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TVM Dialog List 1108
5351 - 5400
A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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What should the government be doing in secret?

'Travesty of Justice': Bradley Manning Sentenced to 35 Years ... 'Every aspect of this case sets a dangerous precedent for future prosecutions of whistleblowers'
Open file 5351
LinkedIn Group Dialog
DuPont Sustainable Solutions

Will China be the key to changing the world?
Open file 5352
The purpose of economic activity

The Myth of Shareholder Capitalism ... an HBR article from 2010
Open file 5353
Renewables and the Existing Grid

Why the U.S. Power Grid's Days Are Numbered
Open file 5354
Wages Rates
Low wages in the USA

The discussion about minimum wages
Open file 5355
Rule of Law

Multinationals Are Plotting to Steamroll What's Left of Our Democracy to Make Huge Profits ... We've got to stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership that's being drawn up in Washington before it becomes law.
Open file 5356
Different cultues

Fornicating While Latina: Why I Was Deeply Ashamed of Sex and How I Got Over It ... I've worked through the sex shame imposed by my traditional Mexican upbringing.
Open file 5357
Top Executives are well paid

Video about Baumer at Microsoft, who took over from Bill Gates.
Open file 5358
LinkedIn ... Global Social Accountability, EHS & CSR Professionals

Peter Burgess ... Relevant Impact Metrics are the Key to Global Social Accountability
Open file 5359
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Bhakti Mirchandani

Senior Vice President at One William Street Capital ... Greater New York City Area ... Financial Services
Open file 5360
Initiative ... Health
Using modern ICT

Video 2013 ... SmartCure Initiative in Morocco
Open file 5361
Architecture for better metrics

PDF about Technology ... the-ball-architecture-and-perspective-change-draft
Open file 5362
Peter Burgess Dialog
Listing of LinkedIn Group Discussions

Listing of LinkedIn Group Discussions prepared in August 2013
Open file 5363
Corporate Initiatives

How TD Bank measures employee engagement on sustainability
Open file 5364

CSRHub's goal ...
Open file 5365
Critical need for simplicity

Swamped by sustainability indicators that fail to drive transformation ... Even if companies are taking action to reduce sustainability impacts, they may collectively overstep planetary boundaries, warns Allen White
Open file 5366
Rule of Law
Often unfair to BoP

Without Our Land, We Cease To Be a People: Defending Indigenous Territory and Resources in Honduras
Open file 5367
Metrics ... The Data
Carbon (CO2 emissions)

Country Rankings by Cumulative (1751-2010) CO2 Emissions and 2010 CO2 Emissions
Open file 5368
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Aimee Sostowski

Program Director at The Resource Foundation ... New York City Area ... Philanthropy
Open file 5369
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Roland Alden

Associate Partner at Ciuci Consulting Limited ... Los Angeles Area ... Telecommunications
Open file 5370
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
David Kitching

Director at Nurtureco Ltd ... Coventry, UK ... Writing and Editing
Open file 5371
NONPROFIT MANAGEMENT ... Collective Impact

Large-scale social change requires broad cross-sector coordination, yet the social sector remains focused on the isolated intervention of individual organizations.
Open file 5372
Nonprofit funding

FUNDRAISING ... Ten Nonprofit Funding Models
Open file 5373
Climate Change
Impact on Planet

Humans: the real threat to life on Earth
Open file 5374
Stanford ... November 2013

Conference ... Next Generation Evaluation: Embracing Complexity, Connectivity, and Change sponsored by FSG, SSIR and Stanford PACS
Open file 5375
Ideas ... Mike Townsend

If boards don't see the real case for sustainability, we'll get nowhere ... Continuous pursuit of growth is not possible with our limited resources. Boards must start engaging with the truth
Open file 5376
Managing Change
The role of metrics

Introducing TrueValueMetrics
Open file 5377
Managing Change
Understanding what needs to change

Peter Burgess writes about some of the issues in the modern economy and society
Open file 5378
Peter Burgess Network
MeetUp New York

Open file 5379
Resource Based shared Economy (RBE)

Open file 5380

Social Impact Investments: Making Money and Saving the Planet is Hard
Open file 5381
Peter Burgess Connections
Ashley Saba

Operations Manager at The Opportunity Lab ... New York, New York ... Research
Open file 5382

IntApp Partner logos
Open file 5383
Mobile Payments

Mobile Payments in Latin America
Open file 5384
Mobile payments

NFC: The next BIG thing? (NFC = Near Field Communication)
Open file 5385
Key People at BazaarVoice

Some of the key people at BazaarVoice ... August 2013
Open file 5386
Key People

Scott Bonneau ... Executive Vice President of Engineering at BazaarVoice
Open file 5387
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Peter Hogan-De Paul

Developer Evangelist at ... Greater New York City Area ... Computer Software
Open file 5388
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Christina Kleinau

Christina Kleinau ... Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin bei HHL - Leipzig Graduate School of Management ... Leipzig Area, Germany ... Higher Education
Open file 5389
Positive Money

A series of links that relate to the Positive Money agenda ... Positive Money has a focus on money and the economy ... understanding its dysfunction and what needs to be done
Open file 5390
Peter Burgess Connections
Juan Aguiriano

President, Asia-Pacific at DuPont Sustainable Solutions ... Singapore ... Management Consulting
Open file 5391

It’s a Myth That Entrepreneurs Drive New Technology ... For real innovation, thank the state.
Open file 5392
Michael Barnett

about the Reputation Commons problem
Open file 5393
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Dave Finnigan, CSP

Empowering Youth to Green the World ... Orlando, Florida Area ... Environmental Services
Open file 5394
Ideas ... Management
The Business Plan

Steve Blank: How to Build a Great Company, Step by Step
Open file 5395
Ideas ... Management
Business Models

Steve Blank and Gary Shapiro: Startups, Entrepreneurs and Ninja Innovation (6/10/13)
Open file 5396
Peter Burgess ... Misc Text
Text from TPB history

Text from TPB history removed from 'About TPB' in August 2013
Open file 5397
Sustainable Wealth

SUSTAINABLE WEALTH ... Bringing Good Capital Home with a Living Economy Fund
Open file 5398
SUSTAINABLE WEALTH ... The Connection Economy

Catalyzing the Connection Economy ... social capital movement to connect the dots and embody a new world view and create the next economy
Open file 5399
LinkedIn - DuPont Sustainable Solutions

Juan Aguiriano ... 5 Key Components of Strategic Energy Management
Open file 5400
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