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20751 - 20800
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USA Politics
Right Wing Foolishness

Tennessee fires Director of Immunization Programs. 'I'm afraid for my state.'
Open file 20751
Media / Headlines
Grist | The Beacon

Grist | The Beacon ... July 13th 2021
Open file 20752
Profits -v- Climate Responsibility

US drilling approvals increase despite Biden climate pledge
Open file 20753
Jerome Powell

5 Things You May Not Know About Jerome Powell, Chair of the U.S. Federal Reserve
Open file 20754
Risk Management

The Total Economic Impact™ of Everbridge CEM Platform (Critical Event Management)
Open file 20755 Open PDF
Media Headlines
The Washington Post

The Washington Post ... July 13th 2021
Open file 20756
US Immigration
Ed Gonzalez

Harris County, Tex., Sheriff Ed Gonzalez nominated to run ICE faces Senate confirmation hearing Thursday
Open file 20757
US Economics
Role and Power of the Federal Reserve

The Power of the Fed (full documentary) | FRONTLINE
Open file 20758
US Politics
Right Wing stupidity

CNN rolls the tape on Fox News hosts' anti-vaccine rhetoric
Open file 20759
US Politics
Rep. Jamaal Bowman

New York lawmaker rolls out Green New Deal for public schools ... Rep. Jamaal Bowman wants climate upgrades for the nation’s schools included in any Democratic spending package
Open file 20760
Economics / Finance
US Federal Reserve

'Epic Mistake'? Fmr NY Fed Exec Worries About Fed Policies | 'The Power of the Fed' | FRONTLINE
Open file 20761
Transport UK
Freight Rail

2 hour trip from Earles Sidings to Drax Power Station (Derbyshire and Yorkshire)
Open file 20762
Sustainability Leaders

Drax kickstarts planning process to expand its iconic ‘Hollow Mountain’ Cruachan Power Station ... Project supports Scotland’s net zero target
Open file 20763
The Trump Saga
Concern at the highest levels

Joint Chiefs chairman (Gen. Mark A. Milley) feared potential ‘Reichstag moment’ aimed at keeping Trump in power
Open file 20764
The American Electorate
The Trump Saga

VIDEO ... Trump's rise to power in the GOP traces back to the 2008 financial crisis
Open file 20765
US Housing
Affordable Housing in the USA

Minimum wage workers can't afford rent anywhere in America
Open file 20766
US Housing
Total Dysfunction

Here's what it's like to house hunt in one of the craziest markets in the country
Open file 20767
US Social Safety Net
Child Tax Credit

Treasury and IRS Announce Families of Nearly 60 Million Children Receive $15 Billion Dollars in First Payments of Expanded and Newly Advanceable Child Tax Credit
Open file 20768
US Politics
Progressive Agenda

Sanders seeks chance to put his stamp on government
Open file 20769
Media Headlines
The Hill Tipsheet

The Hill Tipsheet ... July 17th 2021
Open file 20770
Biden Administration
Major Economic Initiatives

Five questions for Democrats on their $3.5T budget
Open file 20771
The Trump Saga
He did some big things ... but they were mainly awful!

Trump showerhead rule, arguably his most towering accomplishment, is overturned
Open file 20772
The Trump Saga
Can this be true? Is Trump nearing the end?

Donnie and Bill 'history' tour turning out to be a loser—Trump and O'Reilly not filling the seats
Open file 20773
The Trump Saga
Is Conrad Black this dumb?

The Hill serves up what may just be the most absurd headline in media history ... the foolishness of Conrad Black
Open file 20774
Biden Administration
White House Briefing Notes

JULY 09, 2021 FACT SHEET: Executive Order on Promoting Competition in the American Economy
Open file 20775
The Biden Administration
Climate Action

Biden’s Made Progress on Climate, Even if Activists Can’t See It ... The president’s monumental environmental gambit.
Open file 20776
US Economy

U.S. Price Inflation May Not Peak for 21 Months
Open file 20777
US Labor Movement
Working Conditions and Wages

I'm a Frito-Lay Factory Worker. I Work 12-Hour Days, 7 Days a Week ... Hundreds of workers at the Frito-Lay plant in Topeka, Kansas are striking for the first time.
Open file 20778
US Politics
Bernie Sanders

Strange but true: Bernie takes a 'very pragmatic' turn ... The Vermont Independent, often depicted by the media and Republicans as well to the left of his party, is showing a conciliatory side.
Open file 20779
Media / Headlines
CNN What Matters

CNN What Matters ... July 19th 2021
Open file 20780
The Pegasus Project

Introducing ‘The Pegasus Project’ ... a message from PBS / FRONTLINE
Open file 20781
Hong Kong

The migration is accelerating and will likely be permanent. Officials and businesses are wrong to downplay the impact on a hub fast losing financial and global appeal.
Open file 20782
Media / News

EDIE ... News 19/07/2021
Open file 20783
Billionaire Lifestyle
Trips into Space

Billionaire Astronaut Reentry Fee (BARF) ... Public Citizen via
Open file 20784
Media Headlines
Crooked Media

Open file 20785
US Politics
Team AOC

Alexandria and her progressive colleagues in the House have a plan. On Friday, Alexandria vowed that she and her colleagues including Reps. Jayapal, Pressley, Tlaib, and Lee would withhold their votes on the bipartisan infrastructure bill unless a budget bill that includes climate measures, child care, and immigration reform passes at the same time.
Open file 20786

The richest 1% are responsible for more than one-third of total tax evasion.
Open file 20787
Obscene Wealth
Billionaires' Playthings

The Tourist Conquest of Space ... Is private space flight just a thrill for the highly privileged, a horse race for U.S. billionaires?
Open file 20788
US Politics
Senator Rand Paul

Fauci: Paul doesn't know what he's talking about 'and I want to say that officially'
Open file 20789
Webinar Event
Management Metrics

ESG Data: What Matters and How to Measure it
Open file 20790
Media Headlines
Axios Pro Rata

Axios Pro Rata: By Dan Primack ·Jul 21, 2021
Open file 20791
US Politics
The Infrastructure Bill

Re: Privatizing public roads and bridges in Pennsylvania
Open file 20792
US Politics

Lawmakers spend more on personal security in wake of insurrection
Open file 20793
Biden Administration

'This is different': New report warns of a 'toxic' anti-Biden backlash
Open file 20794
The Trump Saga
The Trump Organization

Who's running the Trump Org now?
Open file 20795
US Politics
January 6th

Here are 4 takeaways from a Capitol rioter’s 8-month prison sentence
Open file 20796
A drop in the bucket

Human Rights Giving Hits $3.7 Billion Record While Some Regions Lag
Open file 20797
Media Headlines
CNN What Matters

CNN What Matters ... July 21, 2021
Open file 20798
Columbia Event
The Center on Global Energy Policy’s Women in Energy program (WIE)

Topic: Energy and the “S” in ESG Investing ... July 22nd 2021
Open file 20799
SPARE Open file 20800
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