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TVM Dialog List 1014
651 - 700
A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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The OccupyWallStreet Movement
live arrest at brooklyn bridge #occupywallstreet by We are Change
Open file 651
The OccupyWallStreet Movement
Michael Moore Calls Out Mainstream Media on 'Rachel Maddow Show' (9/19/11)
Open file 652
The OccupyWallStreet Movement
VIDEO Occupy Wall Street, Now ... DadlandShow
Open file 653
The OccupyWallStreet Movement
VIDEO Occupy Wall Street, Why? by DADLAND SHOW
Open file 654
The OccupyWallStreet Movement
VIDEO Massive Occupy Wall Street march on Police Plaza - Day 14 We are the 99%
Open file 655
The OccupyWallStreet Movement
VIDEO Occupy Wall Street (Day 14) - The crowd grows - September 30, 2011
Open file 656
The OccupyWallStreet Movement
VIDEO Anonymous - #OccupyWallstreet - Day15 - Brooklyn Brigde 700+ Arrested
Open file 657
The OccupyWallStreet Movement
VIDEO Anonymous - #OccupyWallstreet - Day15 - 13year old got arrested
Open file 658
The OccupyWallStreet Movement
A New York Times article reports that police arrest more than 700 protesters on Brooklyn Bridge, but does not report on how they got onto the roadway!
Open file 659
The UK Economy
Protesters in Manchester UK march against cutbacks outside the Conservative Conference
Open file 660
AlJazeera English ... Features
The tides of mosques
Protesters were hoping Ramadan would prove a turning point, yet the powerful regime managed to quash most dissent.
Open file 661
AlJazeera English ... Middle East
Al Jazeera's Nir Rosen on the Syrian uprising
Journalist who reported for weeks during protests, discusses government attempts to spark sectarian civil war.
Open file 662
AlJazeera English ... Features
Syria: The revolution will be weaponised
Journalist Nir Rosen discusses armed struggle with army officers who have defected to join the opposition.
Open file 663
AlJazeera English ... Europe
Greece to miss deficit reduction target
Deficit this year is expected to reach 8.5 per cent of GDP, higher than the targeted 7.8 per cent despite huge job cuts.
Open file 664
TVM Analytical Framework
Outline of the Framework
This is the outline of the framework ... links take the user to more detail of each section
Open file 665
AlJazeera English ... Opinion
Functional deficits for dysfunctional America
The United States' deepest functional shortfalls may not be on any balance sheet - but they should be.
Open file 666
AlJazeera English ... Opinion
America's 13 deficits: Part 1
The US' biggest economic problem is unemployment, yet the government's approach is to focus on deficits instead.
Open file 667
AlJazeera English ... Opinion
America needs a new New Deal
Since Roosevelt's era, infrastructure, manufacturing and the viability of our ecosystem have declined dramatically.
Open file 668
AlJazeera English ... Opinion
Functional deficits for dysfunctional America
The United States' deepest functional shortfalls may not be on any balance sheet - but they should be.
Open file 669
AlJazeera English ... Opinion
On the sad passing of Wangari Mathaai
The life of Nobel peace laureate Wangari Mathaai was dedicated to the environment by planting trees for peace.
Open file 670
US Economics
What Would Keynes Say Now?
John Cassidy is a good read ... it would be even better to read the full article in the New Yorker
Open file 671
Socio-Economic Development Performance
Millennium Villages Project (MVP)
The Millennium Villages Project (MVP) has several years of experience, but surprisingly little performance data
Open file 672
AlJazeera English ... Opinion
China's African mischief
China's has proven its willingness to arm Africa's dictators - even when it votes against such actions at the UN.
Open file 673
US Economy
Jack Welch: How I'd Fix The Economy
Jack Welch: How I'd Fix The Economy ... from an appearance on CNBC.
Open file 674
AlJazeera English ... Opinion
Why tax the rich to pay for more war?
Instead of taxing the rich to enable continued warfare, it would be better to stop the conduct of war.
Open file 675
AlJazeera English ... Opinion
Sex and the single drone
The technology of choice for Obama to guard the 'empire' is the drone - making the world see the US as the Terminator.
Open file 676
TVM Background
The Old Wiki
In 2003 a Wiki was deployed to start to organize data about the international relief and development ecosystem
Open file 677
Emergency Response
2004 SE Asia Tsunami Rescue, Relief and Recovery
The dimension of accounting and accountability ... The perspective from IBLF with Peter Burgess / Tr-Ac-Net feedback
Open file 678
TVM Background
Something About Tr-Ac-Net
An Overview of The Transparency and Accountability Network ... Tr-Ac-Net
Open file 679
Official Relief and Development (ODA)
NGOs ... Help that Hinders
An article in Le Monde Diplomatique in 2004 suggest that NGOs are Help that Hinders
Open file 680
Amazing People
Steve Jobs
How Jobs Put Passion Into Products
Open file 681
AlJazeera English ... Opinion
Stiglitz ... To cure the economy
The underlying cause of the financial collapse is growing inequality; the solution is strong government expenditures.
Open file 682
Freedom of Information
The role of WikiLeaks
The 'Getting' of Assange and the Smearing of a Revolution
Open file 683
Capital Market Economy
Cash Better Than Cheap Emerging-Market Stocks, Says JPMorgan
A JPMorgan analyst says that Cash Better Than Cheap Emerging-Market Stocks ... but what are the metrics being used?
Open file 684
Many Happy Returns
‘Many Healthy Returns’ is a report by IBLF on the role of business in tackling chronic or 'non-communicable' diseases
Open file 685
Organizations ... NGOs
The International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF)
IBLF says it works to the ethos of 'redefining growth to help build a sustainable world.'
Open file 686
AlJazeera English ... Opinion
Globalisation's government
Globalisation effects all corners of the world, yet requires more government control, not less
Open file 687
AlJazeera English ... Opinion
The 'asset crisis' of emerging economies
China's economy seems to be steadily growing; in reality it is extremely vulnerable to the devaluation of the dollar.
Open file 688
AlJazeera English ... Opinion
Taxing nothing: Making empty homes pay
A tiny tax on empty properties sitting idle would increase state revenues and boost local economies.
Open file 689
AlJazeera English ... Opinion
How the US taxpayer got plucked in Iraq
The US bought a $2.58m chicken factory in Iraq without any market research for a nonexistent fresh chicken market.
Open file 690
AlJazeera English ... Listening Post
'Occupy Wall Street': A media blackout?
Lead story ... Protesters take on Wall Street and battle to get themselves heard in the mainstream media.
Open file 691
AlJazeera English ... Opinion
China's inflation muddle
Economic hardships face China in the near future, but their past record of success seems to espouse promising results.
Open file 692
Green Economy
Mangrove Action Project (MAP)
The mangrove is one of the most important parts of the global ecosystem ... especially fisheries and coastal seafood.
Open file 693
Green Economy
Center for Alternative Technology (CAT)
Center for Alternative Technology (CAT) ... Britain's major centre for environmental inspiration and courses.
Open file 694
Addictive Drugs
Drug war: What prohibition costs us
The opinion of Stephen Downing, a retired deputy chief of the Los Angeles Police Department and board member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition,
Open file 695
TVM Background
List of PDFs from the Tr-Ac-Net archive
List of PDFs from the Tr-Ac-Net archive
Open file 696
AlJazeera English ... Opinion
The renminbi's journey to the world
As China's currency becomes more popular internationally, the country will have less need to hold US dollar assets.
Open file 697
Making an Impact
People and networks
The New Jersey Meetup Executive Club is not your usual Meetup. It is...
Open file 698
The 2005 Election
Somaliland: Interview with Mark Bradbury who observed the Somaliland election. Open file 699
Health ... Malaria
USAID Fights Malaria Blindfolded
ARTICLE from The Examiner (Washington, D.C.) Publication Date: April 20, 2005
Open file 700
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