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TVM Dialog List 1386
19251 - 19300

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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The Trump Saga
Trying to win the election at any price

Trump to send unmarked federal militia to Detroit!
Open file 19251
The Trump Saga
Vets are upset

VoteVets - NDAA Trump Veto Threat
Open file 19252
Media / News
LA Progressive

LA Progressive ... SATURDAY, 25 JULY 2020
Open file 19253
Wages for Work

Why Does Essential Work Pay So Little…
Open file 19254
Survey Details
Visit to BLS website

Thank you for visiting You've been randomly chosen to take part in a brief survey to let us know what we're doing well and where we can improve.
Open file 19255
US Leadership
Most incompetenet !!!!!!!!

Most incompetent state leadership in America? These six governors make the case
Open file 19256
US Politics
Ilhan Omar

Ilhan Omar ... speaking about the real issues of our day
Open file 19257
US Politics
Standing up for Ilhan Omar

Standing up for Ilhan Omar ... As an American Jew, I Will Not Stand for the Scapegoating of Ilhan Omar | Opinion by Joel Rubin
Open file 19258

SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS ... Coal should play no part in post-coronavirus recoveries, U.N. chief says ...
Open file 19259
The New Normal: Foreign Policy in a Post-Pandemic World

Webinar regarding humanitarian response
Open file 19260
Carbon Emissions

Morgan Stanley ... These five emerging technologies could curb carbon emissions, halt climate change and offer new ways to invest in earth’s future.
Open file 19261
US Politics
Respnse to Covid 19

the differences between the Democratic and Republican stimulus bills
Open file 19262
Webinar: Future of Sustainability 2020 - US

Forum for the Future ... DATE ; Thu, Jul 30, 2020 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM EST
Open file 19263
Webinar Chat
ACAUS webinar

ACAUS webinar on the administration of a global payroll
Open file 19264
The Trump Saga
Trump's Attorney General

Bill Barr squirms and dodges as Rep. Neguse calls out his repeated lies
Open file 19265

Enel-X ... How to marry ESG and financial reporting to reap big benefits
Open file 19266
2020 Health Crisis
New Jersey

The latest ‘COVID party’ had 700 attendees and took New Jersey police 5 hours to break up
Open file 19267
The Trump Saga
Planning Ahead

Imagine five million Americans surrounding that tiny little White House
Open file 19268
The Trump Saga
Washington State

Washingtonians WIN! as DHS removes Federal Forces from our state
Open file 19269
Event ... July 29, 2020
Columbia Center for Global Energy Policy

Chat / Questions
Open file 19270
Event ... July 29, 2020
Columbia Webinar on Health Policy

Chat / Questions
Open file 19271
PCCC (Bold Progressives)

McConnell at John Lewis memorial after Confederate flag photo??
Open file 19272
RAS Fish Production
High Risk

Atlantic Sapphire forced to 'initiate emergency harvest' of 200,000 fish
Open file 19273
The Trump Saga
Attorney General William Barr

William Barr spent over five hours dodging questions from members of Congress
Open file 19274
George Floyd Protests

Police Arrested 120 Anti-Racism Protesters in Omaha, and Barely Anyone’s Talking About It
Open file 19275
Open Mapping

Inside Development ... Produced in Partnership: Space Data for Development ... The rise of collaborative mapping for the masses
Open file 19276
Green Earthology Inc

An initiative that engages with the circular economy
Open file 19277
Impact Investing

Chat dialog
Open file 19278
Webinar ... Forum for the Future
Chat Dialog

Webinar ... Forum for the Future ... Chat Dialog
Open file 19279
Event ... Fund Raising
Fund Raising for Biden

Peter, can you chat with Joe and me tomorrow?
Open file 19280
The Trump Saga
Attorney General Barr

One moment in Bill Barr’s testimony clearly exposed his compete fealty to Trump’s delusion and lies
Open file 19281
Media / News
Morning Report

Open file 19282
The Covid-19 Crisis
Essential Workers

COVID-19: The latest from The World ... Farmworkers are getting coronavirus. They face retaliation for demanding safe conditions.
Open file 19283
Technology ... Materials

HELTER SMELTER ... Apple’s low-carbon aluminum is a climate game changer
Open file 19284
In Memoriam
Remembering John Lewis

Civil rights icon John Lewis eulogized by Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, King
Open file 19285
Event Promotion
Ethical Corporation / Reuters Events

Ethical Corporation / Reuters Events promotion of multiple events
Open file 19286
Responsible Investor
Response Global Media Ltd,,

Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) ... Response Global Media Ltd,,
Open file 19287
Media / News
Bloomberg Technology

Bloomberg Technology
Open file 19288
Transparency and Accountability
Tax Justice Network

Tax Justice Network ... important reporting including tax avoidance and tax shelters
Open file 19289
Tax Avoidance

Watershed data indicates more than a trillion dollars of corporate profit smuggled into tax havens ... UK, Switzerland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands – the “axis of tax avoidance” – are responsible for 72 per cent of global tax losses
Open file 19290
Royal Navy

Did the Malta class aircraft carrier ever have a chance of being built or was it just a distant dream?
Open file 19291
Event August 6th 2020
Webinar ... Bloomberg Event

One of a series of uncomfortable conversations amidst a national reckoning with systemic racism, creating true equity and building a more just world.
Open file 19292
Media / News
UNDP newsletter

UNDP ... Jul 30, 2020,
Open file 19293
Policy Options
Universal Basic Income

The case for a universal basic income ... articulates by Kanni Wignaraja, UN Assistant Secretary-General and UNDP Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific
Open file 19294
Life and Liberty
and the pursuit of happiness

Playing War While Dressed to Kill in Portland ... Trump’s agents are outfitted as military special operations, not just soldiers. Their violence is no surprise.
Open file 19295
Modern Naval Operations

Quora ... Which is better, HMS Queen Elizabeth or the new Ford class Aircraft Carrier?
Open file 19296
US Politics
Issues ... like Racism

Is This The Beginning Of The End Of White-Centric Identity Politics In America? ... In her new book, “The End of White Politics,” Zerlina Maxwell explores how progressives have often centered whiteness — and why that must end in 2020.
Open file 19297
Cities / Community
Strong Cities Initiative

Effective Quarantines and Strong Towns ... the design of the place really matters
Open file 19298
Cities / Community
Strong Cities Initiative

How Urban Change is Like Ecological Succession
Open file 19299
SPARE Open file 19300
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