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TVM Dialog List 1085
4201 - 4250
A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Burgess Books
The Burgess Library ... by Subject

A library of Burgess books was lost in a fire in February 2012 ... these are some replacement books
Open file 4201
The Great Recession

VIDEO ... Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis
Open file 4202
The Great Recession

VIDEO ... RBS - Inside The Bank That Ran Out Of Money
Open file 4203
The Great Recession

Banker's behavior ... VIDEO Going Rogue - UK
Open file 4204
Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Dr. Bob Novak

About Bob Novak and dialog
Open file 4205
Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
David Malone

About David Malone and dialog
Open file 4206
Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Kiringai Kamau

About Kiringai Kamau and dialog
Open file 4207
Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Warren Feek

About Warren Feek and dialog
Open file 4208
TO DO ... Peter Burgess
March 5, 2013
Open file 4209
Burgess Connections
Graham Knight

Dialog about malaria control
Open file 4210
Initiative ... USA/NJ
Sustainable Leadership Forum

Jonathan Cloud ... February 2013 ... The Great Transition (and Our Place in It) ... We are, whether we like it or not, moving into an age of great transition.
Open file 4211
Unified Field Corporation (UFC)

Unified Field Corporation (UFC) ... Nine Areas of Sustainability
Open file 4212
Unified Field Corporation (UFC)

Unified Field Corporation (UFC) ... Quadruple Bottom Line
Open file 4213
Unified Field Corporation (UFC)

Unified Field Corporation (UFC) ... Whole Systems Economics
Open file 4214
Unified Field Corporation (UFC)

Unified Field Corporation (UFC) ... Regenerative Community Initiative
Open file 4215
Unified Field Corporation (UFC)

Unified Field Corporation (UFC) ... Phases of the Regenerative Communities Initiative
Open file 4216
Unified Field Corporation (UFC)

Unified Field Corporation (UFC) ... About Us and the key people behind UFC
Open file 4217
Initiative ... USA/NJ
Sustainable Leadership Forum

Jonathan Cloud ... Reforming Capitalism ... posted February 12, 2011
Open file 4218
Center for Regenerative Community Solutions (CRCS)

Rebuilding New Jersey Shore Communities in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy
Open file 4219
Social Capital

Steve Wright ... The Social Enterprise Ecosystem and Social Capital Products
Open file 4220
New Possibilities in Financing

Crowdfunding Main Street: The Genesis of a Small Business Revolution
Open file 4221
People Burgess Connections ... Linked In
Brigit Helms

Chief of Party, SPEED Program in Mozambique ... Mozambique ... International Trade and Development
Open file 4222
Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Beth Porter

Currently (March 2013) Financial Inclusion Expert ... UNCDF (United Nations Capital Development Fund)
Open file 4223
Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Pat Cappelaere

President/CEO, Vightel Corporation, Open Source / Defense & AeroSpace Consulting Services
Open file 4224
Brian Gately

Savings Group Conference in Washington, DC--Wow!
Open file 4225
Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Prof Dr Hans Dieter Seibel

Board member at European Microfinance Platform Cologne Area, Germany
Open file 4226
Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Paul Zeitz

Advocate for Justice Washington D.C. Metro Area
Open file 4227
Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Paulynn Cue

Strategic Planning, Business Development, Design and Production Greater Los Angeles Area
Open file 4228
Elements of Reporting

How TVM does reporting on Church performance
Open file 4229
Data for Emergency Response

Data Diagram for Emergency Response Management and Oversight
Open file 4230

Some solar information related to Massachussetts (Cape Cod)
Open file 4231
Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
William Blanchet

Accounting and a French Connection
Open file 4232
The Greener Economy

The GreenerGateway Initiative in the UK ... WRI/WBCSD Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP)
Open file 4233
Concentration of Power

Economic Collapse 'How the Banks Won' - Documentary
Open file 4234
Community Economy

IS YOUR COMMUNITY SUSTAINABLE? ... by Brian of EarthConomy ... in Community, Green Living, Sustainability, What You Can Do. ·
Open file 4235
People ... Idea
Milton Friedman

All Men Were Created Equal ... Milton Friedman defending his view of the free market system
Open file 4236
Calculator Applications

Your Footprint Calculator ... Your Water Footprint
Open file 4237
Concentration of Power

Outrage: Some Banks Are Too Big to Prosecute ... Attorney General Eric Holder admits that the biggest banks are not just too big too fail, but above the law.
Open file 4238
Iniitative ...

ISC is an initiative for international development with high profile people but rather modest footprint
Open file 4239
Connections ... LinkedIn
Kevin Doyle Jones

Building the social capital market ... San Francisco Bay Area. Capital Markets. Current: the hub, Social Capital Markets, Good Capital. Previous: Net Market Makers.
Open file 4240
Church Finances

2010 Vatican to issue new banking rules ... Catholic enclave aims to comply with international banking norms following corruption investigation. Vatican Inc. ... the secretive world of the Vatican's bank.
Open file 4241

Global Impact Investment Rating System prepared by B Lab
Open file 4242
Initiative ... B Labs
Creator of the B Corporation

The B Corporation ... the Benefit Corporation is a new legal form that puts benefit ahead of stockholder interest
Open file 4243
Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Antony Bugg-Levine

Antony Bugg-Levine
Open file 4244
Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Joey Renert

Joey Renert is working on an SMS system for data collection at the community level
Open file 4245
Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn Groups
Impact Investing Forum

About Impact Investing Forum and dialog
Open file 4246
Initiatives ... New Jersey, USA
Rebuilding after SuperStorm Sandy

Center for Regenerative Community Solutions (CRCS) ... Rebuilding New Jersey’s Shore Communities
Open file 4247
Collaboration in New Jersey

A communication with Jonathan Cloud and Victoria Zelin ... March 2013
Open file 4248
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
George Hamilton

George Hamilton ... President at Institute for Sustainable Communities
Open file 4249
The processing of data

Geometry of Financial Markets – Towards Information Theory by Edward W. Piotrowski and Jan S ladkowski†
Open file 4250
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