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TVM Dialog List 1385
19201 - 19250

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Impact on Mass Transit

A Plunge in Mass Transit Ridership Deals a Huge Blow to Climate Change Mitigation
Open file 19201
VoltDB webinar recording

The Hidden Inflection Point in 5G: the way in which EDGE is going to complement CLOUD
Open file 19202
Media / News
The Chronicle of Philanthropy

The Chronicle of Philanthropy newsletter ... July 17th, 2020
Open file 19203
Friends of the Earth

Tell Congress to cut the bloated military budget and reinvest in communities!​
Open file 19204
Impact of Covid-19
Economic Recovery

What if a ‘green’ economic recovery isn’t the best thing for the climate?
Open file 19205

Open file 19206
Covid-19 Response Group
Webinar Chat ... July 17th 2020

Covid-19 Response Group ... Webinar Chat ... July 17th 2020
Open file 19207
US Politics
Nightmare Prospect

Only a Democratic landslide can ward off the nightmare prospect of this president simply refusing to leave office
Open file 19208
The Trump Saga
Law and Order misplaced

Trump Unleashes His Secret Police in Portland ... In a dangerous authoritarian move, federal agents in camouflage and without badges are rounding up American citizens.
Open file 19209
John R. Lewis

John R. Lewis, front-line civil rights leader and eminence of Capitol Hill, dies at 80 ... Remembering Rep. John Lewis, in his own words
Open file 19210
The Trump Saga
Profitable Politics

The Trump campaign is the grift that keeps on grifting
Open file 19211
The Covid-19 Emergency
Increasingly out of control

It’s not only coronavirus cases that are rising. Now covid deaths are, too.
Open file 19212
The Covid-19 Pandemic
The American Response

Don’t Be Fooled by America’s Flattening Curve
Open file 19213
Conspiracy Theories
Ignorance is Bliss

Republicans are being eaten from within by the QAnon cult, and no one can stop it
Open file 19214
The Trump Saga
The November Election

Trump can't do what he needs to do to turn his campaign around ... [TPB Note ... but don't count on it. Voters are far too easily influenced by BS and conspiracy theories!!!!!!!!]
Open file 19215
Media / News
Daily Kos ... July 19, 2020

Daily Kos staff looks back at some of their favorite posts from the past week.
Open file 19216
Covid-19 Emergency
In the USA ... getting worse not better

Brace yourself for the latest COVID-19 predictions. You're not going to like them
Open file 19217
The Death of John Lewis
John Lewis was an impressive human being

Roy Morrison ... A Plan for Social and Economic Justice
Open file 19218
Comprehensive Accountability
GRI Sector Stndards

The public consultation period for the draft Sector Standard: Oil and Gas is now open
Open file 19219
Advertising and Promotion
Products for Profit ... but WHY?

Grow Your Business as an Everything DiSC Authorized Partner ... Start a Conversation ... Jeremy Stewart | Channel Development Manager, Wiley
Open file 19220
The Trump Saga
Robert E. Lighthizer ...OUCH

Robert E. Lighthizer ... Trump’s Trade Policy Is Making America Stronger ... A Response to Critics
Open file 19221
About New Jersey / About Camden
The Power of People in High Places

Camden has a ‘severe’ revenue problem, and N.J. tax-break projects aren’t helping, internal report says
Open file 19222
About New Jersey / About Camden
The Power of People in High Places

N.J. task force: Norcross-linked firms benefited from behind-the-scenes lobbying
Open file 19223
About New Jersey / About Camden
The Power of People in High Places

Opinion ... Cooper Health official says the company’s tax incentive award is appropriate, justified and legitimate
Open file 19224
US Politics
Senator Robert P. Casey, Jr.

Response from Senator Casey / following an automated letter sent by me through an activist organization
Open file 19225
Representative Ayana Pressley

Representative Ayana Pressley
Open file 19226
The Gates Foundation’s “Green Revolution” in Africa

Agribusiness Wins, Small Scale Farmers Lose ... Ann Garrison interviews Timothy Wise on why US-style corporate agriculture pushed by billionaire Bill Gates has been disastrous for Africa.
Open file 19227
Event: ... July 21st 2020 ... 1:00 pm EDT

Chat from the webinar ... SDG Ambition: Scaling Business Impact for the Decade of Action
Open file 19228
SPARE Open file 19229
Porfolio Planning

Portfolio Strategy ... 5 Ways To Prepare For The Next Stock Market Crash
Open file 19230
Growth Vs. Value

The Growth Vs. Value Trade Is At 1999 Levels ... Unparalleled levels of monetary stimulus over the last decade has disproportionately benefited Growth stocks.
Open file 19231
Event dialog
Sustainability Leaders Dialogue organized by John Grosskopf

Chat text from meeting 200722
Open file 19232
Media News
Washington Post ... The Finance 202

The Washington Post ... The Finance 202 .. Your economic policy briefing
Open file 19233
Event Chat Dialog
University in Bahrain

Open file 19234
US Leadership
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Ocasio-Cortez, Democrats blast GOP on House floor for 'culture' of sexism
Open file 19235
Event ... Columbia Center on Global Energy Policy
Wednesday, July 29, 2020 | 12:00-1:30 p.m. EDT

Zoom Webinar ...Power After Carbon: Transitioning to Low-Carbon Power in the United States
Open file 19236
US Leadership
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

On Monday, Rep. Yoho called Alexandria a “f**cking b*tch” on the steps of the Capitol.
Open file 19237
The Trump Saga
The Health Pandemic

What does the White House do when one of their own dies from COVID-19? Lie, of course
Open file 19238
US Politics
About a VP for Biden

For VP, my heart says Warren, but the times call for this choice instead ... a thought provoking analysis
Open file 19239

Some images related to the GRI exposure draft on Oil and Gas
Open file 19240
US Politics
Young, Progressive Leadership

Squad Victory Fund ... We want to do something special for Rashida’s birthday
Open file 19241
Question for upcoming webinar

Modern socio-enviro-economic system is amazingly productive and profitable. Why are society and environment such a mess?
Open file 19242
TPB Dialog

David Powell and Connall McConagle in July 2020
Open file 19243
US Politics
Senate dysfunction

‘This whole house of cards is gonna collapse’: GOP shutters Senate with US on verge of economic catastrophe
Open file 19244
The Trump Saga
Trump's tin-pot dictatorship

‘Man. Woman. Camera. Person. TV.’: Noam Chomsky responds to Trump bragging he aced a dementia test
Open file 19245
Media News
Bloomberg ... This week in the New Economy

Several stories including Trump reversing the Nixon initiative to open a US relationship with China
Open file 19246
Event: Bloomberg webinar
July 28th 10 am EDT

Saving Global Trade ... Covid-19 is the perfect storm for the global trading system.
Open file 19247
Current events

Some MSNBC vidoes
Open file 19248
The Trump Saga
Increasingly Dangerous Times

Homeland Security Was Destined to Become a Secret Police Force
Open file 19249
The Trump Saga
USA in massive decline

America Is a Country Besieged by Its Own President
Open file 19250
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