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Essential for a modern quality of life

ENERGY is a critical enabler of modern Quality of Life
It is Essential for the Functioning of the Socio-Enviro-Economic System

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The correlation between energy use and GDP is very strong. This is a problem that must be addressed. It requires a major rethink in how products are produced. Many of the energy intensive processes used for production in the 21st century are very much the same as the processes used in the 19th cenury when science was a whole lot more primitive than it is today.

Energy Flow Chart for the USA c2011
TPB Comment: One of the most important takeways from this flow chart is that there is that there is somewhat more rejected energy than energy utilized. This is part engineering inefficiency (that is the conversion systems) and part is inherent in the underlying thermodynmamics. The bulk of this inefficiency is in the generation of electricity and in transportation. There are relatively small energy rejections in residential use, commercial use and industrial use.

The intermittent nature of power generation through solar and wind highlights the need for better ways to store energy. Compared to gasoline, an electric battery has a very poor power to weight ratio, and a vehicle cannot be reloaded with energy into a battery anything like as quickly as the gas tank can be filled. This suggests maybe a cycle of renewable energy into hydrogen into fuel cell for transportation.

I am reminded that when I was 5 years old, in 1945 in the suburbs of London, our daily milk delivery was from an electric delivery truck, and stores like Harrods also operated electric delivery trucks. At the time petroleum was in very short supply ... essentially zero for civilian use, but Britain had a lot of coal that could fuel electric power stations that then enabled electric vehicles.

The technological innovation in this sector is amazing ... it is a vital part of the modern economy, but the profit performance has been optimized without much regard to the negative impacts on society and the environment.
The distribution system for gasoline (petrol) is very very effective, reaching into pretty much every corner of the world. It is not much noticed because almost all the time it works very well. When it doesn't, everything comes apart.

Central generating stations are the main source of electric power. They have evolved over time. but there have not been major improvements in decades.


The electricity transmission grid in the United States is one of the largest engineering structures every created. Much of the system is old and not as resilient is a system of this importance ought to be.

The distribution systems for electricity are quite fragile and extreme weather events usually mean that there no power for hours, days or weeks.

Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) has become a very important fuel / source of energy. It is displacing coal as a fuel for electric power generating stations because it is price competitive and it burns cleaner. LNG does, however, produce as much carbon dioxide as coal and does not reduce GHGs substantially.


The tar sand deposits in Alberta, Canada are economically important for the people and politicians of Alberta, but they are an environmental nightmare. The land, water and air in the area where the tar sands are being exploited has been degraded dramatically and the lives of local indigenous people terribly disrupted. The process of tar sands extraction is very energy intensive adding to GHGs more than from other fossil fuels. In addition to these issues, the tar sands are not located close to the markets.


More than anything else it is energy that has enabled the industrial revolution and the high standard of living that is now possible for a large segment of the world's population.
It is worth remembering that the former Saudi oil minister, Sheikh Ahmed Zaki Yamani famously said, “The Stone Age did not end for lack of stone, and the Oil Age will end long before the world runs out of oil.”

Tar-sand and fracking operators will be severely tested: frackers in the oil-rich Bakken are producing a gusher of red ink despite falling service costs and continuing technological improvement. Even those North American operators who survive the downturn may lose skittish investors to safer pursuits — such as renewable power, whose lower risks now attract capital several percentage points cheaper than utilities get.

The Demand Side Strikes Again
All this talk of oversupply is lopsided, though, because it leaves out half the supply/demand balance. The tepid global economy, with deflationary pressures in Europe and Japan, slowing growth in China, political gridlock in the U.S., and the gloom of uncertainty everywhere, continues to weigh on oil demand. But so, very importantly, does the invisible “fifth fuel” — energy efficiency, which the International Energy Agency recently found is even bigger than any other fuel.

Alternative Fuels

A 2014 pamphlet about a Federal government program to help cities reduce the consumption of fuel for transit operations ''
Open PDF ... DOE-Alternative-Fuels-clean-cities-overview

Without ENERGY the industrial revolution could never have happened

Correlation between economic growth and energy production
This times series related to Guangdong Province in China shows the very stong correlation between GDP and energy production.

ENERGY is a foundational STRAND for Quality of Life and the functioning of the Socio-Enviro-Economic System

ENERGY from the PEOPLE / QUALITY OF LIFE dimension
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Industry Agenda Lobbying
WSPA ... Western States Petroleum Association
The oil industry PR machine fights back - powerpoint
Open PDF ... WSPA-western-states-petroleum-association-powerpoint

Sustainable Society Advocacy
Fossil fuels, fracking and solar energy
Paul Krugman on 'Here Comes the Sun' ... laying out a challenge to the fossil fuel advocates
Open file 1155

Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS)
Open PDF ... Engines-For-Change-Executive-Summary-2015
Open PDF ... Engines-For-Change-Full-Report-2015
Open PDF ... Engines-For-Change-Methodology-2015

ACEEE ... American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy
Open PDF ... ACEEE-Energy-Efficiency-in-the-United-States-2015
Open PDF ... ACEEE-Research-Report-2013
Open PDF ... ACEEE-Research-Report-2013-Summary

Bloomberg Reporting
Open PDF ... BNEF_WP_Carbon-Risk-Valuation-Tool_131125
Open PDF ... BNEF-Sustainable-Energy-in-America-Factbook-2015

Synapse Energy Economics
Synapse Energy Economics ... US-Renewables-Transmission-Issues-2015
Open PDF ... US-Renewables-Transmission-Issues-2015
Synapse Energy Economics ... Synapse-US-Costs-of-Integrating-Renewables-2015
Open PDF ... Synapse-US-Costs-of-Integrating-Renewables-2015

Open PDF ... Citi-GPS-Energy-Darwinism-II-2015

Energy Economics and Policy
Naomi Klein
KICK IT WHILE IT'S DOWN! ... Naomi Klein on why low oil prices could be a great thing
Open file 9210
Energy ... Economics
Naomi Klein
Baghdad Burns, Calgary Booms ... The Iraq War has set off one of the largest oil booms in history--and the race to mine the tar sands of Alberta is heading toward environmental disaster.
Open file 9211

Carbon ... Carbon War
Jeremy-Leggett-The-Winning-of-The-Carbon-War-part-01-March 2015
Open PDF ... Jeremy-Leggett-The-Winning-of-The-Carbon-War-part-01
Open PDF ... CarbonTracker-Unburnable-Carbon-2013
Open PDF ... CarbonTracker-Carbon-budget-checklist-2013

RMI ... Rocky Mountain Institute
Contains article by Amory Lovins about Reinventing Fire
Open PDF ... RMI-TheEconomicsofDemandFlexibilityExecSummary
Contains article by Amory Lovins about Reinventing Fire
Open PDF ... RMI-TheEconomicsofDemandFlexibilityExecSummary


Bloomberg New Energy Finance on the growth of clean energy investments
Open PDF ... BNEF-Annual-Investment-in-Clean-Energy-2015
Energy ... Clean Energy ... Investment Trends
Open file 11767

The energy source that enabled the industrial revolution

Energy ... The Coal Sector ... 160512
The Decline Of The Coal Industry Is “Long-Term” And “Irreversible” according to Goldman Sachs
Open file 11208
Open PDF ... CREDO-Gmail-Say-NO-to-new-railroad-for-dirty-coal-150805
Open PDF ... SNL-Roster-of-US-coal-companies-turning-to-bankruptcy-continues-to-swell
Paper prepared by Ground-Truth-Trekking regarding Coal-True-Cost
Open file 11555
Paper prepared by Ground-Truth-Trekking regarding Coal-True-Cost
To the electricity customer, coal is relatively cheap. But missing from the sticker price are coal's major impacts on ecosystems, human health, and our economy.
People are sickened by pollution from coal fired power plants, shortening their lives and burdening the health care system with costly care.
Fish are poisoned when coal mines dump waste into streams, starving their predators, depriving subsistence fishermen, and straining stocks that support commercial fisheries.
Future generations will be heavily impacted by global warming from the carbon dioxide that burning coal spews into the air.
As taxpayers we pay to subsidize coal use and clean up its aftermath.

Open PDF ... Ground-Truth-Trekking-Coal-True-Cost

Perhaps the most polluting fossile fuel

Open PDF ... The-Cost-of-Clean-Coal

Low economic cost, but high social and environmental costs

Open PDF ... GreenPeace-True-Cost-Coal-2008.pdf
The Chain of Custody
Coal’s journey from the ground to the waste heap is often called its chain of custody. The chain has three main links – mining coal, burning coal and disposing of coal’s waste. When you look at the facts, one thing very quickly becomes obvious: each part of the chain causes irreparable damage to our planet and the health of the people on it. In the next section, Coal first hand, we share the stories of people who are feeling these effects of coal today.
Mining coal
Mining causes widespread deforestation, soil erosion, water shortages and pollution, smouldering coal fires and the emission of greenhouse gases. Massive excavation operations strip land bare, lower water tables, generate huge waste mountains and blanket surrounding communities with dust particles and debris. Mining leads to the loss of fertile soils through erosion, while runoff into nearby water bodies clogs rivers and smothers aquatic life. It kills miners quickly through accidents, or more slowly with black lung disease. And it also displaces whole communities, forced to abandon their homes because of coal mines, coal fires, landslides and contaminated water supplies.
Burning coal
Coal combustion leaves a similar trail of destruction in its wake. The huge volumes of water needed to “wash” coal and cool operating power stations cause water shortages in many areas. Pollutants spewed from smokestacks threaten public health and the environment – fine dust particles are a major cause of pulmonary (lung) disease; mercury harms neurological development in children and the unborn; and coal-fired power plants are the biggest single source of polluting emissions, such as carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and methane, contributing to climate change and causing acid rain and smog.
Coal’s legacy
The damage caused by coal doesn’t end once it’s burnt. At the end of the chain are coal combustion wastes (known collectively as CCW), abandoned mines, devastated communities and ravaged landscapes. CCWs are toxic and often laced with lead, arsenic and cadmium that can cause poisoning, kidney diseases and cancer respectively. Acid mine drainage (AMD) damages soils and makes water unsafe for consumption. Collapsing mines cause land to subside, resulting in structural damage to homes and buildings and infrastructure like highways, buildings and bridges. Attempts to mitigate the devastation left once coal is removed are inadequate at best. “Reclaimed” land never quite recovers; poisoned communities remain contaminated; and no matter how hard you scrub, the social fabric of human societies is forever dirtied with coal dust.

Every link in the chain of custody contributes to the overall damage caused by coal – each in its own particular way. This damage is real. It will only get worse in the future if nothing is done. And it all forms part of the true cost of coal.

The technology that is enabling 'tight' petroleum to be recovered

New York Times / CNBC ... Insiders Sound an Alarm Amid a Natural Gas Rush ... 2011
Natural gas companies have been placing enormous bets on natural gas ... but it may not be economical
Open file 0110
'Fracking' is profitable, but how dangerous is it?
Fracking Companies Employing Psy-Ops Specialists for PR Campaigns Against Activists
Open file 2056
What are risks and advantages of 'fracking'
Fracking Company Cuts Off Clean Water Shipments to Community They Contaminated
Open file 1558
Fracking ... Gas Drilling's Environmental Threat
January 2012 ... Years After Evidence of Fracking Contamination, EPA to Supply Drinking Water to Homes in Pa. Town
Open file 2122
Fracking in New York State
Occupy and the New ork State Department of Environmental
Open file 2123
Fracking and risk
How fracking causes earthquakes
Open file 2124
Energy ... The Fracking Controversy
Ellen Cantarow ... Frack fight: A secret war of activists ... Opening any part of the country to fracking will certainly damage the environment, beyond the planet's abity to cope.
Open file 3648
Energy ... Fracking in the USA
Fracking in America ... With the US looking to ease its reliance on foreign oil, Fault Lines investigates the impact of natural gas extraction.
Open file 3684
Fracking in the USA
Questions about Fracking ... Fracking Linked to Earthquakes?
Open file 3814
Energy ... Fracking
Matt Damon Exposes Fracking in the film 'Promised Land'
Open file 3865
Energy ... Fracking
2013 ... California: Governor Brown Open to Science-Based Fracking Study
Open file 8900
Energy ... Fracking ... What chemicals are being used?
April 2013 Baker Hughes Goes Open Kimono on Fracking
Open file 8903
Energy ... Fracking ... USA
US to become 'net energy exporter' ... Shale gas boom rewrites geopolitical rules, as US is set to produce more petroleum than Saudi Arabia within a decade.
Open file 3930
Cooperstown Brewer Fights N.Y. Fracking Sought by EOG Resources
CEO of an upstate NY brewery concerned about the use of 'fracking' in the area
Open file 1682
Fracking Across the United States
Fracking Gone Wrong: Finding a Better Way
Open file 1846
Carbon Tracking Initiative ... CTI-US-Shale-Oil-and-Gas-Report
Open PDF ... CTI-US-Shale-Oil-and-Gas-Report

Liquid Natural Gas
The technology that is enabling natural gas to be transported to where it is needed

Open PDF ... EKR-Rate-regulatory-approval-key-US-role-global-energy-market-150601

Open PDF ... UCS-Nuclear-Power-and-Global-Warming-2007

Wood / Charcoal


Renewable energy ... algae
Grow Your Own Energy ... A NASA-backed experiment harvests algae for oil, releases fresh water.
Open file 3183

VIDEO that shows an interesting way of drilling for geothermal energy that is more convenient than conventional equipment
Open file 901
Renewable energy systems
Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) ... starting a discussion about what this might mean ... good and bad
Open file 903
Renewable geothermal
Renewable Geothermal ... starting a discussion about what this might mean ... good and bad
Open file 904



Open PDF ... DOE-Get-power-from-the-sun

Energy - Solar

Passive Solar
Open PDF ... Zonbak-Passive-Solar-Design

Solar-Cells-R1 ... TU Delft
Open PDF ... Solar-Cells-R1-CH1-Intro-to-PV-solar-energy.pdf
Solar-Energy: The Physics and Engineering of Photovoltaic Conversion, Technology and Systems
Access to a Kindle e-Book prepared by the Technical University at Delft
Open link
Renewable energy ... solar
Fox News Attacks ‘Failing’ Solar Company As Parent Company News Corp Invests In The Same Solar Company
Open file 1604
Solar power lights up Bangladesh
The Grameen Shakhti initiative ... Much of Bangladesh's rural population lived without electricity until low power solar systems transformed their lives.
Open file 1879
Open PDF ... Ecobalance_of_a_Solar_Electricity_Transmission
Open PDF ... Solar/GeneralMotors_SolarPower_2013
Open PDF ... Energy/Solar/german-us-pv-price-ppt
Open PDF ... Solar/NJ_SRP_Guidebook_2012
Open PDF ... PetraSolar_SmartSolar
Open PDF ... PVAfrica2014Guide
Open PDF ... SEER_BusinessPlan_130223c
Open PDF ... SEER_BusinessPlan_ExecSum_130222b
Solar PV Finance 2014
New Alignments? The Geopolitics of Gas and Oil Cartels and the Changing Middle East by Songying Fang, Amy Myers Jaffe, and Ted Temzelides†
Open PDF ... Solar PV Finance 2014
New Alignments? The Geopolitics of Gas and Oil Cartels and the Changing Middle East by Songying Fang, Amy Myers Jaffe, and Ted Temzelides†
Open PDF ... US-Residential-Solar-PV-Financing-Brochure
Green Building
Renewable, clean but how costly? Brooklyn's Self-Powered Solar Building: A Game-Changer for Green Construction?
Open file 3155

Energy Finance

Open PDF ... Solar-PV-Finance-2014-Update-v1-3

US - DOE ... US Department of Energy
Open PDF ... US-DOE-Tracking-the-Sun-VIII-Report-2014
Open PDF ... US-DOE-Tracking-the-Sun-VIII-Report-2014-presentation
Open PDF ... US-DOE-Utility-Scale-Solar-Report-2013
Open PDF ... US-DOE-Utility-Scale-Solar-Report-2013-presentation

Renewable Tidal Energy
U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issues license for Verdant Power's Tidal Energy Project
Open file 2130

Wind power generation
VIDEO Renewable Energy Solution of the Month - Wind
Open file 1106


Open PDF ... US-DOE-Wind-Technologies-Market-Report-2014
Open PDF ... US-DOE-Wind-Technologies-Market-Report-2014-presentation
Open PDF ... UK-ORE-Catapult-report-to-the-Offshore-Wind-Programme-Board-2015
US-DOE-Report-20percent-Wind-Energy-by-2030 ... a report from 2009
Open PDF ... US-DOE-Report-20percent-Wind-Energy-by-2030
Renewable wind energy
Rhode Island ... Nation’s Smallest State Thinks Big When it Comes to Offshore Wind Farms
Open file 879
Open PDF ... Stanford-Dvorak-East-Coast-wind-possibilities-2012
Open PDF ... GRL-Dvorak-etal-US-East-Coast-offshore-grid-2011
Open PDF ... Dvorak-etal-California-Wind-Energy-Potential-2010
Open PDF ... US-DOE-2014-Wind-Technologies-Market-Report-8.7
Open PDF ... CRS-US-Wind-Turbine-Manufacturing-Federal-Support-for-an-Emerging-Industry-2012


Environmental damage
Energy ... Environmental Damage
Sierra & Tierra: The Heroic Resistance of a Latino Community Besieged by Fracking
Open file 10656

Open PDF ... EIA-US-energy-related-CO2-emissions-fell-slightly-in-2017.pdf


Energy Transport ... Pipelines
XL Pipeline is complex issue
Rachel Maddow ... arguments being used to support the XL Pipeline. Issues are many: environment, risk, jobs, sustainability, climate change, national security, etc.
Open file 2091

Electricity Transmission
The US electric grid
Observation about the NorthEast US blackout in 2003 ... Major power outage hits New York, other large cities
Open file 1910


Energy Use ... Housing
Open PDF ... Energy-Multi-family-Housing-e135
Renewables and inadequate metrics
Grover Norquist Spreads Lies About Renewable Energy Standards
Open file 1767
A green efficient energy sector would help
Smart grid is part of an efficient energy secvtor ... It’s Time to Give Dynamic Pricing a New Name
Open file 1495


Energy ... New alignments in the Middle East
New Alignments? The Geopolitics of Gas and Oil Cartels and the Changing Middle East by Songying Fang, Amy Myers Jaffe, and Ted Temzelides†
Open PDF ... Energy ... New alignments in the Middle East

Energy Markets ... 2015 price disruption
Open PDF ... PwC-UK-new-energy-futures-October-2015
What role government
White House, Clinton Global Initiative Announce $4 Billion in Energy Retrofits
Open file 1559
Government support for renewable energy
SOLAR POWER ... Bush admin pushed Solyndra loan guarantee for two years 75
Open file 1578
German community self sufficient in energy
A small Bavarian town in Germany called Wildpoldsried produces 321% more energy than it uses
Open file 1583
Production and prices of petroleum
Time to Worry: World Oil Production Finishes Six Years of No Growth
Open file 1173
There Is No Energy Crisis, There is a Crisis of Ignorance
There Is No Energy Crisis, There is a Crisis of Ignorance
Open file 1107
Electric Utilities
Connecticut AG to join power probe ... Connecticut utility says 92% of customers were back online Sunday
Open file 1110
The question of energy
National Security ... USA ... The question of energy ... and the question of media priorities. Why Are We Hearing About This From The British Press?
Open file 1082
Open PDF ... US-Solar-Carport-Market-2014-2018-Brochure
Global stakes of Mideast turmoil .
Nouriel Roubini: Political unrest in oil-rich region threatens to double-dip the worldwide recession
Open file 0005
Natural gas: Getting fractious over fracking
Environmental campaigners that are raising fears over shale gas extraction might just be cutting off their nose to spite their face, argues Jon Entine
Open file 0006
Energy ... Environment
Natural Gas: Worse Than Coal? The Mother Jones Debate ... Natural Gas: Worse Than Coal? ... Natural gas burns cleaner, but extraction releases other gases like methane
Open file 0033
Energy ... Environment
The BP oil spill in the Gulf ... Riding the BP Gravy Train
Open file 0035


Linkages ... Energy and Food
Country ... USA ... Energy ... The scam behind the rise in oil, food prices
The scam behind the rise in oil, food prices ... Speculation on the futures market, rather than supply and demand, is driving up costs, analysts say.
Open file 0046



Saudi Arabia and Iran spar over oil embargo
January 2012 ... Saudi oil minister dismisses Iranian threat to block Strait of Hormuz in case of international oil embargo on Tehran.
Open file 2057

Abu Dhabi

Open PDF ... NBAD-Financing-the-Future-of-Energy-UoC-PwC-2015
Member Companies of the OGCI
About the Oil and Gas Climate initiative ... The Oil and Gas Climate Initiative is designed to catalyze practical action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It is led by the heads of 10 oil and gas companies that aim to lead the industry response to climate change, OGCI member companies – BP, CNPC, Eni, Pemex, Reliance Industries, Repsol, Saudi Aramco, Shell, Statoil and Total which together represent one fifth of the world’s oil and gas production. The OGCI was established following discussions during the 2014 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, and was officially launched at the UN Secretary General’s Climate Summit in New York in September 2014.
Noticably missing from this multi-company climate initiative are the big American companies like Exxon-Mobil, Chevron
Open external link to learn more about OGCI
Major consumers of LNG

Open file 11901

Proposed Coal-Fired Plants By Installed Capacity (MW)
Producing electricity using coal fired plants is the cause of one of the world's greatest existential risks
Open file 12937

Opne PDF ... Proposed Coal-Fired Plants By Installed Capacity (MW)

Open PDF ... Wells-Wires-Wheels


Energy ... Countries ... Canada ... Trottier Energy Futures Project

Greenhouse-Gas-Emissions-from-the-Canadian-Oil-and-Gas-Sector 2013
Open PDF ... Greenhouse-Gas-Emissions-from-the-Canadian-Oil-and-Gas-Sector 2013
Country ... Canada ... Dirty Energy
Canadian oil sands ... to the Last Drop ... Residents of one Canadian town are engaged in a David and Goliath-style battle over the dirtiest oil project ever known.
Open file 0101

Open PDF ... US-Governors-Accord-for-New-Energy-2016

Open file 0138

Open file 0149

Open file 0193

Open file 0211

Open file 0597

Open file 2223

Open file 2224

Open file 2241

Open file 2295

Open file 2302

Open file 2363

Open file 2418

Open file 2591

Open file 2592

Open file 2984
Energy ... The Market
North American Power
This is a program that offers lower priced electical energy to consumers ... these are some of the 'small print' terms of service
Open file 3369
Energy ... Nigeria ... Environment
Corruption ... Rule of Law
Shell faces Dutch court over Nigeria spills ... Activists and Nigerian plaintiffs hope case will bring 'an end to the corporate crimes committed by oil giants'.
Open file 3430
Energy ... Pollution
The fracking controversy ... pipleines and pollution ... Fracked Gas Pipeline Tours - See Impacts First-Hand ... an EVENT held by the Delaware Riverkeeper Network and others
Open file 3490
Excessive Consumption in the USA
Fareed Zacharia highlights what modern technology can do to change the pattern of excessive consumption
Open file 3562
Energy ... Coal ... USA
Coal company announces layoffs in response to Obama win
Open file 3563
Energy ... US Energy Independance
Inside Story Americas ... The cost of energy independence ... A report says the US could be energy independent by 2035 but will it follow a sustainable path to reach this goal?
Open file 3685
Energy ... Urgent Need for TVM Value Accountancy
Michael Klare ... World Energy Report 2012: The good, the bad, and the really, truly ugly ... Energy industry's ability to boost production of oil, coal and gas is ensuring ever higher levels of carbon emissions.
Open file 3738
Energy ... Climate Change
Qatar defends right to host climate talks ... Climate talks being held in Doha has placed a spotlight on the country's carbon dioxide emissions.
Open file 3740

Energy Issues ... Canadian Tar Sands

Energy ... Canada's Tar Sands
Canadian Government: Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Tar Sands May Double by 2020
Open file 3784
Energy ... Canadian Tar Sands
U.S. Oil Giants Poised to Gain on Keystone Pipeline
Open file 3785

Energy Issues ... Infrastructure Investment ... Smart Grid

Smart Grid
Smart Grids, Stupid People ... an article about the failure to invest in infrastructure
Open file 3790

Open PDF ... Columbia-CGEP-Low-Carbon-Heat-Solution-Report-191002

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