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A former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, secretary of state and national security adviser, Mr. Powell died on Monday, his family said.
Open file 21151 Open file 21151
US Politics
Congressional ignorance

GOP congressman appears unaware of how unemployment insurance works — so Ocasio-Cortez helps him out
Open file 21152 Open file 21152
Comparative Size of Militaries

Russia / China / USA / UK / France / etc.
Open file 21153

Video ... What The Rubber ‘Apocalypse’ Means For The U.S. Economy
Open file 21154

Video ... Why A Looming Copper Shortage Has Big Consequences For The Green Economy
Open file 21155
Event ... Webinar
CAW-USA ,,, October 21, 2021

Beyond Accounting – Climate, Accountants and Technology ... October 21, 2021 at 11.00 am
Open file 21156
US Politics

Manchin climate stance threatens to shatter infrastructure bargain
Open file 21157
CAW Network USA Greater New York Chapter

End of Summer Happy Hour – Friday September 24th, at 6:00pm at the Heineken Riverdeck located at Pier 17 of the South Street Seaport. New York
Open file 21158
CAW Network USA Greater New York Chapter

November Chat & Chew on Wednesday 10th November from 6.30pm to 8.30pm ... Venue Park Avenue Tavern 99 Park Avenue New York, NY NY 10016 Phone: (212)-867-4484
Open file 21159
US Politics
The Joe Manchin crisis

West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin -- a Democrat -- appears to be intent on ripping the heart out of President Joe Biden's climate change agenda.
Open file 21160
Electric Power

West Virginia's reliance on coal is getting more expensive, and Joe Manchin's constituents are footing the bill
Open file 21161
British Rail

Video ... The Bouncing Tale of the Pacers
Open file 21162
US Politics
The Trump Saga

They’re playing for time. But if Democrats finally push hard enough, time may run out on Donald and his crew.
Open file 21163
US Politics
The Trump Saga

Liz Cheney becomes GOP's Trump foil
Open file 21164
Washington Politics
Biden's Legislative Agenda

White House considers new taxes on billionaires, stock buybacks as higher corporate rate appears to fall out of economic package
Open file 21165
Major economic actors not paying their fair share

Biden’s favorite stat — that 55 major corporations paid no federal income tax
Open file 21166
Rule of Law
Pariamentary Procedure and Executive Norms

Executive Privilege Was Out of Control Even Before Steve Bannon Claimed It ... A short history of a made-up constitutional doctrine that gives presidents too much power
Open file 21167
NetImpact Interactive

“Building a Regenerative Economy Together: Inspiring Stories and Community Connection.”
Open file 21168
Climate Crisis
Not according to Bjorn Lomborg

POLITICS ... Bjorn Lomborg: Blaming deadly floods and wildfires on climate change is convenient for politicians
Open file 21169
US Politics
Build Back Better Act

Down to the wire on Build Back Better ... Stop Joe Manchin ... West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin is doing everything he can to blow up the Build Back Better Act.
Open file 21170
US Politics
A direct message to Joe Manchin

Not one of the 50 Republicans in the United States Senate voted just to allow debate to begin on the Freedom To Vote Act.
Open file 21171
Shelly Palmer

Shelly Palmer ... The Palmer Group ... TUESDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2021
Open file 21172
The State of World Affairs
by David Vine

TOMGRAM ... David Vine, Biden Builds Back Worse (When It Comes to China) ... Do You Want a New Cold War? The AUKUS Alliance Takes the World to the Brink
Open file 21173
The State of World Affairs
by Noam Chomsky and Stan Cox

TOMGRAM ... Noam Chomsky and Stan Cox, Before It's Too Late ... The Path to a Livable Future Or Will Rich Corporations Trash the Planet?
Open file 21174
US Politics
Biden's Build Back Better Agenda

Dem hopes for infrastructure vote hit brick wall
Open file 21175

PRODUCTIVITY ... The Absurdly Simple Reason People Quit That No One Ever Talks AboutBest-selling author and consultant Lindsay McGregor says we need to rethink how we motivate employees.
Open file 21176
About TPB
Family Homes

Maternal Grandfather's house ... Denholme, Longton, Lancashire, UK
Open file 21177
Insider Trading

The seedy crimes of the obscenely rich are routinely ignored
Open file 21178
World View
From the USA

Richard D. Wolff ... How the troubled U.S. empire could quickly fall apart
Open file 21179
Global View
Fareed’s Global Briefing

Fareed’s Global Briefing for October 30, 2021
Open file 21180
Food Sector

Child Slavery Supply Chain ... Better farming practices could help end cocoa slavery
Open file 21181 Open file 21181
US Politics
Biden's Legislative Agenda

Black Caucus emerges as winner in spending package ... but not sure they understand the need for a strategic win as well !!!!!!!!
Open file 21182
Fareed Zakaria

NYT SUNDAY ROUTINE ... How Fareed Zakaria, CNN Host, Spends His Sundays
Open file 21183
USA-Newark-Ironbound District

One of the most dynamic places on the East Coast of the USA ... ocean ports, freight railroads, chemical plants, generating stations and all the associated toxins ... not to mention a mix os several generations of working immigrants.
Open file 21184
South China Sea
Tinder Box

Cover-up of U.S. Nuclear Sub Collision in South China Sea ... A Wake-up Call for East Asia – and the World.
Open file 21185
CNN Headlines
The Point with Chris Cillizza

The Point with Chris Cillizza ... November 1st 2021
Open file 21186
Railways in the UK

Ruairidh MacVeigh Video ... Why the British Rail Modernisation Plan Failed
Open file 21187
Passenger Air

Video ... British Airways Virgin Atlantic Dirty Tricks (1993)
Open file 21188
Richard Branson

Video ... DOCUMENTARY On Richard Branson | Founder Of Virgin Group | Famous Entrepreneurs | Full Movie
Open file 21189
About Africa

Video ... Africa in the next 25 years will be recolonized - Prof. PLO Lumumba
Open file 21190
US Freight Rail

Video ... Train Traffic Jam - Heavy Stone Train Struggles to Keep Up!
Open file 21191
US Freight Rail

Video ... WIDE LOAD - Train Caught by Detector on the Port Road!
Open file 21192
Freight Rail

Here are some basics on Distributed Power. What it is and how it helps railroads move much longer trains.
Open file 21193
Country Economy

EconomicRaven Video ... Netherlands: Digging Deep Into The Dutch Economy
Open file 21194
Business Leadership
Business and Politics

BY MOLLY BALL from TIME ... How Big Business Got Woke and Dumped Trump
Open file 21195

Open file 21196
The Biden Agenda
Progress ... but no wiggle room

The Democrats have little margin for error ... but are not being super smart and could easily lose
Open file 21197
Corporate Accountability
Ignoring the Supply Chain

Corporate Climate Pledges Often Ignore a Key Component: Supply Chains ... Many companies do not account for the emissions from their supply chains, which can be a significant majority of their contributions to greenhouse gases.
Open file 21198
TPB Connections

TPB Connections added November 2nd 2021
Open file 21199
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