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TVM Dialog List 1086
4251 - 4300
A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Complementary Currency

The architectural framework for Transaction Agreement Units (TAU)
Open file 4251
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Stephen Nuchia

Stephen Nuchia ... Programmer, Mathematician, Engineer based in Tulsa, Oklahoma working with Computer Software
Open file 4252
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Tom Coleman

Tom Coleman ... President, CEO at Bottom Billion Fund
Open file 4253
Why are bankers immune from prosecution?

Dean Baker ... Big Bank Immunity: When Do We Crack Down on Wall Street?
Open file 4254
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Premal Shah

Premal Shah ... President Kiva Inc.
Open file 4255
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Mohamed Zakaria

Consultant at Hazza Bin Saif Investment Group ... United Arab Emirates ... Financial Services
Open file 4256
Renewables ... Solar

Gap Between European and Chinese Solar Modules ... If modules are a commodity, why are price spreads expanding?
Open file 4257
Data Framework

These TVM graphics show some of the complexity of society ... multiple entities at different levels of society
Open file 4258
User Agreements
Cisco WebEx LLC

Cisco WebEx Terms of Service
Open file 4259
About TVM
The Promotion of TVM

This is a mock-up of a possible magazine cover ... going back to January 2011.
Open file 4260
Garbage in the Oceans

The great garbage patch of the Pacific ... When you can scoop up in our oceans more plastic than biomass, it's time to recognise that we may have a problem.
Open file 4261
Impact needs measuring

Defining Impact Investing: A Call to Action
Open file 4262
Need to rethink how we think!

TED talk ... Dan Pallotta ... The way we think about charity is dead wrong
Open file 4263
Peter Burgess Connections ... Dialog
Jonathan Cloud, Victoria Zelin

What to do about economic dysfunction
Open file 4264
Dysfunctional Economics
What to do?

Moyers: Rampant Capitalism Has Created a Social Disaster -- How Do We Right the Ship? ... Interveiw with Richard Wolff
Open file 4265
Huge crimes ... but it is OK for bankers!

When Good Things Happen to Bad People
Open file 4266
Country ... USA

Occupy Wall Street ... Protest in support of investment divestment in gun sector
Open file 4267
Habemas Papam ... Pope Francis 1

Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina elected new pope ... First Latin American and first Jesuit elected leader of the Catholic Church to be known as Pope Francis I.
Open file 4268
Habemas Papam ... Pope Francis 1

Profile: Pope Francis I ... An austere Jesuit intellectual who modernised what had been one of the most conservative churches in Latin America.
Open file 4269
Complementary Currency

March 2013 ... Bitcoin rises ... Although there is still the possibility of a volatile market, the Bitcoin ecosystem looks more promising than ever.
Open file 4270
Complementary Currency

June 2012 ... Understanding Bitcoin ... Bitcoin is at the forefront of 'hacktivism', giving its users a free alternative to contemporary financial mechanisms.
Open file 4271
How should you use technology for social progress?

Rand Paul filibusters the domestic drone ... Rand Paul's filibuster raised concerns about drone strikes in the US and guidelines needed to regulate domestic drones.
Open file 4272
Managing using meaningful metrics

Actionable Analysis ... the various benchmark systems and metrics being used to promote action
Open file 4273
Complementary Currency
Bridgetown Bucks

About Bridgetown Bucks
Open file 4274
Complementary Currency
What PDX-Currency has to say

Background material about the complementary currency movement
Open file 4275
Peter Burgess Contacts ... Misc
New York Contacts

New York Contacts
Open file 4276
Journalists are an endangered specie

Managed expectations in the post-employment economy ... In a post-employment economy, many are working simply to earn the prospect of making money.
Open file 4277
User Agreements

Terms of Services
Open file 4278
Complementary Currency
Listing of active systems

CURRENCIES ... New systems of supplying money and financing the economy ... according to
Open file 4279
Pocono Doe
A Complementary Currency for the Poconos

An introduction to Pocono Doe ... a complementary currency for the Poconos.
Open file 4280
Complementary Currency
Bridgetown Bucks

FAQ about Bridgetown Bucks
Open file 4281
The Logitech Webcam

Open file 4282
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Tamara Cook

Tamara Cook ... Program Officer, Financial Services for the Poor, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation ... Greater Seattle Area ... Financial Services
Open file 4283
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Sadia Ahsanuddin

Sadia Ahsanuddin ... Research Associate at Brennan Center for Justice ... Greater New York City ... Public Policy
Open file 4284
Not well understood

Elizabeth Rhyne ... Good Governance and the Future of Equity Flows ... The Shareholder vs. Stakeholder View on Governance
Open file 4285
Organization Matters

The Shareholder vs. Stakeholder View on Governance ... Presentation at the CFI Governance Working Group is too simplified
Open file 4286
Community ... Okehampton, Devon
Sports ... Rugby

Some history about the Okehampton Rugby Club
Open file 4287
Burgess ... TO DO
March 2013

More to come
Open file 4288
User Agreements

MoveOn Terms of Use Agreement <
Open file 4289
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Neil Aremband

Neil Aremband ... Managing Director at Greener Gateway Limited
Open file 4290
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Vivian Norris, PhD

Vivian Norris, PhD ... Honorary Co Chair and Professor of Social Business and Media at Yunus Social Business School
Open file 4291
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Lauren (Reese) Braniff

Lauren (Reese) Braniff ... Managing Editor, Microfinance Gateway at CGAP/World Bank
Open file 4292
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Yuxin Duan

Communications for Development ... Beijing City, China ... Nonprofit Organization Management
Open file 4293
New Economics
Debunking the Shareholder Value Myth

Frank M. Werner ... More on 'The Shareholder Value Myth'
Open file 4294
Peter Burgess Connections ...
Ted Heintz

Ted Heintz has been involved with measurement for most of his career at the highest level ... not retired
Open file 4295
User Agreement

Open file 4296
Peter Burgess Connections ... Dialog
Richard Wolff

A message from Peter Burgess to Richard Wolff about adding on the metrics dimension to the dialog about the dysfunctional economy
Open file 4297
Some TVM basics

In TVM ... the core relationships between activity, data, analysis and feedback
Open file 4298

Steven Pearlstein poses the question 'Is capitalism moral?'
Open file 4299
The Atlantic is profitable and miserly

An open letter to The Atlantic regarding the payment of workers
Open file 4300
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