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Middle East
The Khashoggi Affair

Jig is up for Riyadh: Khashoggi case reshapes the Middle East
Open file 15751
Region: Middle East / Country: Saudi Arabia
Leadership in Question

Is Saudi Arabia Getting Unmoored? ... Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is showing traits which Iraq’s Saddam Hussein had previously put on display.
Open file 15752
International Relations
UK / Saudia Arabia

UK: Aimlessly Aiding and Abetting Saudi Arabia? ... New report questions Saudi Arabia’s utility for Britain.
Open file 15753
Climate Change
Information about Disinformation

The DeSmog Climate Disinformation Research Database
Open file 15754
Supply / Demand / Trade / Prices

US Oil Exports Are Exceeding Almost All Predictions—Thanks to Fracking
Open file 15755
Traction for Sustainable Investment

Sustainable Investment May Not Be Mainstream – But It’s On Its Way
Open file 15756
US Politics
The Clintons

The Longest Goodbye: Why the Clintons Need to Leave the Stage
Open file 15757
Environmental Degradation

As Australia’s Mining Boom Wanes, Rehabilitation of Abandoned Mines Offers Lessons for the World
Open file 15758
US / Saudi Arabia
The Khashoggi Affair

The HILL ... Trump in a corner on Saudi Arabia
Open file 15759
Energy Hog

Google is searching for a way to be zero emissions all the time ... Buying enough clean energy to make up for your dirty energy is one thing; using all clean energy 24/7 is another, and it could signal a new approach.
Open file 15760
Energy Consumption

Apple Now Runs On 100% Green Energy, And Here’s How It Got There ... The most important thing about the company’s big renewable push might be that it’s bringing everyone–from suppliers to local utilities–along for the ride.
Open file 15761
Extreme Situations

Florida Has It All: Hurricanes, Toxic Algae, and Stifling Heat
Open file 15762

Western society is making us lonely ... according to Justin Broan, founder of Ideapod
Open file 15763
Saudia Arabia
Cess Pool of Moral Turpitude

Death of Khashoggi Tests the Limits of Corporate Social Responsibility
Open file 15764
Some Cambridge Connections

People ... Some Cambridge Connections
Open file 15765
Climate Change

3 Things You Can Do to Help Avoid Climate Disaster
Open file 15766
Classic Cars
Really Valuable

Bonhams January Scottsdale Auction Will Offer 'Long-Lost' Maserati A6G, Est. $2.8-3.4 Million
Open file 15767

Wall Street Blockchain Alliance Announces Collaboration with the Accord Project
Open file 15768
Climate Change
Extreme Weather 2018

Category 5, Supertyphoon Yutu Devastating Saipan, 180 mph, winds gusting over 200mph
Open file 15769
People to People (P2P Forum

President Sahle Work Zewde is appointed the first female president of Ethiopia
Open file 15770
Streams / Strands / Strings

European Parliament Approves Historic Ban on Single-Use Plastics ... The rules have the potential to be the most ambitious ban on plastics in the world.
Open file 15771
The Trump Presidency
Appointments against the Public Interest

Trump picks former Monsanto executive to lead U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service ... Conservation groups describe Aurelia Skipwith's nomination as 'business as usual' for Trump administration.
Open file 15772
Extreme Weather 2018

2018’s ‘especially astounding’ hurricane season is a warning of what’s to come ... Warming-fueled superstorms like Florence, Michael, and Willa are going to become more and more common.
Open file 15773
Economic Orthodoxy

Why Italy is the Latest to Question Policy Orthodoxy by Mohamed El-Erian
Open file 15774
The Trump Presidency
Economic Impact

The Economic Consequences of Mr. Trump ... a video compiled by Project Syndicate
Open file 15775

The Good News: Worker Productivity and Profits Per Workers Are At Record Highs. The Bad News: That Probably Means A Record Jobless Recovery
Open file 15776
Impunity for the Corrupt / Dangerous for Journalists

When Murdering Journalists Becomes Commonplace ... It is time to be far more forceful in defending reporters and activists who serve the public and monitor the powerful.
Open file 15777
The British Automobile Industry

VIDEO ... Clarkson's Car Years - Who Killed The British Motor Industry?
Open file 15778
Middle East
Saudi Arabia -v- Iran / Suny -v- Shia

The Saudi Butchery in Yemen and the World’s Apathy ... It is time for Muslims to stop killing each other. The only way out of the Yemen morass is reconciliation and peaceful coexistence.
Open file 15779
Data / Social Media
Out of Control

Hey, Tim – Weaponized Data … Really?
Open file 15780
The Problem is at the Top
Murder, Mayhem and Deniability

Killer Politicians ... by Jeffrey Sachs on Project Syndicate
Open file 15781
Rapidly Growing Wealth

While the Rest of the World Burned,' Billionaires Made More Money in 2017 Than Any Other Year in History ... 'The past 30 years have seen far greater wealth creation than the Gilded Age.'
Open file 15782
The Belt and Road Initiative in Palistan

Is the Crown Jewel of the Belt and Road Losing Its Shine? A new report suggests that Pakistan’s new government is rethinking CPEC. What does that mean for the whole BRI?
Open file 15783
China and Africa

THE REBALANCE ... China’s Africa Strategy: Going Global With Infrastructure Investment ... Insight from Lucy Corkin
Open file 15784
People: Professor Alan Jagolinzer
Judge Business School at Cambridge

PeterB Communication
Open file 15785
The Trump Presidency
Trump leading in the wrong direction

Jewish Leaders: Trump Not Welcome in Pittsburgh Until He Denounces White Nationalism
Open file 15786
The Trump Presidency
Pattern: Attacking the Press

Reporters Educate Sarah Sanders After Her Absurd Insult of the Washington Post: 'That's What Newspapers Do' Does she even understand the point of journalism?
Open file 15787
The 2nd Year of the Trump Presidency
Massacre of Jews in Pittsburgh

Bishop Dietsche Writes on the Tree of Life Massacre and the Responsibility of Gospel Witness
Open file 15788
The 2nd Year of the Trump Presidency
Massacre of Jews in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh ... Update from Public Citizen ... a letter from Robert Weissman, President of Public Citizen
Open file 15789
Global Economics

A Startling Speech in China ... A prominent Chinese economist, Zhang Weiying, has publicly challenged a core concept in China’s policy.
Open file 15790
European Politics

Angela Merkel’s successor could be bad news for a post-Brexit Europe ... Whoever takes over her role will have to cope with Germany’s slide to the right – which might mean a deal with the AfD
Open file 15791
British History
About Peter-Loo 200 years ago

Peterloo shaped modern Britain, as much as any king or queen did ... Mike Leigh is right to call the massacre a ‘major, major event’ – it can teach us much about our country today
Open file 15792
Hydrogen Fuel Cell System

Transportation News Toyota Doubles-Down on Zero Emissions Heavy-Duty Trucks
Open file 15793
Hydrogen Fuel Cell System

Toyota launches second-gen fuel-cell Class 8 ... With the same brute hauling power and zero emissions of the original Project Portal fuel cell-powered Class 8 truck, Project Portal 2.0 adds 50% more driving range. (Bill Visnic)
Open file 15794
How the World Works
Overlapping Roots of Fascism and Climate Catastrophe

OP-ED HUMAN RIGHTS ... How Capitalism Stokes the Far Right and Climate Catastrophe ... Capitalist competition and manufactured scarcity have provided the fuel for the growth of far-right politics.
Open file 15795
Nationswell Summit

A summit for the people and solutions that are driving our nation forward ... DETAILS
Open file 15796
Brazil / WWF
Web Broacast

Living Planet Report 2018 ... the presentation broadcast of the Living Planet Report 2018
Open file 15797
Climate / Environment
Activism / including Extinction Rebellion

'We have a duty to act': hundreds ready to go to jail over climate crisis ... Rowan Williams backs call for mass civil disobedience ‘to bypass the government’s inaction and defend life itself’
Open file 15798
Climate / Environment
Time for Action

Facts about our ecological crisis are incontrovertible. We must take action ... Humans cannot continue to violate the fundamental laws of nature or science with impunity, say 94 signatories including Dr Alison Green and Molly Scott Cato MEP
Open file 15799
Open file 15800
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