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20701 - 20750
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Media Headlines

ProPublica's Big Story ... Jun 30, 2021, 11:04 AM
Open file 20701
Media / Headlines
New York Times

New York Times. ... July 1st 2021
Open file 20702
US Transportation
Passenger Rail

Steven Rattner on Why ‘Amtrak Joe’ Should Pull Back on Train Funding
Open file 20703
Sexual Harrasment
Bill Cosby

There’s One Man to Blame for Bill Cosby’s Release
Open file 20704
US Politics
Gov. Kristi Noem of North Dakota (R)

'Unbelievably dangerous': Top Democrat slams Gov. Noem for using the National Guard as a 'private militia'
Open file 20705
US Real Estate
High End New York City

One Buyer Takes Two Full-Floor Apartments at 220 Central Park South ... The units, on the 60th and 61st floors, sold for a combined $157.5 million, the biggest residential transaction so far in 2021.
Open file 20706
Arms Trafficking
Viktor Bout

Viktor Bout associates exploited flaws in international law, UN study finds
Open file 20707
US Politics
Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin (R)

'Not fit to be your senator': Milwaukee newspaper slams Ron Johnson with epic list of his failures
Open file 20708
US Politics
Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin (R)

Senator Ron Johnson booted from YouTube after violating medical misinformation policy
Open file 20709
US Politics
Social Media / Trolling

Beware ‘Smokescreen Trolling,’ Trump Followers' Favorite Tactic ... Trumpists have weaponized a new technique to win the ideological war. How pro-democracy voices respond to it matters. 
Open file 20710
US Politics
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC)

Vanity Fair ... BECOMING AOC ... Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on how she got here and where she's headed
Open file 20711

A Former Goldman Sachs banker, MBA, and medical doctor asks: Are You Ready for FINANCIAL LOCKDOWN?
Open file 20712

BEACHES AND BLADES — New Jersey approves two 1 Gigawatt+ offshore wind projects ... The agreements will see both projects rely on the state's planned wind port.
Open file 20713

DOWN BY IN THE SEA — 2019 saw over 60 gigawatts of wind power installed ... Slower growth likely as attention shifts and pandemic adds uncertainty.
Open file 20714

New Jersey approves two 1 Gigawatt+ offshore wind projects ... The agreements will see both projects rely on the state's planned wind port.
Open file 20715

Biden administration launches big push for offshore wind ... Big cross-agency effort will set the stage for massive growth by 2050.
Open file 20716
US Transport

These are America’s worst highways—and it’s time to destroy them ... The U.S. highway system has a racist and discriminatory past. A new report advocates dismantling them.
Open file 20717
Media Headlines
Fast Company Compass

Fast Company Compass ... Tue, Jul 6, 10:11 AM
Open file 20718
The Trump Saga
The Trump Business and the Family

Open file 20719
The Trump Saga
The Trump Business and the Family

Trump biographer explains why Ivanka Trump 'is in peril' along with Allen Weisselberg
Open file 20720
US Politics
GOP Obstructionism

Republican Rep. Chip Roy of Texas admits his party wants 'chaos and inability to get stuff done': leaked video
Open file 20721
The Biden Administration
Covid vaccination success

Biden didn't 'fall short' of his vaccination goal — he was sabotaged. (67% is almost 70%, and most 'blue' states are way aheasd of 70%)
Open file 20722
The ongoing Trump Saga
The fox in the hen-house

The comedy and tragedy of Trump's new lawsuit against Facebook
Open file 20723
ProPublica Series: The Secret IRS Files

Inside the Tax Records of the .001% ... The Billionaire Playbook: How Sports Owners Use Their Teams to Avoid Millions in Taxes
Open file 20724
American Racism
In agriculture !!!

A piece of Biden's rescue plan sparked a conservative backlash — driven by a pervasive myth
Open file 20725
American Racism
Deep / Entrenched

The reporter who broke the news about Nikole Hannah-Jones tells the rest of the story
Open file 20726
Politics of Deregulation

There's an important political lesson in the Surfside condo collapse disaster
Open file 20727
Live online Jul 20 9:00 am

BrightTalk ... ESG Data: What Matters and How to Measure it
Open file 20728
ProPublica Series: The Secret IRS Files

Eight Takeaways From ProPublica’s Investigation of How Sports Owners Use Their Teams to Avoid Taxes
Open file 20729
US Politics
January 6th

Six months later: What have we learned from Jan. 6? Not enough to stop it from happening again ... Pro-Trump website 'TheDonald' confirms detailed plans to storm Capitol and kill members of Congress
Open file 20730
US Society
Is this Society or Politics?

How a contemptuous ideology of the obscenely rich stands in the way of equality and freedom
Open file 20731
US Politics
Kevin McCarthy

McCarthy masterfully shot himself in the foot on the Jan. 6 select committee
Open file 20732
Dangerous Fringe Movements

White Supremacist Patriot Front came to Philly to march, then ran away
Open file 20733
Media Headlines

DeSmog July 11, 2021
Open file 20734
US Transport
Safety of Oil Trains

What the Exxon Tapes Reveal About the American Petroleum Institute’s Lobbying Tactics on Oil Trains
Open file 20735
Transport / Rail
Japanese ... MagLev

The Fastest train ever built | The complete physics of it
Open file 20736
Transport /Rail
France ... TGV

World's Fastest Train - The Race for Speed | Free Documentary
Open file 20737
US Politics
Chuck McConnell

Opinion: Mitch McConnell, naked and afraid
Open file 20738
Transport / Rail
German ... ICE

German ICE Train - High Speed On Rails | Full Documentary
Open file 20739
Seeking Alpha
Investing in China

Alibaba: A Blinding Silver Lining From DiDi's Firestorm ... and a lot more about investment in China
Open file 20740
The Trump Saga
The Family Secrets Fueling the Trump Organization Indictment

Prosecutors have been seeking evidence of tax evasion at the Trump Organization for years. In the end, it was the ex-wife of a Trump employee who had what they were looking for.
Open file 20741
Media Headlines
Bloomberg Politics

Bloomberg Politics July 12, 2021
Open file 20742
US Transport
Passenger Rail

Video ... What Went Wrong With California's High-Speed Railway
Open file 20743
The Trump Saga
Dumb and Dumber

Five takeaways from the CPAC conference in Dallas
Open file 20744
US Economy
A Libertarian's viewpoint

Five years of price hikes show the scope of inflation's surge
Open file 20745
US Immigration
The 2021 Border Crisis

Most Americans think surge of illegal border crossings is a crisis
Open file 20746
US Inflation
A GOP Talking Point

Consumer prices rise 0.9 percent, inflation up 5.4 percent in June
Open file 20747
Meghan Kelly

Megyn Kelly: Media's portrayal of Jan. 6 'so much worse than it actually was'
Open file 20748
The Trump Saga
But too many still follow Trump

The best takedown of Donald Trump’s lies is being delivered by Republicans: columnist
Open file 20749
Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo’s decision to pull customers’ credit lines was lambasted by Sen. Elizabeth Warren.
Open file 20750
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