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Daily Kos Recommended ... September 14th 2020


Peter Burgess
Trump says extrajudicial killing is alright: ‘There has to be retribution’

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  • Trump says extrajudicial killing is alright: ‘There has to be retribution’
  • Top Trump ally urges Trump to impose martial law, 'seize' Election Day votes
  • 'Mr. President, you've done enough.' A call for resignation after Woodward's Rage...
  • Daily Kos has recruited over 55,000 volunteers to help Get Out The Vote—and we're just getting started. Chip in $5 right now to support our work.
  • Calls to boycott Disney’s ‘Mulan’ increase after viewers learn where the movie was filmed
  • Cartoon: So many hoaxes
  • Watch Naomi Osaka flip the script when asked about the message she wants to send with her face masks
  • Senate Republicans walked away from coronavirus relief talks, leaving millions to fend for themselves. It's payback time: Chip in $1 to each of these Daily Kos-endorsed Democrats right now.
  • Brilliant Meidas Touch ad has rare truth from ImPOTUS & graph every American should internalize
  • Adults with COVID-19 twice as likely to report having dined at a restaurant, says new CDC study
  • Watch as North Dakota councilwoman shuts down a room of whining anti-LGBTQ bigots
  • We will win, if we can get young people out to vote in this election. Volunteer with NextGen America to send text messages to young voters in 11 swing states, helping them get absentee ballots. With text banking, you don't need to talk to anyone!
  • Trump holds first indoor rally since Tulsa humiliation
  • That free COVID-19 testing isn't free to many, and Trump isn't going to fix that
  • It's time to disband campus police departments
  • Looking to do effective phone banking? Here's a great strategy with Turnout Tuesday: calling Democratic-leaning swing states voters to help them request absentee ballots. Sign up to volunteer..
  • Massachusetts is locking up more Black and Latino people, for longer, and yes, it's about race
  • To fight forest fires, we may need ... more forests. And much better data about the changing climate
  • In 50 days we'll have a new president. Buckle up for turbulent weather.
  • ICYMI: Here are the top stories of the week so far:
  • Trump rally in the key state of Michigan wasn't accompanied by the best local headlines
  • Trump levels racist, misogynist attacks on Harris, but this time the traditional media is calling it
  • Presidential Medal of Freedom

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