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60 000 babies born per day in Africa, continent needs to ensure food security


Peter Burgess

Madaleen van der Walt Follow Madaleen

60 000 babies born per day in Africa, continent needs to ensure food security
With over 60 000 babies being born per day and a whopping 1.1 billion people already in its ranks, Africa’s population is growing faster, but there is not enough food to feed all these...
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adex atiyota Follow adex atiyota Student at University of Derby

Africa is blessed with natural resources but its bane are the leaders in that continent. While the means of subsistence is growing in Arithmetic progression, the population is growing in Geometric progression. The solution is not to donate, but western governments should help in promoting policies of development in various fields such as agriculture, industries, health and housing and also hold the very corrupt leaders of this continent to accountability and prudency of their resources rather than ignoring such heinous crimes of these leaders because of their interest in available resources or geographical locations considered to be a National security interest. Charity they say begin at home but the poverty witness by these people have made them to be vulnerable and all hope left on them is for manner to fall from heaven.
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Ron Dodson Follow Ron Dodson Senior Fellow at International Academy of Sustainability Leadership

All life requires food, shelter and water. This is basic biology. Then there are the topics of 'space' and 'interspersion.' From a human point of view, we try to call this Land Planning. But there are also the topics of 'Limiting Factors' and 'Carrying Capacity' that come into play. The point being that land...any land, will only be able to 'carry' a certain amount of use, before a Limiting Factor, such as the lack of food, shelter or water will bring about adverse consequences. The media tend to focus on these adverse consequences. But...we should be focused on Carrying Capacity, and country-wide or continent-wide land use plans that are based in science and that are bolstered by policies and politics to work toward a more sustainable future.
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Peter Burgess Peter Burgess Founder/CEO at TrueValueMetrics

Yes ... Africa is rich in resources, but these resources have been taken from the ordinary people of Africa to benefit international actors and a local elite. I started to work in Africa back in the 1970s, and I have observed some of the natural resource plunder, and over the years have asked that the people who write the checks should be held to account just as much as the people who cash the checks. And yes, I would also like to hold to account the banks that have facilitated the transfer of wealth from Africa to the various money centers and safe havens around the world.

Population, food and fertility can be handled when resources are used to end the economic dysfunction caused by the international and local economic and political elite.

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