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TVM Dialog List 1384
19151 - 19200

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture
Open file 19151
Event / Dialog
Columbia Center of Global Energy Policy

TPB comments during the webinar
Open file 19152
TPB Linkedin Dialog
Liam Grey

Text of Linkedin chat dialog in early July 2020
Open file 19153
Media / Journalism
Concentration of power and influence

If this doesn't scare you then you're not paying attention ... very little local ownership and independence
Open file 19154
Event ... JUL 22. 2020
TTI Changemakers Series, Vol. 1 | Paradigm Change // by Top Tier Impact

'The ultimate hitchhikers guide to implement global paradigm shifts across entire industries' ... by Christopher Pommerening
Open file 19155
Reflexive Mutual Series-LLC (RMS-LLC)

Zero Carbon, Resilience, Affordability, and Evolvability through Generative Design and Autocatalysis ... From Inanimate to Animate Mechanisms for Autonomous Value Generation and Retention
Open file 19156
Event ... webinar
July 14th

Is Your Tech Stack Ready? Join VoldDB on July 14th to find out.
Open file 19157
Correlation with income ... or not

Money buys even more happiness than it used to
Open file 19158
Event ... UNGA side event
Jul 13, 2020 10:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Lessons from the Proposal for a ‘Sustainable Development Council for the UN General Assembly’ (from Rio+20) for the Future of the High-level Political Forum
Open file 19159
The Trump Saga
Economically not much different from Obama

The big lie Donald Trump is counting on to pull him through.
Open file 19160
Event - webinar - dialog
Arms trade

Webinar organized in the UK about Ending the Global Arms Trade
Open file 19161
The Covid-19 Crisis
Post pandemic economic outlook

By Jason Bordoff (CCGEP) ... The Post-Pandemic Economy Could Be Green and Clean—but Not With These Plans
Open file 19162
Media / Investment
ImpactAlpha, Inc.

July 10th, 2020 ... The Week in impact investing: Toppled
Open file 19163
Media / News
Grist | The Beacon

Grist | The Beacon ... It’s Friday, July 10, and civil rights activists are reimagining public safety and environmental justice.
Open file 19164
US Politics
The Biden Presidential Campaign

Open file 19165
The Covid-19 Pandemic

‘That’s Crazy’: Reopening Schools Is Possible, but We’re Doing It Wrong
Open file 19166
The Trump Saga
The Trump Followers !!!!!!

Undercover in Trumplandia: How I found the limits of patriotism when I infiltrated a MAGA rally
Open file 19167
Media / News
The Conversation ... UK Edition | 11 July 2020

The Conversation ... UK Edition | 11 July 2020
Open file 19168
Stansberry Research
About Bitcoin ... THE BIG LIE

Why You’ve Almost Certainly Bought into… ... THE BIG LIE ... While America’s in crisis, The Big Lie is quietly reshaping our entire financial system. Some will get rich, but most will get left behind.
Open file 19169
ZOOM music compilations

Blessing — Churches sing 'The Blessing' ... UK, Toronto, New York, Australia, Nigeria
Open file 19170
Media / News
The Washington Post ... Coronavirus Updates

The Washington Post ... Coronavirus Updates ... Jul 10, 2020
Open file 19171
Media / News
The Washington Post ... Sunday's Headlines:

The Washington Post ... Sunday's Headlines ... July 12, 2020
Open file 19172
Covid-19 Pandemic
Trump blew it

Washington Post ... After the fastest recession in U.S. history, the economic recovery may be fizzling
Open file 19173
US Society
An important change in the demography

A new generation challenges the heartland ... Big changes in small towns are fueling a racial justice movement across the Midwest.
Open file 19174
Health / Coronavirus
The Swedish Experience

Those right-wingers who praised Sweden's response to COVID-19 are looking pretty stupid now
Open file 19175
The Trump Saga
Trump ... a complete con-artist

Adam Davidson of The New Yorker is a superb reporter who does his research, and is prepared to dig hard to get the information ... How Trump launders $$ through his golf courses
Open file 19176
The Trump Saga
Not only Trump ... but also the GOP enablers

Dartagnan ... Millions of Americans will soon find out just how badly they've been screwed by Trump and the GOP
Open file 19177
The Trump Saga
Donald Trump rushed to reopen America – now Covid is closing in on him

Robert Reich ... The president trumpets jobs figures built on thin ice but does nothing to protect those about to lose their health and homes
Open file 19178
The US Health and Economic Crisis
Catastrophic Leadership

COVID-19 rages, Trump melts down, and Congress takes a two-week break
Open file 19179
US Health Pandemic
Coronavirus Data

A collection of graphics ... July 2020
Open file 19180
Media / News

Joel Makower ... Chairman and Executive Editor ... Newsletter ... Monday, July 13, 2020
Open file 19181
Sustainability Reporting
GRI and SASB collaborating

By Joel Makower ... Two Steps Forward ... GRI and SASB are collaborating. Is that good news for companies?
Open file 19182
Thought Leaders
Michelle Wucker

Michele Wucker ... The Coming Gray Rhinos, Courtesy of COVID-19
Open file 19183
Event ... GreenBiz
Webinar July 16th 2020

Moderator: Joel Makower // Guest: Paul Poman ... Paul Polman has emerged as one of the most influential business voices in sustainability.
Open file 19184
Event ... July 21st 2020 ... 1:00 pm EDT

SDG Ambition: Scaling Business Impact for the Decade of Action
Open file 19185
Media / News
Jacobin news July 13th 2020

Jacobin news ... including The 1% are cheating us out of a quarter-trillion dollars in taxes every year.
Open file 19186
The Trump Saga
Another Trump mistake

The Hill ... White House goes public with attacks on Fauci
Open file 19187
Media / News
DEVEX NEWSWIRE July 14, 2020

©Devex is the media platform for the global development community.
Open file 19188
VoltDB Webinar

VoltDB Webinar with Fierce Wireless ... Presented by DHEERAJ REMELLA, the VoltDB technology lead
Open file 19189
Management Metrics
Metrics for Scope 1, 2 and 3 Emissions

Open file 19190
Triple Bottom Line (TBL)
What is Triple Bottom Line (TBL) Accounting

Triple Bottom Line (TBL) Certification ... Toward a common standard for measuring and reporting impact
Open file 19191
Lets Talk Civic Data Trusts

Austrialia / New Zealand ... Lets Talk Civic Data Trusts ... an essential foundation for 'trust' in Public Governance
Open file 19192
The Covid-19 Emergency
Bill Gates TED interview

How the pandemic will shape the near future | Bill Gates
Open file 19193
ACAUS AGM - July 21st.

ACAUS AGM - July 21st. at 12.30 pm
Open file 19194
Event - Book Launch
Greg Palast

Join us on Facebook LIVE this Thursday, July 16th at 4PM PT / 7 PM ET for the launch of Greg Palast's new book, How Trump Stole 2020: The Hunt for America's Vanishing Voters.
Open file 19195
The Paulig Group

Kaisa Lipponen SVP, Communications & Sustainability at Paulig Group and member of the Paulig Group Leadership Team
Open file 19196
Thursday, 23rd July, 2020

Webinar ... University in Bahrain ... Responsible Business in a Time of Crisis 19197
Open file 19197
GreenBiz Webinar

Paul Polman interview with GreenBiz Joel Makower
Open file 19198
John Grosskopf ... Sustainability Leaders Dialogue

Re: Sustainability Leaders Dialogue Invitation ... Wednesday, July 22nd US Eastern: 4:30 p.m.
Open file 19199
SPARE Open file 19200
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