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TVM Dialog List 1285
14201 - 14250

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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TED Talk
Paul Collier, Economist

Paul Collier at TED2008 ... The 'bottom billion' ... 'How can we give credible hope to that billion people?'
Open file 14201
0 Politics/ Men's Misbehavior
Men in the media

The Men Who Cost Clinton the Election - Men Like Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose
Open file 14202
Politics / Men's misbehavior
Impact of the election of 2016

Jill Filipovic ... The Men Who Cost Clinton the Election
Open file 14203
Politics / Men's Misbehavior

Saturday Night Live ... Welcome to Hell
Open file 14204
The Trump Presidency
Screw the Populace

Trump's golden showers ... The GOP's 'Tax Cuts and Jobs Act' rains cash on the gilded class, including the Trump clan.
Open file 14205
Company: IBM
Potential Collaboration

Text message flow between Peter Burgess and IBM 171204 around 3pm / also info about the IBM Institute for Business Value
Open file 14206
Country: Cuba
US / Foreign Policy

Why I do not hate Cuba, and no person of color (nor their white allies) should
Open file 14207
GOP's wrong reform

Where the GOP’s Tax Extremism Comes From ... Conservative leaders like Grover Norquist want to basically eliminate taxes and government
Open file 14208
True Value at BASF

What Is Your Company’s True Value to Society? The Answer Might Surprise You
Open file 14209
Land rights

Is There a Human Right to Land? ... Kaitlin Cordes, CCSI at Columbia University
Open file 14210
Metrics / Sustainability
Increasing interest / weak metrics

Andrew Winston ... The Rise of Corporate Sustainability Goals: Some Hard Data
Open file 14211
Post Paris Performance

Is Paris possible? ... Not at this rate
Open file 14212

Gerrit De Vynck ... Facebook Social Good Summit ... an initiative to 'give back' (or not)
Open file 14213

Bitcoin Is Now Bigger Than Buffett, Boeing and New Zealand
Open file 14214
Fordham Conference ... November 2017

Some impressions of the Fordham blockchain event
Open file 14215
Country: Bangladesh
Development Cooperation

Bjorn Lomborg, talks to Dhaka Tribune’s Shegufta Hasnine Surur about how Copenhagen Consensus Center is working with local partners to promote a new way of looking at development programs.
Open file 14216
User Agreement

SAP Privacy Statement
Open file 14217
Zeta Yarwood

Zeta Yarwood is a leading Career Coach and NLP Life Coach based in Dubai
Open file 14218
Sustainability Accounting

SASB Standards Exposure Drafts for Public Comment ... Fall 2017
Open file 14219
Activism / #MeToo
Sexual Harrassment / Assault

She Went Undercover to Expose Sexual Harassment in the Food Industry. It Was Way Worse Than She Imagined. ... Journalist Tracie McMillan witnessed rampant abuse and even experienced sexual assault.
Open file 14220
Concentration of Economic Power
CVS merging with Aetna

The Conversation ... CVS merger with Aetna: Health care cure or curse?
Open file 14221
The MeToo movement

TIME Person of the Year 2017: The Silence Breakers | POY 2017 | TIME
Open file 14222
Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle - Is Charming & Fun With Craig Ferguson
Open file 14223
Transport Infrastructure
Oakland Port Expansion

Oakland builds for the future: Seaport Logistics Complex gets underway ... Port officials called it “a game-changer” for global trade and transportation.
Open file 14224
Country ... YEMEN
People ... Ali Abdullah Saleh

Yemen ... Ali Abdullah Saleh's Fatal Calculation ... Could the Man Who Made Modern Yemen Have Triggered Its Undoing?
Open file 14225
Energy / Renewables
Offshore Wind

How Trump Could Revive The Cape Wind Offshore Wind Energy Project
Open file 14226
Weak Metrics for Impact

Salesforce / Dreamforce Conference ... Philanthropy and the Impact Revolution
Open file 14227
The Trump Presidency
Geopolitics ... wrong again!

Trump didn't seem to have complete understanding of Jerusalem decision: report
Open file 14228
The Impact Genome Project

So perhaps the biggest question that needs to be asked is 'What is the impact of the IMPACT GENOME PROJECT'?
Open file 14229
Systemic Dysfunction
What would be better

WORLD CHANGING IDEAS ... Young People Are Really Over Capitalism ... What’s next?
Open file 14230
A better market!

Leah Busque ... The Anatomy of a Marketplace ... Like a Living, Breathing and Complex Organism
Open file 14231
The emergence of the sharing economy?

Leah Busque ... One Task Leads to Another
Open file 14232
Workplace / Careers

Work & careers / Opinion / Airbnb, Uber, eBay: in this intangible world workers must adapt to survive
Open file 14233
The Trump Presidency
Energy / Environment

Inside the Coal War Games ... Scott Pruitt's EPA is going after Obama's Clean Power Plan with a war of attrition, while Rick Perry plays the crisis card in a bid to bolster coal.
Open file 14234
Company: ExxonMobil
Company Behavior

Judge Questions Exxon’s Attempt to Block Climate Fraud Investigations
Open file 14235
California Fires

As 'Epic Winds' Drive California Fires, Climate Change Fuels the Risk
Open file 14236
The Trump Presidency
OUCH ... Untouchable

Al Jazeera ... Sadly but frankly, Donald Trump is not going anywhere
Open file 14237
Country ... Oman
Region ... Middle East / GCC

Al Jazeera NEWS / GCC ... Oman moves closer to a post-oil economy
Open file 14238
Country ... Oman
Port Development

Salalah Port development, expansion plans firm up
Open file 14239
Region ... Middle East
Transport ... Rail

Proposed rail network on the Saudi Penninsular
Open file 14240
The Trump Presidency
American Kleptocracy

US ECONOMY ... Robert Reich: The GOP's Whole Economic Model Is One Giant Scam ... Only one group stands to benefit from massive tax cuts, and it's not American workers.
Open file 14241
The Trump Presidency
GOP Kleptocracy

Paul Krugman: The GOP Hates America's Children This Much Republicans would rather give heirs and heiresses a tax break than care for needy kids.
Open file 14242

Inequality and the Coming Storm ... review of five books on the subject
Open file 14243
Economic Meaning
Cost, Price and Value

Important clarification about cost, price and value ... almost nothing is actully 'free'
Open file 14244
Hundreds of Coins

An infographic showing a very large number of cryptocurrency coins
Open file 14245
Basic Indicators have improved

Basic Indicators have improved in percentage terms, but absolute performance not so good ... dialog
Open file 14246
NY Education
Baruch College / CUNY

Baruch College Launches the New York Confucius Institute for Global Finance ... Extracurricular, nondegree program will offer Chinese language classes, cultural workshops, and global finance sem
Open file 14247
The Trump Presidency
His mental state

The Madness of King Donald ... The risk of a US military confrontation with North Korea, coupled with President Donald Trump’s increasingly peculiar behavior, has put official Washington on edge.
Open file 14248
Economic Dysfunction
Failed policy options

The High Cost of Denying Class War
Open file 14249
SDG DIalog

SDG Talks ... a forum to discuss the SDGs using a video format
Open file 14250
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