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Green Earthology Inc

An initiative that engages with the circular economy


Peter Burgess
INDUSTRIES Agriculture/Horticulture Commercial Composting Food Hospitality Landscape Maintenance Pulp and Paper Recycling Sports Arenas/golf courses Waste Management Companies Waste to Energy Resources Water Conservation GOVERNMENT City Planning City-Run Landfill and Sewage Operations Energy Agencies Environmental Agencies Land Redevelopment Agencies Parks and Recreation Departments Water Districts Retirement Communities Residential Communities New (possible) Alliance Partner? IMPORTANT! Inbox x Jerome Peloquin 7:49 AM (3 hours ago) to cecil, me, Lynn, alphonso, Dexter This is Kevin Frisch ... a new opportunity that is almost symbiotic with our model. This is only one of his programs ... we need to discuss this, in addition, to his general business model. Together, this provides a both a significant environmental and employment opportunity AND an economic resource to fund it through existing s Federal and State subsidies (tipping fees) Let us set a zoom call at our earliest opportunity !!! Kindly review comprehensively: photo Jerome J. Peloquin Managing Partner, The Alliance Partnership 1+410.227.0498 | 4001 9th Street, NE Wshington, DC 20017 Peter Burgess 10:50 AM (37 minutes ago) to Jerome Dear Jerry Before we have a ZOOM call ... can we think through what this individual and his company / companies can do for us / want from us and additionally what The Alliance Partnership can do for him and his company. YES ... there is some very interesting overlap in the space he is occupying and the space we are occupying ... but are there also overlaps in our respective business weaknesses Happy to talk before noon or after 3.00 pm PeterB
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