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TVM Dialog List 1015
701 - 750
A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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AlJazeera English ... Opinion
What chance a general strike in Manhattan?
If the Occupy Wall Street protests included labour strikes, they would have the power to inflict heavy economic losses.
Open file 701
US Society
Mad as hell, at the corporate powers that be
This article is something of a challenge to mainstream media for their coverage of the corporate agenda, but not the people agenda
Open file 702
Africa ... Liberia
Liberia president's Nobel Prize questioned
Opponents of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf say the award gives her an unfair advantage in her bid for re-election.
Open file 703
Roger Bate
Active about the environment and health, especially malaria
Open file 704
Richard Tren
Active on health, especially malaria
Open file 705
UK ... Banking
Banks fail Britain's creative industries
Music, fashion and games start-ups are seen as too risky – yet they are more successful than hotels
Open file 706
Celebrating Archbishop Tutu
Dalai Lama slams China's 'immoral censorship'
Statement comes as Chinese government is accused of blocking him from traveling to South Africa.
Open file 707
Media ... Journalism
New forms of people-centered media
Journalism and a world in transition: Wadah Khanfar's James Cameron memorial lecture
Open file 708
Freedom of expression
The use of puppets to convey news stories has been practiced for around 25 years ... to the annoyance of political leaders.
Open file 709
Sport ... Rugby
Rugby World Cup in New Zealand
Part of the rugby tradition in New Zeland is the pre-game Haka. Here is the New Zealand vs Tonga Haka Challenge
Open file 710
Global Trade
America's free-trade abdication
To the detriment of the US, Obama is no longer pushing for multilateral free trade agreements.
Open file 711
Global Trade
The DOHA round
An Open Letter to President Obama on Doha organized by Jagdish Bhagwati
Open file 712
Banking and Finance
Meltdown ... The men who crashed the world
The first of a four-part investigation into a world of greed and recklessness that led to financial collapse.
Open file 713
Banking and Finance
Meltdown ... A global financial tsunami
Meltdown examines how an epidemic of fear caused banks to stop lending, triggered protests and led to industrial action.
Open file 714
Banking and Finance
Meltdown ... Paying the price
As the toll of the financial crisis continues to mount, many are looking for its true causes - and finding a crime.
Open file 715
Banking and Finance
Meltdown ... After the fall
Some responded with denial, others by re-thinking capitalism, but who is preparing for the next crisis?
Open file 716
US Economy
More stimulus ... or something better
OP-EDS Holtz-Eakin: New $1.4 Trillion U.S. Stimulus Is in Sight
Open file 717
US Economy and Society
Taking on Wall Street's Dictatorship
The 'Occupy Wall Street' movement is growing ... 'Our Berlin Wall Is Breaking': Taking on Wall Street's Dictatorship
Open file 718
US Economy and Society
Occupy Wall Street
As movement spreads, NY mayor slams protesters for 'trying to destroy' jobs. Rangel understands that protesters have important issues they want addressed
Open file 719
Amazing Science and Technology
Two for one ... photography and rocket
VIDEO Qu8k - BALLS 20 - Carmack Prize Attempt - High Altitude Rocket On-board Video
Open file 720
How the economy works ... should work
Michel Bauwens ... The commons and the growth issue ... Commons reduce money-induced growth because they make us more independent of money.
Open file 721
Economy ... Ireland
John Mauldin's impressions
Prepare For An Irish Haircut And A Worse Banking Crisis Than You've Read About In The Papers
Open file 722
Economy ... Europe
How to destroy the web of Debt
This essay is about the reduction of debt in Europe by simply cancelling out the complex cross borrowing between the different countries and institutions
Open file 723
Wealth ... Indonesia
150 Richest Indonesians - 2009
At the end of 2009, Indonesia’s 150 richest people had a total net-worth of US$ 61.5 billion up 22 percent from the prior year.
Open file 724
US Politics
Campaign Finance
Supercommittee rakes in corporate donations ... A military contractor and a pharmaceutical giant are among those writing checks to protect their business interests
Open file 725
People ... Who Knows Who?
The LittleSis Initiative
LittleSis is a project of Public Accountability Initiative to understand who knows who, connecting the dots that control the economy
Open file 726
US Economy and Society
Why #OccupyWallStreet?
VIDEO Why #OccupyWallStreet? Four Reasons from DC Douglas
Open file 727
US Economy and Society
OWS ... a view from Fox News
Fox News puzzled by Occupy Wall Street movement - FoxNews 111003. Very disturbing how out of touch these people are!
Open file 728
US Economy and Society
Alan Grayson on Occupy Wall Street
Alan Grayson on Occupy Wall Street ... explaining why 99% are mad as hell about the economy
Open file 729
AlJazeera English ... Opinion
The Steve Jobs factor
Steve Jobs was the only true showman of what is now one of the world's biggest industries, writes author.
Open file 730
Organizations ... Against Corrption
The UNCAC Coalition
The UNCAC Coalition is a global network of over 240 civil society organisations (CSOs) in over 100 countries
Open file 731
AlJazeera English ... Opinion
The global economy's corporate crime wave
Jeffrey Sachs ... Advanced economies with 'good governance' are facing alarming incidents of business corruption at the highest levels.
Open file 732
US Economy and Society
Rachel Maddow Show
Rachel Maddow - achievements in first two years of Obama administration - part 1 and 2
Open file 733
US Economy and Society
Bill Clinton and Fox News
Bill Clinton Kicks the Crap out of Fox News Part 1, 2 and 3
Open file 734
US Economyc and Society
What now for Occupy Wall Street?
Danny Schechter ... As the 'Occupy Wall St' protests grow, many wonder about the specific goals of the movement
Open file 735
The class warfare the rich don't understand
Heather Digby Parton ... The Masters of the Universe evaded responsibility and defiantly demanded more sacrifice from their victims
Open file 736
US Economy and Society
Occupy Wall Street Movement
An initiative to give OWS a platform ... The DRAFT (Open Source) American People’s New Economic Charter
Open file 737
Economy and the Environment
Earthrise Programmes
A series of programmes sponsored by AlJazeera English to identify initiatives to improve the global environment
Open file 738
Economy and Environment
Reinventing Fire
Amory Levins ... Getting three sets of benefits: better life, better profits and better environment
Open file 739
Society and Economy
What is money?
Protests against the world's financial institutions are growing, but do most people even know where money comes from?
Open file 740
Money Banking and Financial Services
About Money
Where Does Money Come From? ... A guide to the UK monetary and banking system.
Open file 741
Social Activism
Occupy Wall Street Pushback
Occupy protest critics exploit anti-Semitism ... Panicked conservatives are labeling the Occupy protests as 'anti-Semitic' in an attempt to break up the movement.
Open file 742
Social Activism ... USA
Occupy Movement
'Occupy': A catalyst for change? ... As anti-greed protests spread to cities across the world, Inside Story examines the movement's goals and its impact.
Open file 743
Social Activism
Catholic Bishop
Open file 744
Social Activism
OccupyWallStreet ... Wikileaks
A WikiLeaks van gets towed at OccupyWallStreet in New York ... why do the 1% not like WikiLeaks?
Open file 745
Social Activism ... USA
Times Square October 15, 2005 ... Get the horses out of here.
Open file 746
AlJazeera English ... Opinion
Will Occupy Wall Street be a global catalyst?
The youth and middle class are paying a huge price for mismanagement and greed by the financial and political elite.
Open file 747
AlJazeera English ... Opinion
What now for Occupy Wall Street?
Danny Schechter ... As the 'Occupy Wall St' protests grow, many wonder about the specific goals of the movement, writes commentator.
Open file 748
Social Activism ... UK
Occupy in London
Occupy Protest London Businessman vs 99% Supporter a 'Let them eat cake' moment
Open file 749
Economy and Society
Occupy Wall Street
On SkyNews Jeffrey Robinson from New York says the OWS movement can have a serious effect on the election
Open file 750
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