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TVM Dialog List 1210
10451 - 10500

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Climate Change
Run up to COP21

Six Major American Banks Call For Strong COP21 Agreement
Open file 10451
TESSA - Toolkit for Ecosystem Service Site-based Assessment

An introduction to TESSA - the toolkit for assessing ecosystem services at the site scale.
Open file 10452
The Circular Economy

The potential of the circular economy ... From circular materials cycles to a circular macroeconomy with scenario’s for the Netherlands
Open file 10453

Volkswagen: When a German Company Plays With Fire ... “Exciting” isn’t the first word that comes to mind when thinking of German business. But neither is “fraud.”
Open file 10454
Country ... Russia

Public Health: Russia is Sick ... Public health challenges facing Russia today cripple its potential for tomorrow.
Open file 10455

Hundreds of 'duped' Scots Volkswagen owners to take on German car giant in mass legal action
Open file 10456
Climate Change ... California Drought
Impact on Trees

More than 12 million trees killed by California drought
Open file 10457
Book ... Waste to Wealth
The Circular Economy

The Circular Economy Could Unlock $4.5 trillion of Economic Growth, Finds New Book by Accenture ... Waste to Wealth, by Accenture Strategy, identifies five business models for circular advantage
Open file 10458
Country ... Nigeria

UK National Crime Agency Confirms Arrest of Diezani Allison-Madueke, Four Others ... EFCC Raids Homes Of Jide Omokore, Diezani In Lagos, Abuja
Open file 10459
Country ... Nigeria

REVEALED: “In Three Years, NNPC Generated N8.1 Trillion, Gave Nigeria N4.3 Trillion, Pocketed The Balance”
Open file 10460
GPI ... Genuine Progress Indicator

Components of the Genuine Progress Indicator
Open file 10461
Women's Issues

To Make Big Change, Start Small: Have the Conversation with Your Boss
Open file 10462
Natural Capital

University of California ... Forest Research and Outreach ... Many useful publications
Open file 10463
Ideas ... Al Gore and David Blood
Sustainable Capitalism

A Manifesto for Sustainable Capitalism ... How businesses can embrace environmental, social and governance metrics.
Open file 10464
Metrics and Management Methods
Triple bottom line

Triple bottom line ... It consists of three Ps: profit, people and planet
Open file 10465
Impact Investing
Companies ... Vital Capital

Forbes: Does Impact Investing Work? Vital Capital Case Study Shows It Does
Open file 10466

Blockchain Technology May Transform the Corporation
Open file 10467
Country ... USA
Republican Politics

The Dark Truth Of Speaker John Boehner's Resignation
Open file 10468
Martin Thomas and Mark McElroy

Martin Thomas, MA, MSc, FCMA, FCIS, CGMA ... Mark W. McElroy, Ph.D. ... Founders of consultancy firm based in Vermont USA
Open file 10469
Mark McElroy

Context-Based Sustainability (CBS)
Open file 10470

Blind Growth (GDP) is a Flawed Approach: A Sustainable Economy will Measure Wellbeing ... David Suzuki
Open file 10471
Country ... Chile
Marine Environment

Chilean President Announces Nazca-Desventuradas Marine Park at 2015 ‘Our Ocean’ Conference
Open file 10472

Shifting the Market / Aligning Profit and Impact
Open file 10473
Burgess Notes

Some notes ... Fall 2015
Open file 10474
Transport / Logistics / Employment
Shortage of Truck Drivers in the USA

Shortage of Truck Drivers in the USA ... Truck Driver Shortage Analysis 2015 by the American Trucking Associations
Open file 10475
Transport / Logistics / Technology
Self-Driving Vehicles in Logistics

Self-Driving Vehicles in Logistics ... Report for DHL ... Self-Driving Vehicles – The road to the future?
Open file 10476
ACCA / Pace University Study

Accounting And Finance Professionals Play Increasing Role In Cybersecurity
Open file 10477
Company ... Walmart

Walmart sustainability leadership ... Walmart shuffles sustainability leadership, taps new SVP
Open file 10478
Waste ... E-Waste

New Perspectives for E-Waste Treatment in China
Open file 10479
Music ... Music as a Global Resource

Music as a Global Resource
Open file 10480
Jack Ma

World Economic Forum ... Davos 2015 - An Insight An Idea with Jack Ma
Open file 10481
Bribery and Corruption
Chicago School District

Former Public Schools Chief Indicted for Accepting Bribes and Kickbacks
Open file 10482
Impact Investing
Wharton School Study -2015

New Wharton Research Shows “Doing Well While Doing Good” Is Viable Investment Strategy, Investors Seeking Social Impact Can Receive Comparable Returns
Open file 10483
Company ... Walmart
Staff Changes

Walmart Shuffles Leadership, New Sustainability SVP
Open file 10484
Dell and EMC

Dell Edges Nearer to $50 Billion EMC Deal
Open file 10485
Air pollution
Automobile Emission Controls

VW Emissions Scandal Reveals Dirty Side of ‘Clean Diesel’ Brand
Open file 10486
Water in Agriculture

With agriculture set to use 19% more water by 2050, food and drink companies must take action now
Open file 10487
New York

New Ultra Tall Skyscrapers
Open file 10488
Ideas ... Harrison Owen
Open Space Technology

Open Space Technology ...
Open file 10489
PRODUCTS: Construction Materials

Trial section of bio-asphalt hits the road in Holland
Open file 10490
Dialog about SDG #1

Describing poverty is no substitute for producing hard evidence to help end it
Open file 10491
Technology ... Diesel
Fallout from the VW software scandal

Despite Volkswagen cheat, clean diesel is good technology today and for the future
Open file 10492
Vehicle Emissions Scandal
More pollution than we think

We keep choosing cars over clean air – that’s the real scandal
Open file 10493
Vehicle Emissions Scandal
Double Standards

UK, France and Germany lobbied for flawed car emissions tests, documents reveal
Open file 10494
Human Centric Organations

Leaders at Google, PwC and LinkedIn are human-centric: here's why
Open file 10495
Workplace Conditions
Fishing boats

Thailand’s multibillion-dollar seafood industry plagued by pirates and slaves on the high seas
Open file 10496
Country ... Burkino Faso
Security Force abuses

Burkina Faso: ‘There must be justice’
Open file 10497
Country ... USA

Hillary Clinton's Take on Banks Won't Hold Up ... The Democratic frontrunner seems to be counting on America's ignorance about the 2008 crash
Open file 10498
Bankiing Misfeasance
Toxic behavior

JPMOrgan-Chase whistle-blower Alayne Fleischmann risked it all. Andrew Querner ... She tried to stay quiet, she really did. But after eight years of keeping a heavy secret, the day came when Alayne Fleischmann couldn't take it anymore.
Open file 10499
Sustainable Development Goals
Question of MDGs and SDGs effectiveness

Question of MDGs and SDGs effectiveness ... 您的位置:首页 > 英语作文 > 英语美文 ... Did the MDGs accelerate progress? And will SDGs accelerate progress?
Open file 10500
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