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9851 - 9900

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Physical Capital

Construction begins on Crowley’s second Commitment Class, LNG-powered ConRo ship for use in the Puerto Rico trade
Open file 9851
LNG for Chile

Hoegh LNG Bags Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU) Deal in Chile
Open file 9852
Brazil ... Petrobras

Former Petrobras Exec Sentenced to 5 Years Jail
Open file 9853
LETS ... Community Currencies

New Values, New Currencies ... 2014
Open file 9854

What Value WellBeing? ... An interview with Daniel Fujiwara by Rupert Widdicombe.
Open file 9855
Decision drivers

TRLPC: Customers, investors drive transport and logistics M&A spree
Open file 9856
Politics ... USA
Clinton Presidential Campaign

Hillary Clinton appoints former junk food lobbyist head black outreach
Open file 9857

Corruption ... What are you doing about it? ... Sponsoring FIFA, the Fraud in Football Association
Open file 9858
The Sustainability Media

3BL Media Acquires UK-Based CSR Publisher of Ethical Performance ... Fourth Acquisition for Sustainability Communications Firm 3BL Media
Open file 9859
Top 50 Brands 2015

Most valuable brands in 2015 ... an image set
Open file 9860
Thompson Reuters

Brand Value #68 ... Market Cap As of May 2015 $33.2 Billion ... Industry Printing & Publishing
Open file 9861

Information from the Forbes List of 2015
Open file 9862

Information from the Forbes List of 2015
Open file 9863
Country - South Sudan

Unfolding Events in South Sudan: NP National Protection Officers forced to flee- By Jonathan Moore, International Protection Officer for Nonviolent Peaceforce
Open file 9864
The Honest Company

How Jessica Alba Built A $1 Billion Company, And $200 Million Fortune, Selling Parents Peace Of Mind
Open file 9865
Country ... UK
After the election

Martin Hutchinson... UK: Abandoning Europe, Connecting With Whom Instead? ... Brexit divorce will need a good lawyer – and a hot new “girlfriend.”
Open file 9866
Region ... Middle East
David Apgar ... Iraq

The U.S. Strategy on IS in Iraq Has It Backwards ... Why the U.S. government must rethink Iraq’s territorial integrity.
Open file 9867
Region ... Middle East
David Apgar ... Iraq

A Two-State Solution for Iraq? (Part I) ... Could the best solution to the crisis in Iraq be to split the country in two?
Open file 9868
Region ... Middle East
Views of David Apgar,

A Two-State Solution for Iraq? (Part II) ... What would a two-state Iraq mean for the Middle East — and the world as a whole?
Open file 9869
Region ... Middle East
Defeating ISIS in Syria

David Apgar ... Rethinking the U.S. Strategy Against IS in Syria ... Why the U.S. government should use mercenaries in Syria.
Open file 9870
Business Management
B Corps

B Corps are changing the way we do business
Open file 9871
Business Model for Philanthropy

Charities are making big money by acting like venture capitalists
Open file 9872
Region ... Middle East
Workplace conditions

Saudi human rights body slams sponsorship system
Open file 9873
Country ... Saudi Arabia

Expat hiring model 'no longer working', says Saudi investment head
Open file 9874
Tom Wolfe

Beware the Rise of the Pseudo-Intellectual: Tom Wolfe’s Boston University Commencement Address
Open file 9875
Issues ... Trade
Joseph Stiglitz

How the TPP amounts to a corporate takeover
Open file 9876
People ... Elon Musk
Company ... Tesla

The Secret Tesla Motors Master Plan (just between you and me)
Open file 9877
Burgess ... Contacts
East Stroudsburg University

Some key people at East Stroudsburg University
Open file 9878
The Ultra Rich

9 Outrageous Ways the Rich Spend Their Money the Rest Of Us Could Only Dream About ... Some are more outrageous than others, but they're all out of reach for most of us.
Open file 9879
Food food decisions

7 Ways to Turn Your Grocery List Into a Ballot for Positive Change ... Every purchase is a vote for your values. That's especially true with the food you choose to buy.
Open file 9880
Region ... Asia-Pacific
South China Seas

The U.S. Really Thinks It Has the Right to Be a Global Cop, and China Is Driving Us Bonkers ... The South China Sea exceptionalist adventurism could alarmingly get out of hand.
Open file 9881
Simon Mainwaring

We First Book Video: 'We-defining Me'
Open file 9882
Robert Reich on the Real Texas Disaster

Clueless Pols Who Hate the Feds Until They Don't ... A short while ago, Texas pols said federal government was taking over. Now they're begging for help.
Open file 9883
Social Change
Changing role of women

The weaker sex ... Blue-collar men in rich countries are in trouble. They must learn to adapt
Open file 9884
Michael 'Luni' Libes

IT’S NOT THEM, IT’S YOU! ... advice for entrepreneurs maing 'Angel' pitches
Open file 9885

Another Major Poultry Company Is Getting Rid of Antibiotics ... Foster Farms is the latest to stop using medically important drugs in its chickens.
Open file 9886
Local Grown

Replanting America: 90 Percent of What We Eat Could Come From Local Farms ... Changing what’s grown where could provide Americans with vegetables from close to home.
Open file 9887
Chinese progress

Meeker's Internet Trends Tells Us A Chinese Company Could Soon Be The Global Internet Leader
Open file 9888
Kering, Puma and the EP&L

Owner of Puma releases EP&L as open-source tool for others to use
Open file 9889
SROI evolves into Social Value Network

For organisations, measuring and managing social value means: ... Benefits of Social Value Principles
Open file 9890
Liquid Natural Gas

Rate of Regulatory Approval Key to U.S. Role in Global LNG Market
Open file 9891
Supply Chain
2degrees analysis

Supplier Cooperation White Paper prpeared with 2degrees
Open file 9892
Data Management
Database technology

Databases Are the Weak Point in Big Data Projects ...
Open file 9893
Sustainable Farming

Impacting the Next Generation of Sustainable Agriculture: The Evolution of Iroquois Valley Farms
Open file 9894

A Better Way to Make Chocolate ... Madecasse in Madagascar
Open file 9895
The Company
Now a monster

Matthew Wallis ... Why corporations should have their special status reviewed
Open file 9896
Evolution of everything

'LIFE ON EARTH IS ONE BIG EXTENDED FAMILY!' ... This awesome graphic of all lifeforms will make you feel tiny ... an amazing natural system
Open file 9897
Morgan Stanley

How Morgan Stanley helped Alibaba raise capital to expand an eCommerce revolution in China and beyond.
Open file 9898

The Agency ... From a nondescript office building in St. Petersburg, Russia, an army of well-paid “trolls” has tried to wreak havoc all around the Internet — and in real-life American communities.
Open file 9899
Public Policy
Tax Free Zones

Corporate Welfare Fails to Deliver the Jobs: The Sad Case of Start-Up NY
Open file 9900
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