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Peter Burgess Dialog
Gary A. Bolles

Catching up in October 2013
Open file 5801
Religious outreach

Vatican Launches Cricket Club, Challenges Anglicans
Open file 5802
Cost of healthcare

Quora ... Why does the USA spend a lot more per person on medical care than other first world countries and yet gets worse results on average
Open file 5803
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Angel Santa

Director of Finance & HR Mangement at Nazareth Housing ... Greater New York City Area ... Accounting
Open file 5804
Corporate Brands

Beyond waste ... Nestlé on Its Way to Achieving Zero Waste in Europe by 2020
Open file 5805
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Paul Youlten

Marketing Director at King's Group S.A. ... Madrid Area, Spain ... Education Management
Open file 5806
Workplace Conditions
Bangladesh ... clothing

Clean Clothes launches better wage campaign
Open file 5807
Country ... Libya
About Gadaffi

LIBYA - URGENT ... my concern about the problem of mercenaries ... February 2011
Open file 5808
Managing Change

Sustainability Institute (1999) ... PDF ... Leverage Points ... Places to intervene in a system
Open file 5809
Cost of healthcare

YouTube ... Why Are American Health Care Costs So High?
Open file 5810
The Capital Institute

John Fullerton ... Capital Institute ... The Future of Finance ... The Big Choice
Open file 5811
Climate Change

Open file 5812
Capital market perspective

Carbon Tracker ... A possible bubble because of unburnable carbon
Open file 5813
The Carbon Tracker

The Carbon Tracker initiative is a new way of looking at the carbon emissions problem.
Open file 5814
Carolyn Parrs

Sustainability Spotlight: A Conversation with Carolyn Parrs ... Mind over Markets ... Parrs: The “3 Es” of green marketing stand for ecology, economy and efficacy.
Open file 5815

Four Leaders Share How to Manage Sustainability Metrics ... Just as baseball is a game of statistics, sustainability is a field of metrics.
Open file 5816
Sustainable Brands

Modeling and Communicating the ROI of Sustainability
Open file 5817
Initiatives ... SAP

Getting ready to collaborate with SAP
Open file 5818
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Sandra Otto

Designing, managing and delivering inspiring transformation and leadership programs ... Auckland, New Zealand ... Professional Training & Coaching
Open file 5819

Not only how much profit, but how was the profit made!
Open file 5820
LinkedIn Dialog
Group: Impact Investing Forum

Discussion: The priorities of business need to be challenged.
Open file 5821

Open file 5822
Greenhouse Gases

EPA information ... Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Gas
Open file 5823
Supply Chain Costing

Open file 5824
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Cliff Feigenbaum

Owner, GreenMoney Journal ... Santa Fe, New Mexico Area ... Publishing
Open file 5825
LinkedIn Dialog
Group: The B Team

Discussion: Prince Charles urges companies to end short-termism
Open file 5826
Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics Conference in Chicago ... The schedule and speakers ... November 14th, 15th 2013
Open file 5827
Peter Burgess Connectio0ns ... LinkedIn
Taiming Chu, PhD, MBA

International Healthcare/Medical Devices Executive ... Greater Chicago AreaMedical Devices
Open file 5828
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Sopon Pornchokchai, PhD D.FIABCI CRS MRICS

Board Member, International Advisory Board at The Appraisal Foundation ... Thailand ... Research
Open file 5829
Peter Burgess Follow Up
October 2013

October 2013
Open file 5830
LinkedIn Dialog
Group: Impact Investing Forum

Discussion: JP MORGAN legal fees $ 23 billion 2013
Open file 5831
Peter Burgess Follow Up
Some websites to follow up

October 2013
Open file 5832

Benoit Mandelbrot: Fractals and the art of roughness
Open file 5833
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Artur Krueger

President at American European Consulting Company ... Houston, Texas Area ... International Trade and Development
Open file 5834
Jerry Colonna

Jerry Colonna
Open file 5835
LinkedIn Dialog

Conversation about how to make contact with SAP
Open file 5836
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Dan Seidman

Entrepreneur, Business development, consultant, Mobile, Internet, Gaming, Marketing, Communications ... Antwerp Area, Belgium ... Marketing and Advertising
Open file 5837
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Colin Lucas-Mudd

Partner at SmartFund ... San Francisco Bay Area ... Internet
Open file 5838

The Rise of Cheap Solar Energy ... How are existing utilities reacting to solar energy becoming cost-effective?
Open file 5839

SEEP ... M&E ... an analysis PDF
Open file 5840
Alan Longley

Some ideas about collaboration ... maybe this will lead to a better understanding of exchange, wealth, metrics and money
Open file 5841
Health ... Malaria
Country ... Chad

IRIN ... Malaria deaths nearly double in Chad ... Chad’s rising malaria cases likely due to erratic rains
Open file 5842
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Aaron Erickson

Head of Demand, Analytics Practice / Delivery Principal ... Greater Chicago Area ... Information Technology and Services
Open file 5843
Peter Burgess ... Follow Up
Folllow up

Some URLs to check ... October 2013
Open file 5844
Peter Burgess Connestions ... LinkedIn
Nicole Reynolds

SME Equity Investment and Enterprise Development Expert ... Washington D.C. Metro Area ... International Trade and Development
Open file 5845
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Joyce Meng

CEO at Givology ... New York, New York ... Financial Services
Open file 5846
Adam Green

Co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, talks on C-SPAN about the fiscal goals and legislative agenda of progressive interest groups,
Open file 5847
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Rebecca Mills

Strategist at The B Team ... New Zealand ... Management Consulting
Open file 5848
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Juhi Shareef

Senior Sustainability Consultant at Eco-Age ... United Kingdom ... Environmental Services
Open file 5849
Value for the SME

Webinar ... Graham Russell and Martha Young will share some of the initial findings of the research
Open file 5850
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