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TVM Dialog List 1075
3701 - 3750
A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Chomsky on Socialism

Noam Chomsky on Socialism ... a very clear explanation of what 'socialism' really is.
Open file 3701
Milton Friedman

Milton Friedman on Socialism vs Capitalism ... an except from the Phil Donahue show in 1979 ... not very convincing
Open file 3702
Milton Friedman ... Laissez Faire

Milton Friedman Puts A Young Person In His Place ... in my view this shows really how fundamentally wrong Milton Friedman has been
Open file 3703
Country ... Afghanistan
Banking ... More Bad Practice

AJE News ... Report: Kabul Bank lost $900m in embezzlement ... Leaked report says officials for Afghanistan's largest lender lived opulent lifestyles and loans went to bogus firms.
Open file 3704
Ideas ... Initiatives
PROgressive Utilization Theory ... PROUT

PROgressive Utilization Theory is a socio-economic philosophy that synthesizes the physical, mental and spiritual dimensions of human nature.
Open file 3705
Burgess TVM Connections

Caroline Hargreaves
Open file 3706
Managing Carbon

Jock Gill ... Pyrolysis: Creating Carbon Negative Energy
Open file 3707
Region ... Africa

Calestous Juma ... BBC Viewpoint: How tribalism stunts African democracy
Open file 3708
Country ... Panama
Energy and Environment

People & Power ... Panama: Village of the damned ... One indigenous tribe is engaged in a life and death struggle against the big business interests flooding their land.
Open file 3709
Country ... Panama
Development Impact

December 2010 ... Panama booms as poor look on ... Panama is expanding its famous canal and solidifying free-trade, but a third of its people remain in poverty.
Open file 3710
Country ... Syria
Civil War Raging

Fighting rages along Damascus airport road ... Activists say road closed following heavy clashes, as the internet is shut off across the country.
Open file 3711
Tax Havens

New Economics Foundation ... a documentary about Tax Havens - Investigating International Finance - Episode 1
Open file 3712
Happy Planet Index

Happy Planet Index ... Developed in the New Economics Foundation by Nic Marks ... includes a TED talk
Open file 3713
Banks Running Wild

Dangerous banks: can we tame them? - Tony Greenham
Open file 3714
Country ... Ethiopia
Self Help Development

AJE Witness ... Africa Rising ... The extraordinary story of how a large rural area of Ethiopia is taking itself out of poverty.
Open file 3715
Big Banking
Sucking value out of everything

NEF Videoa ... Taming the Vampire Squid: Take back our banks
Open file 3716
People ... TVM Connections
Peter Burgess

People ... TVM Connections ... Peter Burgess ... LinkedIn connections as of November 2012
Open file 3717
People ... TVM Connections
Alexsandra Rehlinger

November 2012 ... Introducing me to John Bunzl and the Simultaneous Policy initiative
Open file 3718
Ideas ... Initiatives
Indie Capitalism

David Nussbaum ... Can 'Indie Capitalism' Restore Free Market Competition? ... 4 Reasons Why The Future Of Capitalism Is Homegrown, Small Scale, And Independent
Open file 3719
People ... USA
Bruce Nussbaum

Bruce Nussbaum blogs, tweets and writes on innovation, design thinking and creativity.
Open file 3720
Institute for New Economic Thinking
Joseph Stiglitz - An Agenda for Reforming Economic Theory ... a presentation at the INET conference
Open file 3721
A very complex game

Rachel Maddow doing a good overview of the amazing complexities of international affaris ... and how dysfunctional Washington politicians operate
Open file 3722
Country ... USA
The abortion issue

Rachel Maddow ... Ending abortion clinics in Mississippi ... key date is January 11, 2013
Open file 3723
Country ... USA

Rachel Maddow ... what has been going on with Guantanamano ... Why Obama was stopped from closing Gitmo
Open file 3724
Country ... Israel
West Bank Occupation

Israel approves new homes in West Bank ... Cabinet authorises 3,000 units in illegal settlements in occupied territory, a day after UN upgraded Palestine's status.
Open file 3725
Country ... Palestine
West Bank Settlements

Revenge of the settlers ... Palestinians are under increasing attacks from Israeli settlers, especially in the last few years, reports have found.
Open file 3726
People ... Connections
Peter Burgess

Peter Burgess ... LinkedIn late November 2012
Open file 3727
Ideas ... Initiatives
Integrative Thinking

Definition of Integrative Thinking
Open file 3728
Country ... Palestine
People ... Munib al-Masri

The Frost Interview ... Munib al-Masri: 'The spring is coming' ... One of the most influential Palestinians discusses his fears for the future of both Palestinians and Israel.
Open file 3729
Ideas ... Initiatives
World Streets

LinkedIn connections ... Eric Britton
Open file 3730
Ideas ... Initiatives
Kirusa ... Ken Davies

LinkedIn Connections ...
Open file 3731
Ideas ... Initiatives

What is the right price for free transportation? ... an important question that can be answered using TVM methodology and Value Accountancy
Open file 3732
Country ... South Africa
Amazing People

The Frost Interview ... Desmond Tutu: Not going quietly ... The Nobel laureate on his role in South Africa's struggle against apartheid and his alarm over recent developments.
Open file 3733
Paul McCartney

The Frost Interview ... Paul McCartney: 'Still prancing' ... The famous Beatles songwriter and musician speaks to Sir David Frost about his life in the spotlight.
Open file 3734
Country ... Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Post war tensions remain

Al Jazeera Correspondent ... The House Fata Didn't Build ... Tensions in the aftermath of the Bosnian war are exposed through a widow's fight against the state, police and church.
Open file 3735
Country ... Italy
City of Venice

Venice is sinking, being flooded and maybe damaged by huge cruise ships
Open file 3736
Labor Economics
Wages and Working Conditions

Chinese-run sweatshops anger Italy workers ... Locals find themselves up against migrants in race to produce ready-to-wear clothes for the cheapest price.
Open file 3737
Urgent Need for TVM Value Accountancy

Michael Klare ... World Energy Report 2012: The good, the bad, and the really, truly ugly ... Energy industry's ability to boost production of oil, coal and gas is ensuring ever higher levels of carbon emissions.
Open file 3738
Country ... Qatar
Freedom of Expression Qatari poet jailed for life to appeal ...

Muhammad Ibn al-Dheeb al-Ajami's lawyer says he will appeal against the verdict next week.
Open file 3739
Climate Change

Qatar defends right to host climate talks ... Climate talks being held in Doha has placed a spotlight on the country's carbon dioxide emissions.
Open file 3740
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Pro-Life

Tom Friedman ... Why I Am Pro-Life ... An article about the craziness of the Republican far right
Open file 3741
Country ... USA

Stan Cox ... How about a green recession? ... Overproduction and overconsumption are major factors in the ecological crises the world faces today.
Open file 3742
Country ... USA
Environment ... Climate Change

Stan Cox ... There's a ration card in your future - and that's not all bad ... There is a need to impose a strict and low ceiling on consumption of fossil fuels while ensuring fair access to them.
Open file 3743
People ... Connections
Peter Burgess ... LinkedIn

April Harding ... April Harding at the World Bank is visiting Lesotho in connection with health
Open file 3744
Country ... USA

James Surowiecki in the New Yorker writes about DISASTER ECONOMICS ... too little investment in infrastructure until after the damage is done!
Open file 3745
Big Banks
Banks are out of control

James Surowiecki in the New Yorker writes about BANKERS GONE WILD ... an industry where little lies can create huge profits, and nobody really gives a damn
Open file 3746

Paying for this knowledge ... small money, huge value
Open file 3747
Country ... USA
War on Terror

For the First Time, Obama Official Sketches Out End to War on Terror
Open file 3748
Trends ... Inequality

Liebrary - Does giving the 1% greater rewards benefit everyone? Compare data for Britain and France to see this is not true
Open file 3749
Country ... Greece
Greek German History

Al Jazeera Correspondent ... The Greek Resistance ... Tied together by a painful history, Greece and Germany are locked into a new conflict that has reawakened old ghosts.
Open file 3750
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