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TVM Dialog List 1199
9901 - 9950

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Gold mining puts $171bn into global economy – World Gold Council
Open file 9901
Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington ... Introducing What's Working: Purpose + Profit
Open file 9902
Issues ... Water
Accomplishments of technology ... GRACE

From 310 Miles Above the Earth, Satellites Weigh Groundwater Lost to Irrigation
Open file 9903
Urban Container Farming

Boston ... Couple raises crops in recycled freight containers
Open file 9904
Infrastructure ... USA

Filthy water and shoddy sewers plague poor Black Belt counties ... Overflow of raw sewage poses serious health risks, including return of diseases thought eradicated in the US
Open file 9905
Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance

Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance ... an initiative about Social Value
Open file 9906
Social Impact Metrics

Olinga Ta'eed ... The new currency of Intangible Values
Open file 9907
Professor Olinga Ta'eed

Professor Olinga Ta'eed and the Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance
Open file 9908
Agriculture and Food
Palm Oil

Let’s not be blinkered about palm oil ... Andrew Britton argues that a broader perspective is needed on the debate about palm oil, certification and deforestation.
Open file 9909
Financial Ideas
Paul Mcculley

Paul Mcculley Interview With Consuelo Mack [VIDEO]
Open file 9910
Companies ... Nestle
Issue ... Water

Sign the petition ... Tell Nestle CEO Tim Brown: ... “End your irresponsible water profiteering in drought-stricken California. Stop blaming consumers and exercise some corporate responsibility in your water bottling practices.”
Open file 9911
Company ... Starbucks
Issue ... Water

Starbucks moves Ethos water from California after droughtshaming
Open file 9912

Mali's magical music ... Music is central to Mali's identity – and yet the conflict there has led to it being widely banned. Here, African and western artists pick their favourite tracks from this most musical of nations
Open file 9913
The Kinshasa Orchestra

Kinshasa symphony orchestra gets global stage ... doing a tour with the Halle orchestra in the UK 2014
Open file 9914
Economics ... Market Prices

Why Some Airlines Will Now Charge You Extra to Book With Expedia and Priceline
Open file 9915
Counsel For Economic & Human Development

Counsel For Economic & Human Development ... We have started a Community Re-Vitalization Program
Open file 9916
Every business is a social business

Profits are becoming the key to effective, charitable social change
Open file 9917
Every business a social business

SOCIAL ENTERPRISE ... Every Business Is (Or Should Be) a Social Business
Open file 9918
Beethoven - Symphony No. 9

Beethoven - Symphony No. 9 (Proms 2012) ... Royal Albert Hall, 27 July 2012
Open file 9919
Bach - Mass in B minor (Proms 2012)

Bach - Mass in B minor (Proms 2012) at the Royal Albert Hall ... Proms 2012
Open file 9920
Women's Sports

Soccer ... World Cup: For U.S. women, legacy of '99 lives on
Open file 9921
No accountability

Jeffrey D. Sachs ... writing on The Impunity Trap
Open file 9922
Beethoven - Symphony No. 5

Beethoven - Symphony No. 5 (Proms 2012) ... Royal Albert Hall
Open file 9923

Is Keynesian economics working in modern times ... Niall Ferguson ... More Keynesian than Keynes ... the Ferguson dispute with Skidelsky
Open file 9924
Region ... Asia Pacific
South China Sea

Joseph S. Nye ... Avoiding Conflict in the South China Sea
Open file 9925
Only a small part of the solution

Ricardo Hausmann ... The Education Myth
Open file 9926
Banking and Finance

Everyone thinks Elizabeth Warren went too far in a too-personal letter she wrote to the SEC chairwoman
Open file 9927
Banking and Finance

Nouriel Roubini ... The Liquidity Time Bomb
Open file 9928
Policy Framework

GreenBiz ... Joel Makower ... Two Steps Forward ... Can we solve the global energy ‘trilemma’?
Open file 9929
Airplane Travel

On a Plane? Enjoy the View of the Planet You're Killing! ... Airplanes have a huge carbon footprint, and Obama is about to crack down.
Open file 9930
Company ... IKEA

IKEA pledges 1 billion euros to help slow climate change
Open file 9931
Company- Shell

Terry Macalister ... Climate change ... Keep it in the ground ... The real story behind Shell's climate change rhetoric
Open file 9932
People the Problem

Joshua Abramson ... 'We’re in denial that each and every one of us is the problem.'
Open file 9933
Carbon footprint
The high carbon in flying

Eric Holthaus ... Why I'm not flying again
Open file 9934

The calculations that go into the Carbonfund's Carbon Calculators
Open file 9935
People ... David Eaves
Initiative ... Socrata

[SCS14 - David Eaves] Open Data’s Disruptive Potential at the Socrata summit 2014
Open file 9936
Big Data ... Open Data

[SCS14 - Kevin Merritt] The Vision of Open Data: Government Leading the Innovation
Open file 9937
Richard Dawkins

Is Richard Dawkins Destroying His Reputation? ... Even the scientist's closest allies worry that his online provocations do more harm than good.
Open file 9938
Donald W. Light

Co-Author of Good Pharma (he Public-Health Model of the Mario Negri Institute) ... by Donald W. Light and Antonio F. Maturo
Open file 9939
Conversion coefficients

US EPA ... Clean Energy
Open file 9940
Conversion coefficients

Greenhouse Gas Reporting ... EPA data
Open file 9941

Tom Philpott ... We'll All Eat Less Meat Soon—Like It or Not
Open file 9942
Company ... GE
Restructuring strategy

GE Is Amassing A $40bn War Chest, Eyeing O&G - Takeovers Coming?
Open file 9943
Company ... Dell
The circular economy

How Dell is Closing the Loop
Open file 9944
Waste Management

Incredible Example Of Rethinking ‘Things’ With The Internet of Things
Open file 9945
Country ... Pakistan
NGO relations

Pakistan orders Save the Children to leave country
Open file 9946
People ... Loretta Lynch

FIFA indictments reveal Loretta Lynch’s hypocrisy ... New attorney general will prosecute foreign sports officials but not criminal bankers in her own backyard
Open file 9947
Bill Drayton

Bill Drayton on the importance of empathy
Open file 9948
Tanzania ... Technology

Tanzania deforestation ... Can Technology Save Africa’s Forests?
Open file 9949
Industry ... Oil and Gas
Downturn in offshore oil

Offshore Driller Swaps Newbuild Drillship For Tankers As Market Crisis Intensifies
Open file 9950
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