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The Covid-19 Pandemic
American Behavior

Conservative estimate: 250,000 people got COVID-19, cost $12 billion from Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
Open file 19501
VERGE / GreenBiz
Event and Discussion

VERGE ... Behind the Scenes - Generation Green New Deal ... Wednesday, September 9, 2020
Open file 19502
Zicklin School of Business ... Tuesday, September 15, 2020 11 am – Noon

Join the Zicklin School of Business for a discussion of The Price of Being Unprepared: COVID-19 and Healthcare
Open file 19503
The Trump Saga
Another book

Trump privately called coronavirus 'deadly' while comparing it to flu publicly: Woodward book
Open file 19504
The Trump Saga
Top priority ... Golf!

Trump is losing, broke, and under intense fire. So what do you think he did today?
Open file 19505
Election 2020
What Kamala Harris wears

Kamala's Chucks are trending on Twitter, and making news in the UK.
Open file 19506
Media / News
Daily Kos Recommended

Daily Kos Recommended ... September 9th 2020
Open file 19507
TPB ... TVM Development
About the main headings

How should the main sections being prioritized ... flow of thought
Open file 19508
Media / News
Grist | The Beacon

Grist | The Beacon, Wednesday, September 9, 2020
Open file 19509
Mergers and Acquisitions
LVMH and Tiffany & Co

The luxury industry’s biggest takeover is beginning to crack. LVMH is backing out of its $16.2 billion purchase of Tiffany & Co..
Open file 19510
Media / News
The Energy 202

The Washington Post ... The Energy 202 ... Spetember 9, 2020
Open file 19511
Media / News

EcoWatch ... NEWS OF THE DAY ... Thursday, September 10, 2020
Open file 19512
Report from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission

First-of-its-Kind Report Finds Climate Change Poses 'Major Risk' to U.S. Financial System
Open file 19513
Energy Sector

Why Oil Is Crashing Again And What It Means For Midstream Investors
Open file 19514
Impact Investing
The VIA3 Analysis Initiative

Third Economy’s VIA3 framework rates mutual funds and ETF’s based on five different aspects of sustainability
Open file 19515
Media / News
The Washington Post ... The Post Most

The Washington Post ... The Post Most ... September 10 2020
Open file 19516
Burgess note
Making Connection ... David Bonbright

Making Connection ... David Bonbright
Open file 19517
Media / News
The Nation

The Nation ... NATION DAILY: SEPTEMBER 10, 2020
Open file 19518
Media / News

Open file 19519
Climate Change

Zoom in on Net Zero - with WBCSD's Claire O'Neill and Peter Bakker
Open file 19520
Media / News

What’s happening ... shared ... September 11, 2020
Open file 19521
Vaccine Safety

The Corporate Vaccine Safety Pledge: Far Too Little, Far Too Late?
Open file 19522
Caste / Class

For Publication - Is it time to add ‘caste’ as a category in US anti-discrimination laws?
Open file 19523
Protests 2020
Portland Oregon ... Washington Post

The protest outside Portland’s federal courthouse had died down by 3:40 a.m. on July 29, when ...
Open file 19524

SOCIAL VALUE INTERNATIONAL ... list of speakers at the event
Open file 19525
Sierra Club

The Trump Saga ... no president has ever twisted the truth this much
Open file 19526
Media / News
In These Times ... Action Network

In These Times ... Action Network ... 12 September 2020
Open file 19527
US Health Sector
Need for Reform

Four Steps to Transform the Pharmaceutical Industry and Survive the Pandemic ... Dealing with the Covid crisis will require taking the profit motive out of our health systems. Here’s how.
Open file 19528
Climate Crisis
An Action Agenda

CLIMATE ... This Is a Climate Emergency. We Need More Than Half-Measures from Democrats. ... How to get the Democrats’ climate policy from “better than the Republicans” to “sufficient to save the planet.”
Open file 19529
US Politics
Congressional Dysfunction

How to Negotiate With People Who Don’t Care If You Die ... To win another stimulus bill, the Democrats need to embrace chaos.
Open file 19530
Geopoliics / Middle East
Military Aircraft Sales

Israel demands compensation from US for sale of F-35s to UAE
Open file 19531
Country: Sudan
Politics and Peace

Sudan separates religion from state ending 30 years of Islamic rule
Open file 19532
Triple Bottom Line

What is the Triple Bottom Line and Why is it Crucial for Business Success?
Open file 19533
Systemic Dysfunction
The Profit Maximization Strategy

Planned Obsolescence Leads To Resource Depletion, Overflowing Landfills, & Climate Change
Open file 19534
Columbia Center on Global Energy Policy

The Impact of the Energy Transition on Global Health and Economic Prosperity ... Monday, September 21, 2020 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Open file 19535

Open file 19536
Election 2020 ... getting ready

Open file 19537
Membership Invitations
The New York City Bar Association

Membership Invitations for the New York City Bar Association ... September 14, 2020
Open file 19538
US Policing
Protect and Serve ... or not?

Why Many Police Are Barely Distinguishable From Racist Vigilantes ... Under Trump, the collaboration of armed white supremacist Trump supporters and police is an explosive mix of violence aimed at communities of color.
Open file 19539
Media / News
Daily Kos Recommended

Daily Kos Recommended ... September 14th 2020
Open file 19540
Media / News Headlines
The New Humanitarian

The New Humanitarian ... Tue, 15th September 2020
Open file 19541
About Natural Capital Accounting
Natural Capital Accounting in Action / WAVES

GDP looks at only one part of economic performance – income – but says nothing about wealth and assets that underlie this income.
Open file 19542
Event ... World Bank
Virtual Training starting September 21, 2020

Circular Economy and Private Sector Development: Learning Series ... September 21, 2020-April 21, 2021
Open file 19543
Burgess Note
About distribution of income and wealth

Burgess Note ... About distribution of income and wealth
Open file 19544
The State of America
Dumb and Dumber

Trump’s Doral Hotel to Host a Confab of Anti-Vaxxers and Leading QAnon Champions ... A CRAZY BREW ... MAGA world meets science deniers with a large scoop of conspiracy theorists on top.
Open file 19545
About the World Bank
About Bank Leadership

World Bank Presidents, Ranked: From McNamara to Kim
Open file 19546
Brand Value

VisualCapitalist ... World's most valuable tech brands 2020
Open file 19547
About the USA

Graphic about the decline in US reputation from 2000 to 2020
Open file 19548
Conservative Religion
Sadly out of touch

Conservative pastor in a whole lot of hot water after sending gross email to journalist ... Talking about being baptized with the 'Holy Ghost and fire.'
Open file 19549
The Trump Saga
Democracy in Danger

Barr tells U.S. attorneys to 'get aggressive' and charge protesters with sedition
Open file 19550
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