buffett’s Advice On How To Make Money With Small Caps
Open file 15847
Saudi Arabia
US / Saudi relations

Will the U.S. punish Mohammed Bin Salman? | Inside Story
Open file 15848
USA / Politics
The Trump Presidency

Trump’s Diminishing Power and Rising Rage
Open file 15849
Income Inequality
How Not to Fight Income Inequality

Trying to combat income inequality through mandated wage compression is not just an odd preference. It is a mistake, as Mexico's president-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, will find out
Open file 15850
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