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TVM Dialog List 1286
14251 - 14300

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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From the 1980s

Disk drive fired 'Frisbees of death' across data centre after storage admin crossed his wires ... And this was after he avoided losing some fingers
Open file 14251
Streams, Strands, Strings

True Price ... Integrated Hotspot Analysis: the negative and positive impacts of food // Potatoes, fresh green beans, whole milk, minced beef from the dairy farm and pure chocolate
Open file 14252
Big Pharma

A new report by Americans for Tax Fairness highlights how Big Pharma has price gouged all of us while stashing billions of dollars in untaxed profits offshore.
Open file 14253
Young people against stupidity

Here’s what’s at stake for the 21 kids suing the Trump administration over climate change ... Arguments before the Ninth Circuit will decide whether the case goes to trial.
Open file 14254
African cities

African cities – time for urgent reform ... exploring the consequences for the urban poor as the rapid growth of African cities outpaces policy reform
Open file 14255
And the real economy!

Blockchain And The $3.6 Trillion Infrastructure Crisis
Open file 14256
The Idea of True Price
A True Price for Carbon

What’s the true price for carbon? ... An economist ( Lord Nicholas Stern ) explains that we’re not paying as much as we should be paying
Open file 14257
The Trump Presidency
Rachel Maddow analysis

THE RACHEL MADDOW SHOW 12/6/17 ... Russia desire to end sanctions clear in Trump Russia scandal
Open file 14258
The Trump Presidency
Alabama Senate Race

ALL IN WITH CHRIS HAYES 12/11/17 ... Cory Booker: Roy Moore won't be accepted in the Senate
Open file 14259
The Trump Presidency
RACHEL MADDOW on Russian Probe

THE RACHEL MADDOW SHOW 12/8/17 ... Trump dossier work began as Russian hack of DNC became known
Open file 14260
Impossible to understanding prices

'Cheated and Lied to': How Insurers and Manufacturers Mask the Truth About High Drug Prices
Open file 14261
Stephen Wolfram

What Do I Do All Day? Livestreamed Technology CEOing
Open file 14262

Fund raising for Grist
Open file 14263
Events / Climate
One Planet Summit in Paris

One planet summit ... La finance publique et privée au service de l’action climat
Open file 14264
Carnegie Council for Ethics and International Affairs

David Miliband: Rescue: Refugees and the Political Crisis of Our Time
Open file 14265
Transport / Passenger Rail

Train Driver's View: Winter on the Flåm Line
Open file 14266
Passenger Rail USA

Trains Unlimited: Built for Speed
Open file 14267
The Trump Presidency
New Low

Trump implies Sen. Gillibrand is a prostitute, adds Twitter attack for his assault victims
Open file 14268
Worst Case most likely

Study: The Worst-Case Climate Predictions Are the Most Accurate Ones.
Open file 14269
Money Rules

Incentive for Terrorism: America Has Taken Nearly 70% of the World's Wealth Gains Since 2012 ... The super-rich are pillaging the world and making everyone less safe in the process.
Open file 14270
Social Media
Popular / Valueless

NEWS & POLITICS Former Facebook Executive Criticizes Social Network For 'Destroying How Society Works' Chamath Palihapitiya warned that the social-media platform is 'ripping apart the social fabric.'
Open file 14271
The Trump Presidency
The Present Danger

Increasingly a Necessity: A 15-Point Guide to Surviving Authoritarianism ... Rule #1: Always think critically and fight ignorance with facts.
Open file 14272
The Trump Presidency

PolitiFact's 'Lie of the Year' Goes to Donald Trump ... This is the third year in a row that either Trump, or something spread by Trump, has won the “top” prize
Open file 14273
The Trump Presidency

PolitiFact's 'Lie of the Year' Goes to Donald Trump ... This is the third year in a row that either Trump, or something spread by Trump, has won the “top” prize
Open file 14274
Corporate Reporting

Open file 14275
The Trump Presidency
Gary Cohn ... naking out like a bandit

Tax Reform: A Real Cohn Job ... the GOP tax reform package is pure gold to the donor class in politics
Open file 14276
How to manage its toxic characteristics

This Is When You Should Unfriend Someone on Facebook, According to Aristotle ... The combination of a divisive political climate and widespread controversial posts has many people asking this question.
Open file 14277
The Trump Presidency
Change -- towards the abyss!

Trump Is a Master Game-Changer, but Not the Kind You May Think ... Trump is the perfect cover for the billionares' plan to change the American game.
Open file 14278
GOP / RightWing Politics NEWS & POLITICS

The Right Is Attempting to Roll Back the 20th Century ... Author Nancy MacLean says Koch brothers and GOP want a new Gilded Age.
Open file 14279
Technology / Regulation
Net Neutrality / Humor

VIDEO ... Late Night with Seth Meyers ... FCC Votes to Repeal Net Neutrality; Omarosa Drama Continues: A Closer Look
Open file 14280
Transport / Rail
US Diesel History

Trains Unlimited: Power and Speed -- Diesel Locomotives / Excellent US diesel locomotive history
Open file 14281
Respect and inclusion

Respect & inclusion at Deloitte
Open file 14282
Women's Issues
Getting things right

Men Mentoring Women ... 10 Healthy Boundaries in the Age of #MeToo
Open file 14283
Aspiration OK / Implementation zero

AICPA chair: ‘Standing still is not an option’
Open file 14284
Health / Pharmaceuticals
High prices / High profits

These Pharmaceutical Companies Are Making a Killing Off the Opioid Crisis ... Why do the manufacturers of naloxone, the life-saving overdose antidote, keep hiking the price?
Open file 14285
The Trump Presidency
Politics of Hate

British white supremacist leader Trump retweeted is arrested for hate crimes
Open file 14286
Science / Women
Middle East

Interview by Sophie Hardach // Sarah Amiri ... Deputy Project Manager and Science Lead, Emirates Mars Mission ... Q&A: The 29-year-old woman who’s lead scientist for the UAE’s Mars mission
Open file 14287
International Culture / Chinese -v- American

Tucked away in Wendell, Chinese students improve their English through immersion
Open file 14288
Balance of Power

Why are American anti-ship missiles so terrible?
Open file 14289
Tourism / Rail

Video ... Royal Gorge Route Railroad – Driver’s Eye View
Open file 14290
Conscious Capitalism

Feature: Capitalism vs. Capital Markets ... Don’t Confuse Capitalism with Capital Markets ... Why the stock market doesn’t represent the true power of business
Open file 14291
SPARE Open file 14292
People / Thinkers
David Orban

Decentralization impacts global governance / What is the question that I should be asking? / Blockchain and the UN
Open file 14293
People / Sustainability
Malcolm Preston / PwC

Accounting for Sustainability ... email dialog in December 2017 ... a bit about TIMM by PwC
Open file 14294
People / Thinkers
David Orban

David Orban ... What is the role of the United Nations in the age of blockchain
Open file 14295
Technology / Energy
Next generation renewable energy

The Secret To Replacing Fossil Fuels
Open file 14296

Netherlands Launches Landmark Zero-Subsidy Wind Power Auction
Open file 14297
About Women
Life Style

The Top 11 Innovations That Made Women’s Lives Better In 2017
Open file 14298
Peter Burgess Connections
Linkedin Connections

The 400+ connections shared with ????
Open file 14299
Open file 14300
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