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The New Humanitarian ... Tue, 15th September 2020


Peter Burgess
The New Humanitarian Unsubscribe 10:27 AM (3 hours ago) to me Daily Update: The latest from our correspondents in Geneva and around the world Tue, 15th September 2020 A museum to erase Afghan impunity Afghanistan’s memory museum pushes for justice by reframing a war ‘For the majority of Afghans, justice is equal to truth. They want their stories to be heard.’ Can there be peace without justice? As the first direct talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government begin, a Kabul museum tries to rewrite 40 years of conflict – and erase a history of impunity. READ MORE While victims in Afghanistan continue to demand justice for past atrocities, what of the country’s more recent struggles? Find out below how the coronavirus pandemic has been impacting Afghans, and read one opinion of what stands in the way of lasting peace. For all of our coverage of Afghanistan, click here. Afghanistan’s missing coronavirus patients: Women ‘The numbers do not add up.’ In Afghanistan, the coronavirus fight goes through Taliban territory ‘They do not understand what the coronavirus is. There is a propaganda issue and there is a reality.’ Opinion | Peace in Afghanistan? Watch the militias Blamed for targeted killings and civilian deaths, the future of paramilitary ‘death squads’ cannot be left out of the conversation. CLOSER LOOK Reporter’s View | Philip Kleinfeld on the challenges of covering spreading militancy in the Sahel From August 2018 through May 2019, TNH editor and reporter Philip Kleinfeld documented the upheaval to civilians’ lives as violence spread through the Sahel region of West Africa. Since he’s left the region, the number of displaced people within Burkina Faso alone has doubled to over one million, while violence between jihadist groups and state security forces across Mali, Niger, and Burkina Faso have left thousands of civlians dead. In this interview, Kleinfeld discusses the risks he faced reporting on the conflict, the stories he heard along the way, and the warning signs that were missed as violence rose to unprecedented levels. TNH Membership “What was meant to be a 3-month mission in Yemen turned into 6, when the airport shut down and I couldn’t get out of the country.” Every member of The New Humanitarian has a story to tell. Meet Roopan Gill, a doctor who was in Yemen when COVID-19 and lockdowns hit the world. See all our latest coverage © All rights reserved 2020.
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