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TVM Dialog List 1107
5301 - 5350
A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Richard Wolff

Global Capitalism: June 2013 Monthly Update
Open file 5301
Richard Wolff and David Harvey

Capitalism in Crisis? - Charlie Rose ... Capitalism in Crisis with geographer David Harvey & economist Richard Wolff
Open file 5302
Richard Wolff

Global Capitalism - Feb 2013 - Richard D Wolff
Open file 5303
Richard Wolff

Global Capitalism - April 2013 - Richard D Wolff
Open file 5304
Richard Wolff

Occupying Our Future: Solutions to Capitalist Crisis
Open file 5305
Banking and Finance
The 2007/8 financial crisis

The men who crashed the world
Open file 5306
Family Fish Farms Network in the USA

Some images that describes vertical glasshouse culture ... from Hydroponic Growing Systems Ltd trading as Local Salads
Open file 5307
Family Fish Farms Network in the USA

Some images that describes vertical glasshouse culture ... from Hydroponic Growing Systems Ltd trading as Local Salads (sized to suit the webpage)
Open file 5308
Family Fish Farms Network

Text of draft report titled A Sustainable Business Model ... August 2013
Open file 5309
Country ... Ecuador

Ecuador approves Yasuni park oil drilling in Amazon rainforest
Open file 5310
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Ahmed Ali Jadallah

CEO @ AJ consulting and (MENADI) Founder, USA ... Greater Salt Lake City Area ... Management Consulting
Open file 5311
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Joseph WONG SC

Specialized in Effective Execution of Business Strategies ★ Higher Education ★ Singapore ★ China ★ Myanmar ... Singapore ... Education Management
Open file 5312
Peter Burgess Connections .... LinkedIn
Mr. Pankaj Kumar

Student at ISB&M Nande pune ... Pune, Maharashtra, India ... Management Consulting
Open file 5313
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Gbolade Sonubi

Producer/Director ... NigeriaProfessional Training & Coaching
Open file 5314
LinkedIn Group Dialog
Corporate Social Responsibility CSR and Sustainable Development

Increase Revenues with CSR
Open file 5315
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
John David

Business Development Executive at Radiant Systems Inc. ... South Plainfield, New Jersey ... Information Technology and Services
Open file 5316
Responsibility to Give Back

THE BOSS ... A Responsibility to Give Back ... A. BARRY RAND is the chief executive of AARP, based in Washington.
Open file 5317
LinkedIn Group Dialog
The B Team

Jae Mather ... The absence of wisdom prevails! ... Ecuador approves Amazon oil drilling
Open file 5318
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Andy Lintern

Head Researcher at UN World Food Programme and Board Member of Two International NGOs ... Rome Area, Italy ... International Trade and Development
Open file 5319
Different Strengths

The Levitt Dubner Partnership: Charlie Rose
Open file 5320
Trems of Service

CSRHub Terms of Service
Open file 5321
Metrics ... CSRHub

Open a PDF about the CSRHub Schema Description (4 pages)
Open file 5322
Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Beyond GDP ... GDP: Gauging Dematerialised Progress! ... By Hazel Henderson*
Open file 5323
Citizens United

Robert A. G. Monk
Open file 5324
Metrics ... CSRHub

Frequently Asked Questions About CSR andf CSRHub
Open file 5325
LinkedIn Group Dialog

The absence of wisdom prevails
Open file 5326
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Bahar Gidwani

CEO of CSRHub and NY area Angel Investor ... Greater New York City Area ... Information Technology and Services
Open file 5327
Metrics ... CSRHub

The CSRHub Ratings Methodology
Open file 5328
Peter Burgess LinkedIn Groups
African Incubator Network (AIN)

About the African Incubator Network (AIN) ... left this group August 2013
Open file 5329
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Peter Burgess ... as of August 2013

Peter Burgess ... Founder/CEO at TrueValueMetrics ... Bushkill, Pennsylvania ... Management Consulting
Open file 5330
Data ... Meaningful Data that Matters

Some of the reasons why Peter Burgess is passionate about data, and how powerful it can be.
Open file 5331
Peter Burgess and Meetup
Data for Good

A speaker series bringing together analytic professionals working in a variety of industries to discuss the power of data, and how to use that data for social good.
Open file 5332
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Hilbrand Haak

Hilbrand Haak ... Director, ResultsinHealth ... The Hague Area, Netherlands ... Hospital & Health Care
Open file 5333
Peter Burgess LinkedIn Dialog
Development Crossing

Corporate Social Responsibility CSR and Sustainable Development
Sustainable CSR: Need for Companies CSR Hub
Open file 5334
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Robert Mautino

Senior Systems Engineer at Vitec Multimedia ... San Francisco Bay Area ... Internet
Open file 5335
Peter Burgess LinkedIn Dialog
Impact Investing Forum

Role of metrics & what is the right metric? ... How Do We Create a Culture of Measurement?
Open file 5336

Will dodgy numbers in your Mandatory Carbon Reporting (MCR) reports really matter?
Open file 5337

Carbon Footprinting by CICS, a consulting firm
Open file 5338
Pter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Dr. Khater Massaad

Executive Director ... United Arab Emirates ... Investment Management
Open file 5339
Impact Investing

Impact investing and responsible investing: what does it mean?
Open file 5340

The following services are offered by CICS
Open file 5341
Dialog ... Solid waste

Windy City Edging Closer to Bag Ban ... Will the Windy City be next to ban the bag?
Open file 5342
Peter Burgess LinkedIn Dialog
Global Social Accountability, EHS & CSR Professionals Group

New discussion started by Peter Burgess
Open file 5343
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Al Macintyre

Volunteer Consultant at Haiti Earthquake Disaster Relief & News ... Evansville, Indiana Area ... Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing
Open file 5344
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinledIn
Soumya Sarkar

Soumya Sarkar ... Investment Advisors ... South Delhi, Delhi, India ... Investment Banking
Open file 5345
Peter Burgess Connections ...LinkedIn
Rita Sobeh

Recruiter at Skill Master s.a.r.l ... Lebanon ... Human Resources
Open file 5346
Peter Burgess Connections .... LinkedIn
Vijay Rajkumar

Vijay Rajkumar ... Founder at Process (enhancing effectiveness & delivering results )... New Delhi Area, India ... Nonprofit Organization Management
Open file 5347
The World
President Kennedy

Some words spoken by President Kennedy with some images of people and places around the world ... we must connect in order to be prosperous and peaceful.
Open file 5348
From Idea to Success

Taking an Invention From Idea to the Store Shelf
Open file 5349
LinkedIn Group Dialog
DuPont Sustainable Solutions

60 000 babies born per day in Africa, continent needs to ensure food security
Open file 5350
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