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TVM Dialog List 1116
5751 - 5800

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Fossil Fuels

Renewable Energy: Profiting from Fossil Fuels' Woes ... As the Fossil Fuel Age wanes, renewables are poised to take over and transform the way power is generated and distributed.
Open file 5751
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Pawel Rzeczkowski

Entrepreneur/ Finance Professional / Aviation Expert ... New York, New York ... Internet
Open file 5752
LinkedIn Dialog
Group: Corporate Social Responsibility

Discussion: The rise of CSR in business education
Open file 5753
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Tasnim Anwar

Tasnim Anwar ... Social Finance Research & Investment Analysis ... Toronto, Canada Area ... Investment Management
Open file 5754
Schiller on the State of Finance

Robert J. Shiller, ... The State of Finance: An Interim Assessment ... What can be done so that financial capitalism is a source not of disasters, but of true human progress and democratization?
Open file 5755

Robert J. Shiller, ... The Democratization of Banking ... Do we need to repeat the 19th-century savings bank movement for the 21st century?
Open file 5756
Capitalism 2.0

A Journey in Search of CAP2 ... Mike Townsend and Brad Zarnett
Open file 5757

Why this crisis may be the best chance to build a new economy
Open file 5758
New Economy

David Korten ... The New Economy
Open file 5759
New Economics Foundation

The New Economics ... a book by Andrew Simms and David Boyle
Open file 5760
Corporate short-termism

Prince Charles urges companies to end short-termism
Open file 5761
The IVE initiative

The Intrinsic Value Exchange (IVE) Does Two Primary Things: Agregates Information and Generates Valuations
Open file 5762
Country ... DCR
Violence ... Farming

In Violent Congo, Hope In The Shape Of A Coffee Bean
Open file 5763
Glossary of Key Terms

Glossary from the IVE initiative
Open file 5764

Sustainable Companies: We Make it Happen
Open file 5765
Basis for a lot of research

Unreliable research ... Trouble at the lab ... Scientists like to think of science as self-correcting. To an alarming degree, it is not
Open file 5766
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Adnan Ahmad

Co Founder at E Learner ... United Arab Emirates ... E-Learning
Open file 5767
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Beate Sjåfjell

Professor dr. juris at University of Oslo ... Oslo Area, Norway ... Higher Education
Open file 5768
Some history

MakerFaire ... Tim O'Reilly slideshow about the trajectory of innovations in the technology industry
Open file 5769
Greenwald leave Guardian to join 'start-up'

Glenn Greenwald and the $250 Million 'Angel Investor'
Open file 5770
Gary Bolles

Gary Bolles ... a slide deck that describes some of the issues of modern data.
Open file 5771
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Isabell Mohr

Isabell Mohr ... Senior Manager Online Media & Communications - World at Robert Bosch GmbH ... Stuttgart Area, Germany ... Online Media
Open file 5772
Coro Strrandberg Blog

A series – How to build industry association sustainability programs
Open file 5773
Business and social problems

Video ... why-business-can-be-good-at-solving-social-problems/
Open file 5774
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Meghla Bhardwaj

Editor in Chief at Global Sources Shenzhen, Guangdong, ChinaImport and Export
Open file 5775
The IVE Initiative

The fact of existing outside the perceiving subject ... The Problem
Open file 5776
The IVE Initiative

Intrinsic Value Exchange ... What is IVE?
Open file 5777
The IVE Initiative

Intrinsic Value Exchange ... What is IVE?
Open file 5778
LinkedIn dialog

Discussion: A Journey in Search of Capitalism 2.0 - Please download the paper and Be Part The Change!
Open file 5779
Energy money in politics

The case of fracking ... the money flowing into California politics
Open file 5780
Energy money in politics

Discussion: Are politicians indentured servants to the oil industry?
Open file 5781
Impact on People ... Health

CORPORATE ACCOUNTABILITY AND WORKPLACE ... McDowell County, USA Has Close to Haiti's Life Expectancy: Welcome to Third World America
Open file 5782
Food ... the supply chain

Many people eat only chicken to avoid the health and environmental questions surrounding red meat. Yet the track record of US chicken may be worse.
Open file 5783
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Group: Impact Investing Forum

Discussion: Business can be good at solving social problems
Open file 5784
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Andrew Cunningham

Community Manager at HUGE ... New York, New York ... Marketing and Advertising
Open file 5785
Intelligence Squared Debates

Intelligence Squared debate ... October 2013 ... Motion: Break up the big banks
Open file 5786
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Heidi Darling

Founder at Songnote ...San Francisco Bay Area ... Computer Software
Open file 5787
Beyond GDP

A Truer Measure of Economic Well-Being? Replacing GDP with GPI, Part One
Open file 5788
Caux Round Table

Caux Round Table ... The Bangkok Agenda: Reshaping Capitalism to Ensure Sustainability
Open file 5789
The pollution dimension

Gulf Ecosystem in Crisis Three Years After BP Spill
Open file 5790
The circular economy

The 10 ways sustainability professionals can scale up the circular economy ... The director of Marks & Spencer's Plan A shares his vision of how sustainability professionals can make a difference
Open file 5791
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Patrick Meier

Next Generation Humanitarian Technology ... Washington, DC ... Information Services
Open file 5792
Emergency Response
A report in 2013

The World Disaster Report 2013
Open file 5793
Beyond GDP

Measurement, a plank in the California Green Party
Open file 5794
Economics ... Initiative
The Capital Institute

John Fullerton and Hunter Levins ... Transforming Finance and The Regenerative Economy
Open file 5795
LinkedIn Dialog
Group: Global Social Accountability, EHS & CSR Professionals

Statement by the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety on the release of factory lists
Open file 5796
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AhmadReza Sheikhi ...

PhD Researcher in Tourism ... Other ... Hospitality
Open file 5797
Short term goals

Prince Charles urges companies to end short-termism
Open file 5798
LinkedIn Dialog
Christina Kleinau

Research Associate at HHL - Leipzig Graduate School of Management
Open file 5799
Peter Burgess Dialog
Asad Mahmoud

Follow up ... some information about Multi Dimension Impact Accounting (MDIA)
Open file 5800
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