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Counsel For Economic & Human Development

Counsel For Economic & Human Development ... We have started a Community Re-Vitalization Program


Peter Burgess

Counsel For Economic & Human Development

We have started a Community Re-Vitalization Program to address the economic and educational needs of our community. Sharing the resources of Professionals, Merchant Associations , Industry and an host of other available networking concepts. Using these resources and individual initiative we can change the prospects, the outlook, and the hopes of our citizens bringing them hope for a better tomorrow. Our efforts are underway to align ourselves with Professionals here on linked in, and with other Professionals throughout Business, Law Enforcement, Industry Leaders, Civic Groups, Foundations, Health & Medicine, Governance, Media Professionals. Included also in the professional listings are Economic Planners, Church Organizations, Justice & Court Members, Public Relations, City & County Counsels, Environmental & Nature Conservatives, Homeowner Associations, Individuals, Citizens and many others. Using the unique quality that resides in us all to help our fellow man, and to stop the trends in the inter-city, and small communities of drugs, and economic discrimination which is so prevalent in our nation. The program can be exported to save a tremendous number of 'victims' from these economically deprived and depressed, communities, and the lack of educational opportunity which prevents them from reaching their true individual potential. We can make a difference by working together. For more information, please visit our website, message me or email me for more details and let me know how you would like to get involved. This is a pilot program and by demonstrating this we create interest to export it to thousands of poor communities, and inter-cities throughout the nation that are in desperate need for answers and solutions. We all need to get involved to change the direction of poor communities and uplift their people to see a brighter future for themselves and their families. It will take all of us working together to achieve the vision. Please consider these things and let me know how you wish to be involved.

You may message me, or email me at .

I look forward to talking with you, no obligation is required on your part, I would be glad to hear your ideas, your input as well as any efforts or resources you feel you can provide to assist us in these goals. All you do is greatly appreciated, by helping others, we help ourselves. Working together we can really make a difference.

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