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TVM Dialog List 1115
5701 - 5750

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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ONE ... transparency

Right now, some very big oil companies are fighting to hold onto some very rich secrets. ... But ONE members won't be bullied by Big Oil. Add your name with just one click.
Open file 5701
Terms of Use

Terms Of Use ... This Agreement was last revised on April 30, 2012.
Open file 5702
The Environmental P&L Account

Embedding environmental impacts in the P&L ... Through accounting for its environmental impact, PUMA is positioning itself to identify business risk and uncertainty and enhance the sustainability of its products
Open file 5703
Climate change and pensions

Climate change and resource scarcity may wipe out pensions industry ... New report from Anglia Ruskin University shows that actuaries, charged with risk management in the financial sector, have ignored the greatest risk of all time
Open file 5704

Making a full transition towards a sustainable economy ... We need to focus on the forces that shape business rather than maximising profitability regardless of the environment
Open file 5705

Open file 5706
Socio-Economic Development

Nina Munk on Her New Book: Can “Bono’s Africa Guru” Jeffrey Sachs Truly End Poverty?
Open file 5707
Disruptive Innovation

Reflections from the World Economic Forum’s Impact Investing Initiative ... Disruptive innovation: It's now the fast that eat the slow
Open file 5708
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Esteban Navarro V.

Global HR Co-ordinator Early Careers en Unilever ... Kingston upon Thames, Greater London, United Kingdom ... Human Resources
Open file 5709
Economic Analysis
Business Investment

A new book explains why business investment has been low
Open file 5710
Peter Burgess

October 2013 ... webpages for follow up analysis
Open file 5711
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Samantha Andrews

MSc Marine Environmental Management at University of York ... United Kingdom ... Environmental Services
Open file 5712
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Trevor Kaufman

Executive Director, Wildlife Conservation at Endangered Species Revenge ... New York, New York ... Environmental Services
Open file 5713
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Lauren (Finn) Salminen

Program Coordinator, The Episcopal Diocese of New York; The Carpenter's Kids and Global Women's Fund ... Greater New York City Area ... Nonprofit Organization Management
Open file 5714
Climate Change
Need for activism

Climate change: the time has come to become unreasonable
Open file 5715
LinkedIn Dialog
Group: HW Fisher Sustainability

Discussion: An article that REALLY hits the nail on the head when it comes to true sustainable business. Manager's Choice
Open file 5716
LinkedIn Dialog
Development Crossing ... Corporate Social Responsibility CSR

Shale Gas and Fracking News - Bloomberg Breaking news about Shale Gas and Fracking. Find the latest articles, videos, photos and blogs about Shale Gas and Fracking.
Open file 5717
Mobile Payments

eBay, PayPal Helping Shape the Future of Mobile Commerce
Open file 5718
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Ellen Pabst von Ohain

Owner, Phoenix-English ... Munich Area, Germany ... Management Consulting
Open file 5719
LinkedIn Dialog
Group: Impact Investing Forum

Discussion: Is the consulting model for international development about to be disrupted?
Open file 5720
LinkedIn Dialog
Impact Investing Forum

The priorities of business need to be challenged. Sustainable Business: Where Our Moral Compass Meets the Bottom Line
Open file 5721
Organizations interested in inequality

Inequality-Related Organizations and Institutions
Open file 5722
Sustainability leadership

If boards don't see the real case for sustainability, we'll get nowhere ... Continuous pursuit of growth is not possible with our limited resources. Boards must start engaging with the truth
Open file 5723
The West's Day of Fiscal Reckoning ...

Part 1 of a 3 part series ... The first step is to acknowledge the facts of the global fiscal condition.
Open file 5724
The West's Day of Fiscal Reckoning ...

Part II ... In theory, there are four options to address the West’s debt overhang.
Open file 5725
The West's Day of Fiscal Reckoning ...

Part III -- Restructuring Politicians might conclude that debt restructuring is inevitable.
Open file 5726
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Lisa Linowes Yates

Philanthropy | Grantmaking | Community and Economic Development ... Greater New York City Area ... Philanthropy
Open file 5727
Social Capital
Funding the MDGs

A mapping project of Kevin Jones ... helping fund the MDGs
Open file 5728
LinkedIn Dialog
Group: Impact Investing Forum

Discussion: Crowdfunding and Investment Clubs
Open file 5729
Peter Burgess Dialog
Marco Monfils (in Hungary)

October 2013 ... About MDIA ... trying to make it useful
Open file 5730
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Catherine Cameron

Catherine Cameron ... Director at Agulhas Applied Knowledge ... London, United Kingdom ... Management Consulting
Open file 5731
LinkedIn Dialog
Group: The B Team

Ellen Pabst von Ohain ... Discussion: Update on the B-Base database idea for Germany
Open file 5732
Peter Burgess Dialog
Developing MDIA

TVM-MDIA white paper ... Alan Longley
Open file 5733
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William Russell

William Russell ... Transitioning To Green, LLC, Managing Director SustainEdge, Adjunct Professor and more... ... Greater New York City Area ... Management Consulting
Open file 5734
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Pankaj Upadhyay

Special Projects Executive at European Care Group ...Oxford, United Kingdom ... Civic & Social Organization
Open file 5735
Fertilizer Industry

Some data concerning the fertilizer industry
Open file 5736
Country ... USA
Broken politics

The GOP's little rule change they hoped you wouldn't notice
Open file 5737
Country ... China

Kept women ... Mistresses are big business in China, where no official is a real man without his own ernai. What’s in it for the girls?
Open file 5738
MDIA - Multi Dimension Impact Accountancy

A brief (2 page) description of the MDIA ... October 2013 ... handout
Open file 5739
Natural Logic

Noble Profit: A Moment with Gil Friend, Natural Logic ... Nature provides us with 3.85 billion years of free, open source R&D, and that puts the greatest opportunity of the century at our finger tips.
Open file 5740
Natural Logic

Noble Profit: A Moment with Gil Friend, Natural Logic | Vol 2 ... Gil Friend gives examples of the power of multinationals to change the world
Open file 5741
The role of the Finance Director

FINANCE ... Why the numbers people count ... an article from 2006
Open file 5742
Eco Districts for New York

Urban Redevelopment – How the Eco-District Model Can Drive Economic Growth ... Introduction e-mail to the SPN group in New York
Open file 5743
Doing business with the BoP

How Can You Do Business with 2.7 Billion $2-a-Day Customers? ... Zero-based design, starting from scratch, is the design process that will establish a new business model to serve the world's poor
Open file 5744
Educating for Sustainability

Instructing for Impact: The State of Social Finance Education in the United States
Open file 5745
Social Capital
The MaRS initiative in Canada

Mobilizing Private Capital forPublic Good ... Measuring Progress During Year One ... Canadian Task Force on Social Finance
Open file 5746
The business case for sustainability

How to Make a Viable Business Case for Sustainability Without Any Tree Hugging ... How do you pitch a business case for sustainability to the SUV-driving boss?
Open file 5747
The True Cost of Water

The true cost of water: Understanding the value of water through monetization of blue risks
Open file 5748
KfW ... German Development Bank

Presentation by Monika Beck of KfW at Deutsch Bank / Microfinance Clube of New York
Open file 5749
Durreen Shahnaz

TED FELLOWS ... Fellows Friday with Durreen Shahnaz ...
Open file 5750
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